The Silver Brogue

A few weeks ago I took my favourite pink brogues into the shoe mender to have them resoled.  And to my complete devastation, I was told they are too far gone, nothing would stick, there would be no point.  As the kind gentleman bent my shoe on the sole to show me the damage I snatched them from his hand, guaranteed I would get at least a few more wears out of them!

I have been wearing my trainers a lot recently and now I am ready to come back to my roots.  So I headed out for a bit of brogue shopping.  Just a little note – I call all of this style of shoe Brogue but technically some of the shoes shown are Oxfords – it all depends on the detail on the shoe (Oxfords are lace up, Brogues come with perforations)!  Admittedly there is more to know but that is the brief round up – check out Mr Porter for more!

With limited choice instore, I headed online.  As with any online ordering, I did my search independently, checked Shop Style for anything I’d missed and then googled voucher websites.

These are the brogues I already have.  Admittedly as I gathered these for their photoshoot, I was a little taken aback at home many pairs I have – I am normally quite sensible in my shopping.  But then I realised, not one pair were bought at full price – they were on sale, from eBay, on a weekend discount or bought with an online voucher, so the quantity didn’t seem so bad any more!

And these are the shoes I ordered.

I loved the fringing, but I already own a mint pair with fringing, however if I didn’t I would definitely go with this pair I found in Clarks – and the fringing can be removed for a second look (sorry, I can’t find either of these these online at the moment!).

The side buckle shoe came as a ‘wide fit’ they were far too big.  If I was interested in keeping this style I would have ordered down a size.  I love the metallic but they felt very masculine.

These were the favourite when I put it out to social media.

The Clarks were the most comfortable but I found when I tried them on with different coloured jeans, dresses and with bare legs, they were a little heavy for the style I intended to go with.

And these are the brogues I still want.


These little pink beauties are Dr Martens, and the silver? Well at £295 from Clarks, they are a little past my price range 🙁

So the decision lay with the shoe that was most versatile for me. They needed to suit jeans, skirts, and work trousers and as we head into the warmer weather, be light enough to be worn with bare legs.

Which leaves the metallic brogue from John Rocha at Debenhams.  Priced at £45 but reduced to £22.50 these were an absolute bargain!  I also went with in store delivery as I knew I would be in Belfast so that knocked a little off the price too;)  And as the hole in the sole of my pink brogues grew, I also bought these in the Clarks sale at just £25.

Do you have a favourite?

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