Fashion – With a Cause

With all the fashion events going on in the local area recently, you may be thinking ‘I need to get my gladrags on and join in’ – your exact thoughts, no?!  Well, regardless of whether you are local or not, this fashionable event may catch your attention.

When I first heard about the A21 Campaign I was astounded at the statistics.  Northern Ireland has the fastest growing sex industry in Europe, with Ireland being a key source, transit and destination state for Human Trafficking (U.S. Tipp Report 2012).  Known by the PSNI as ‘Rape for Profit’, the victims of this crime are treated with violence and disregard.  Before the summer I went to a similar charity event which gave unbelievable facts on Human Trafficking.  I caught a documentary on television last week on this the issue and was taken aback that it is so prominent today.  I just had to give this a wee mention.

The event ‘Frocks for Freedom’ is to be held on Saturday 5 October in Belfast City Hall.  As I booked my ticket I considered that Human Trafficking is probably taking place just a few miles from the event, right in the heart of our little country of Northern Ireland.

The A21 Campaign exists to abolish injustice in the 21 Century, focusing primarily on the horrors of the growing organised crime, Human Trafficking

Helen Cupples from the A21 Campaign in Ireland, and an organiser for Frocks for Freedom believes that,

…a strategy of public education, improved legislative and judicial measures, together with consolidation of a community based system of support and vigilance to assist with the rescue and ultimate restoration of victims and prosecution of offenders, is crucial…

So a few highlights of the event, which aims to raise awareness of the prevalence of Human Trafficking in Northern Ireland…I know I shouldn’t say this but I am officially more excited about seeing the new collections from Unify Fashion Collective than I am about seeing the Rugby players;)  I was at a Fashion Show in Stormont in May where the designers at Unify were showing and I was so impressed.  David Henderson from Unify said,

It is a privilege to be able to showcase our collections in support of and in the name of those victims who are trapped in lives of cruelty and fear.

From local designers Kiera Ann-Marie and Shauna Fay, to jewellers B’jewelled and Melanie Bond, to milliner Marie Claire, alongside designers now working in London, Christopher O’Reilly from House of Hannigan and Riona Treacy.  Lots of designs to inspire any fashion lover!  There will also be dancers from Vibe Academy and music from Rosie Carney, as well as some catwalk action from Rugby and GAA players.

So what are you waiting for – you have only a few days left to get your ticket booked and get those gladrags on;)

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