Love Your Lashes

Okay, I admit it. I would much rather buy my moisturiser from the supermarket, my shampoo on 3 for 2 and my make-up using my Boots points and then spend any well earned pennies on updating my wardrobe. Hence the reason I have a little basket of make-up, and a (few) bulging wardrobes!

But there is one beauty pleasure I love, and I am more than happy to give up a new top for.  I love false eyelashes.

Many years ago I bought a fab set of strip lashes.  Each time I was heading out, I got my make-up on and set about sticking on my lashes.  After a few attempts and a new face of make-up, I had given up on my long lash look.  I have tried many mascaras claiming they create the same look as false eyelashes, but I haven’t found one to prove their claim.  Or maybe I’m just fussy?

Over a year ago I discovered a little treasure on the Lisburn Road in Belfast (apologies to any readers elsewhere but this is a tip on where to get your lashes done if you ever visit Northern Ireland!) – The Lash Lounge ‘Eyelash Boutique’.

Normally if I have an occasion, or actually any excuse, I book my appointment to see Niamh or Katie.  The girls are great at squeezing you in to an appointment that suits you.  While lying back in the chair, looking at the inspirational wall art in their upbeat boutique, lashes are put on while your eyes are open.  If you have never had false lashes before you may not know about the liedown option, the one where your eyes sting before you see the flutter of lashes.  No pain at The Lash Lounge!

Depending on your occasion, you may choose different options – Lash in a Flash, Fabulash, Party Lashes or Siberian Mink.  You can also add a little sparkle or create the full effect by adding lower lashes.  I normally opt for the Fabulash option.

On my first visit, Niamh checked out my lashes and decided upon their length and suitable thickness.  It takes about 50 minutes for the individual lashes to be put on, time easily spent with the chat from the girls!  I also love that the original price (£40) includes removal as well – no damaged lashes here;)  Depending on wear, your lashes will last about 2 weeks (sometimes more!) and you can go for a top-up to keep them for a little longer.  And here is the result…

20131016-225351.jpg individual lashes silverbroguesWhen planning for a recent event, I decided to try out the Party Lashes.  It took about 15 minutes to get these on.  They are put on in little sets and with a glue that is not as adhesive.  They also take a little longer to dry and will last you up to five days.  But they look just as good! As they fell out, I topped the remaining lashes up with mascara to maintain the look.

20131016-225346.jpg Individual Lashes silverbrogues

So prepare yourself for the party season and flutter those lashes – the girls also offer an eyebrow service and have a loyalty card, plenty of reasons to enjoy a little treat;)

A few20131016-225333.jpg The Lash Lounge Belfast tips for keeping perfect lashes

  • Shower first – steam is not good for long lasting lashes straight after their application
  • Get your lashes the day before going out so they are well set before putting full eye make-up on
  • Don’t rub your eyes!
  • Use oil free make-up remover
  • Flutter them plenty and look fabulous!

To book, call  028 9066 1530 or message Niamh through Facebook

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4 Comments on Love Your Lashes

  1. Treasuresnpleasures
    October 19, 2013 at 8:26 PM (4 years ago)

    I will have to try these out, your lashes look amazing and they were stunning that night at Malone Lodge! X

    • silverbrogues
      October 19, 2013 at 9:02 PM (4 years ago)

      I adore them, and even if you are wearing no other make-up, you still feel like you are ready to face the world! You would hardly know they are on too which I love (except when I wash my face in the shower and stop mid lather!!)

    • silverbrogues
      October 20, 2013 at 8:20 AM (4 years ago)

      Oh you should definitely have a go, they make you feel so glam!