Updating your S/S17 Wardrobe

The new season has begun (well close enough!), your are beginning to see your wardrobe in a brand new light, so let the try on session begin.  It’s time to sort and clear again…and then off to the shops you go!

1. Make your list
Look at what you have already, what pieces do you need to complete an outfit? What trends have you fallen for?
Think about your day-to-day lifestyle; there is no point buying clothes that are completely impractical. You have to get the balance between what are you comfortable wearing for your daily activities and what makes you feel good.

2. Set your budget
Do you buy all in one go, or do you like to buy over the course of a few weeks? Be mindful of this as you select your pieces – how much have you got to spend altogether, is each piece worth the money you are spending?
Also, if you are buying on trend pieces, will these carry you into next season, or this time next year? If not, don’t spend too much on these items!

3. Wait out for discount codes and vouchers
Bank holiday weekends are a key time for discount. For online shopping, often you fill your basket, but don’t go straight to buy. Sometimes (if you are lucky!) the next day the company will e-mail a discount code, or alternatively check voucher codes online before you buy. Bringing bags of old clothes to H&M or Oxfam will earn you £5 off your shop.  Downloading apps, signing up to emails, following stores on social media are always good sources of finding a bit of extra discount.  The money is definitely better in my pocket!

discount code

4. Don’t be fooled by a price tag
Sometimes you pay more but when you actually look at the item it is not worth the extra money.  Check the fabric, the cut, matching prints at the seam, stitching and zips or buttons – these are a give away if the item is really worth the money!

5. Take risks
Bring styles/colours into the changing room that you like, but have never tried before.  They may not work but if you don’t try, you will never know.


6.  Be aware of changes
Your shape and your skin colouring changes, even your hair may have changed since last spring.  The cut of clothes changes, sizes change, styles change.  Be open to making some changes in your wardrobe – simple or drastic!

7. Be prepared to return some items
If you are not sure, bring the item home, try it with things already in your wardrobe, and then make your final decision. It’s better to have it with you than take the risk of leaving it behind – you may never find it again!  But always check the stores returns policy before buying!


Now the real test – how many outfits can you make out of your new S/S17 wardrobe?

*images from Pinterest