The Skirt – On Trend or Get it Off?!

Zara finally reopened it’s doors in Belfast this month.  It has a fresh new look and plenty of temptations.

Zara Belfast

My picks from Zara Belfast

So I bought this skirt.


Zara £29.99 (not online, sorry!)

Whiter than white, huge pockets and below the knee midi with a waistline that you can only breathe in for so long…

I have two plans for this skirt – a christening, and a summer’s evening barbeque.

As usual in the changing room, I loved the skirt – in my head I could see it worn in numerous ways, but, and this often happens, I brought it home, tried it on, and now I’m not sure it is the right look for me.

We have all heard about the infamous M&S suede skirt.  The one that was going to be a sell out, but actually in reality when the real woman tried it on, the look didn’t go quite according to plan!  This skirt is feeling a little like that at the moment!

I have taken a few tips from Pinterest, and here are the options of how I may wear it…but will it have the desired look…or will I recreate the typical teacher image we all have in our minds…?!

So will it become part of my wardrobe – only time will tell…