Sharing My Story With & Other Stories

My silverbrogues story started around 5 years ago.  At that time I had recently become a mummy and after many changes, the one change I found most difficult was the new stay at home issue.  The chance of nipping out to the shops, heading to see friends, a spontaneous dinner out…that time had passed, for the time being.  So I had to find something new to keep me busy while the evenings were spent at home.

And so silverbrogues was born.  An interest in fashion, a passion for personal styling and the love of a challenge.  Many thoughts, and many posts written and deleted…until finally I decided one day to press ‘Public’ and so it became.  Since that time, there have been times when silverbrogues has kept me very busy, and times where I have set blogging to the side to put the everyday life as my priority.  It has been a pleasure, an escape, and most of all an opportunity to delve into a world that always captured my attention but I didn’t have the confidence to explore.

And I love to look back and see where my story all began…until one day I discovered the dreaded!  Within my old posts, many of the photos had disappeared.  And it was only when I began this post and research what I had written before, that I noticed it.

Before heading to London to complete a course on Fashion Styling, I (of course) had to research shops to visit in my spare time.  And the shop I had my eye on was & Other Stories.  Diverse fashion, attention to detail, and affordable prices with collections built around inspiring fashion stories.

I certainly wanted my fashion story to begin!  And now, & Other Stories are opening their first store in Ireland.  It may be Dublin rather than Belfast, but sure it’s just a quick jaunt down the road!

In the heart of the city, right on Grafton Street, covering 3 floors – you will definitely begin your story here too;)  The store is due to open Autumn 16, just in time to brighten up your wardrobe for the new season.

In the meantime, hold off, please don’t search.  Those posts that were the beginning of the silverbrogues journey will be restored and the full life story will be in place again.  Head off instead to & Other Stories and find your Autumn/Winter story.


& Other Storiesโ€™ ateliers in Paris and Stockholm have designed
two collections for the AW/16 season that reflect their different
aesthetics and ideas.

Thanks to Rebecca at Baluba for the images:)

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