The Midi Skirt

A great transitional piece in your wardrobe is the midi skirt.  The high waist, the longer length, just the right amount of body covered for the weather.

But midi skirts can be hard to wear.  And so to today’s top styling tip – it’s all about balance.  As always, in order to decide if something works on your body shape you must first try it on.  It’s the styling tip that gets the most sighs when I mention it, but you can follow every rule and still get the balance wrong so a try on has to be done!

So how do you balance it to make it work?

  • The length of the skirt dictates the footwear (shoe/sandal/boot)
  • The height of the waist dictates the top (tucked/crop/wide/tight)
  • The shape of the skirt dictates the outerwear (structured/length)

In the past I put a midi skirt on and felt it straight away on my hips.  For a long time I avoided this shape until I understood how to balance it properly on my frame.  Normally with a cropped t-shirt or top tucked in, a short jacket or jumper (something reasonably figure hugging) over the top and the shoes depend on the length (but generally the length that suits me either suits sandals or trainers).

I’m currently writing school reports with my break time involving midi skirts and styling tips!  On the next break I’m off to refuel with coffee and snacks, meanwhile you can browse an amazing selection of midi skirts from my go-to browsing website Shop Style

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