Dublin Daytrips – Cos

We don’t have a Cos in Northern Ireland and I long for one.  The thing I love the most about this store, is that they manage to take a basic, and make it look quirky.  The fabric, the shape and the structure of the pieces exude quality. The price tag is higher than your standard high street, but the pieces remain timeless.

CosCosOn my last venture to Dublin, I cleared the rails and brought an armful to the changing room for a try on.  Check out a few of my changing room selfies to see what I mean…

A classic shape but with the addition of a collarless neckline or a simple waistline, the item is transformed.
CosThe simplicity of a delicate colour and sharp lines.

CosCosA new edge on the bomber – longer, classic.

CosMy favourite piece from the collection.  So simple but yet so different.  The fit of this top could suit a range of shapes and sizes and still remain flattering.


Any stores you long to have on your local high street?