Fresh Faced with eléni

Recently I reviewed a ‘take away‘ product from eléni and the difference in my skin after only using the products for a few days really took me by surprise!  I am not easily convinced by sales talk and the ‘90% of people would recommend it to a friend (in a sample of 40 people)’ always makes me suspicious, but when I know something works for me, I stick with it!  And the ‘secrets‘ section on the eléni web page helps to outline how it all works together.

So when I was offered the opportunity to review a eléni facial with Invoke Beauty, I of course jumped at the chance!  There was a selection of four to choose from – Hydrate and Nourish, Problem Skin, Luxury Turn Back Time and Busylife Youth Revival.  Knowing what my skin had been like following another busy term, I opted for the Busylife Youth Revival Treatment.

First step was to call Ishia to book a suitable time. Ishia works on Tuesday’s and Friday’s but is also available for appointment during the week.  My final day of term was the perfect date – what better way to begin the holidays!

Invoke Beauty is a beauty salon within a hairdressers which also shares space with a holistic therapist – it is basically a little spot for clients to meet every need in one stop!  Rock, Pamper, Scissors is set in the little village of Aghagallon, a place admittedly I had never been to before but found easily on the road from Moira – and a bonus, free parking (there is nothing more stressful than a full pampering session worrying if your money has run out on your parking ticket!).

eléni review

On arrival I was greeted in the homely hair salon, before entering the calming environment of the beauty room.  Ishia sat me down to discuss my health, my skincare regime and any problem areas.  She immediately made me feel relaxed and comfortable and explained exactly what clothes I needed to remove (is it just me that finds this an issue when going for a treatment?!) before stepping outside the door until I was ready.

eléni review

Electric blanket on, snug blanket wrapped around, and the treatment began.  Ishia started with the cleanse mask and the exfoliating deep cleanse that comes with each treatment, before taking a light and studying my skin.  This was my biggest selling point – I knew that I would be getting the treatment most suited to my skin.  At this point, on noticing my skin was particularly dry, Ishia suggested she go ahead with the Hydrate and Nourish Treatment.  Although not part of this particular facial, Ishia also included a mask she felt would enhance the treatment, meanwhile offering me the choice between a hand and arm or half leg and foot massage (another bonus – I hate when you have your mask applied and are left while it does it’s work, I want to optimise my pampering session!).  Treatment complete (always too soon!), glass of water consumed, tips given.  At this point I normally feel pressure to buy, but in a very relaxed manner, Ishia advised me of any suitable eléni products I may wish to use at home, and any further treatments necessary.

eléni review

Selfie taken straight after the treatment – already looking fresher!

Two weeks later – firstly, being told my skin is dry, I have been much more sensible and have been moisturising morning and night without fail.  Not only did Ishia’s advice kickstart my extra care, but her attention to my needs enabled me to continue.  I also plan to book in for my next facial and will continue my regime with this.

Of course this began as a review of the facial, and continued as a review of Invoke Beauty, but the package is what makes it – the facial was perfection and I feel a change in my skin, however, Ishia made the experience one I would happily recommend to a friend and one I will definitely be doing again!

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