Starting 2017 with Bliss and Dermalogica

Is it too late to say Happy New Year?!

I’ve never been one for new year’s resolutions but this year I tried to set myself a few goals (inspired by The Mummy Makeover, more to follow!) and taking time for myself to do the things I enjoy was at the top of the list.  We all know how the daily routine, the job, the home, everyone else’s needs but our own take priority!

So of course it was essential I kicked off this new year goal properly.  And just in time, Michelle from Bliss contacted me to see if I would like to try out a new product and enjoy a facial to help get my skin routine sorted.

Michelle at Bliss, Dromore

So first up, let me tell you about Dermalogica’s latest product, Daily Superfoliant. Designed to fight biochemical and environmental factors which lead to skin ageing, while giving you your smoothest skin ever.  I cleansed my skin before pouring a little of the Superfoliant onto my hand.  Expecting a lotion, it came out in little tiny particles with charcoal as one of the key ingredients.  As I moistened it and rubbed it on my skin, it was definitely not the time for the postman to arrive at the door;)  It is called ‘Daily’ Superfoliant but Michelle recommends it’s use every 2-3 days (but this also depends on skin type so seek advice!).

And of course, most importantly you want to know how my skin looked and felt the next day?  Well, I was up bright and early so it was hard to see if I looked perkier but it most definitely felt better.  That dry feeling that lingers over the winter, gone…and gone for a few days, ready for my next use!

The bonus of buying this product before the end of January is that you can also choose a free treat – and who doesn’t need something for free in January?!  Choose either a three piece Age Smart Set for a home treatment, or head in to Bliss for a Post Party Peel.

Dermalogica Superfoliant

In the relaxing surroundings of Bliss Skin and Beauty, with hassle free parking, and a knowledgeable beautician who makes you feel like you are her number one priority, I enjoyed the Post Party Peel.  Michelle tested my skin for moisture and then began the treatment.  The products used are designed to give intense hydration to your skin – at points you feel like you have pins and needles on your face, not really in an uncomfortable way but more a way that it really feels the product is working!  This is an express treatment but you don’t feel rushed and your skin gets the boost of hydration it needs.

Go check out Bliss Skin and Beauty and get your orders in before the end of the month to enjoy this treat:)  Now, I’m off again to rushing around, doing all those jobs, until that next slot when I can take a little time to myself!