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Lines and Current

I finished off the year writing about local companies, so why not (finally!) begin again on the same topic?

I first discovered Rebekah from Lines and Current on Instagram and hit that moment where you realise you are ‘liking’ a post from six months previous!  The main thing that captured my attention was the simplicity of her photos, her jewellery and her style.  In the midst of creating an envious world, wanting the designer, the next best thing, always wishing for ‘more’, Rebekah exuded calm, and in her own words her brand has been…

Born out of a love for clean lines with a boho twist, ‘Lines & Current’ is a brand for normal girls who ‘work hard to keep it simple’ so there’s enough time for play & things that matter. It’s about de-cluttering, finding clean lines & pursuing your version of minimalism or simplicity. When this happens it frees up some soul space, we can lean in the unpredictable current of life & follow the creative, generous spirit that prompts us.

I sort of want to steal this as my own ethos!

As the name suggests, her jewellery mixes the straight lines with movement.  Having browsed her website on many an occasion I finally had an opportunity to buy.  A treat for a friend and one for me.

Rebekah also chooses a charity (this month the Significado Foundation) and donates 10% from each sale to support it and if your sign up to the newsletter, you get to enjoy 10% off too – always giving:)  So after dry January, go browse, and write your shopping list for February;)


Accessorize with Dr Martens

Last summer I visited the newly opened Dr Martens store in Belfast, only to discover my love for their clothes.  While at a recent summer event, I found a new love of the brand in their bags.

Of course, Dr Martens is best known for its footwear, and I saw a few options of shoes I would happily buy for me…

And for my little boy (or if I had a girl?!)…

But on this occasion, I picked up a bag.

As a busy mummy, an over the shoulder bag works best – throw it on, throw a million things inside and go!  But I also loved these options…

Now that the summer feels like it’s gone, I’m watching out for their new season coats – that one I saw last year still plays on my mind:(  Maybe I’ll just go shopping…


A Little Bit of Karma

I love trying my hand at something new so when I was invited to make some jewellery with a local jewellery company, I jumped at the chance!  Karma Jewellery is a local based company, who believe in positivity and uniqueness.  In fact, with their tagline of ‘Jewellery with Meaning’, and ‘Making jewellery, changing lives’, for every bangle they sell, a percentage is donated to charity, making a good deed out of every sale.


We are passionate about helping others, so for every bangle we sell, we will help someone in need.  A positive chain reaction begins with you…

A group of local bloggers met together with the Karma team who, after enjoying some nibbles and browsing the beautiful handmade collections, got to try our hand at making our own bracelets, and this is the result…


karmajewellery.JPGThanks to the girls at Karma for the opportunity to try our hand at a new skill!  And after you check out their website, have a little look at who their #KARMAgirl is…


The Jewel of Belfast

A way back when silverbrogues was just beginning, I had the opportunity to take part behind the scenes at a photo shoot for Argento’s new catalogue.  At that time I was lured in by many of the collections they offered, ranging from Dirty Ruby and Nomination to Thomas Sabo and Alex and Ani – whatever type of jewellery you love, you are sure to find the perfect piece from this local company.

IMG_6313.JPGA few weeks ago, I had another opportunity to view the collections from Argento in the modern, inspiring new store in Belfast.  A favourite of mine was the ceiling design – a Belfast based company taking it’s own inspiration from a Belfast landmark.


The new Argento store, Royal Avenue, Belfast

And I came home with a little treat



Thanks to the team at Argento for their hospitality and treats and the team at CMPR for the invite:)


Splurge vs Save

I was set a challenge by Credit Card Insider to choose an item that I would love to splurge on, and find the cheaper alternative.  Okay, then;)

First up, this was an easy challenge for me – of course I would love to buy designer all the way, but that does not work with my bank balance! With the aim of being stylish, but spending responsibly, not only do most of my purchases come from high street or independent boutiques, but I generally shop when there is a sale or a discount.  Completely logical, why buy one item when you can have two for the same price?!  So top tip – follow your favourite stores through social media or e-mail so you know straight away when is a good time to spend.  And crucially – buy what you love, not what is a good bargain!!

So to my choice.  I love handbags.  I like to have a number of go-to handbags that match any outfit.  My favourite colour choices are either light pastel or bright yellow – a subtle addition, or a contrast.  My average spend on a handbag is £30-£50 but honestly, I want a budget of £1000.  What girl doesn’t long to own a designer handbag?!

So this is the current No1 on the wishlist…

Actually, I’d love the larger one but if I did a bit of saving the small version may be within my reach;)

And here are the alternatives that fit my budget…

What item would you splurge on?  Have you ever found the perfect alternative?  Now, which one to buy…?


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