No Shopping Allowed for the Minimalist Look

We had our sports day in school last week – the memories of previous years; the sun shining, the need for ice lollies to cool down, the sun hats shading from the sun…okay well it doesn’t often happen, it may be a little wishful thinking, but seriously, this cold?! I wore 5 layers and it still took all afternoon to warm up!

Anyway, enough of the complaining, but a week later and I’m still thinking of how to prepare for this weather? My tips – don’t buy anything new, and less is most definitely more.

Go to your wardrobe and sort.  Pull out those plain tees, shirts and single knit jumpers.  Jeans of course are key to the minimalist look, simple ankle skimming trousers also work.  Brogues top it off of course (socks hidden inside to add to the warmth!).

And then mix it up – add a statement necklace, a leather jacket, a hat.  Or vary with the tuck on your top or the roll of the trousers.

Here’s what I’ve dragged out and have been wearing this week…

Easy peasy – you can’t get more minimalist than that;)  Let’s hope my next post will be celebrating the summer which has finally arrived…now there’s some wishful thinking;)

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