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How to Hold a Fashion Swap

For ages now I have wanted to hold a fashion swap at my home.  I regularly clear out and with that, some of the items go to the bin, some to charity and some on to a rail with the intention of selling them.  But I still hold too much value on many of the items I am trying to sell, so they never sell for as much as I’d like.  I would rather give them away…and with a swap, I get something back too!  Bonus;)

So after holding my first swap, I have a few tips for you!

1. Invite up to 15 people – too many and I think you have to get strict with the rules!

2. Give your friends around 3 weeks notice.  This allows time for them to have a hunt through their wardrobe to find pieces just right for a swap.

3. Give everyone an idea of what happens at a swap (bring something you no longer love, find something you intend to love!).

4. Allow clothes, accessories or homewares – being flexible on these areas ensures everyone feels comfortable with what they bring.

5. Bring up to 5 items – the idea is, bring 5 to the swap, take 5 home.

6. Make sure you have a rail and a table – ask everyone to bring their clothes hung, all other items can be laid on the table.

7. When you are about to begin the swap, let everyone know the rules.  This is where you have a few options.  Because of a few last minute sicknesses (always be prepared for this!) I had under 10 people at my swap, so of course we could be more flexible.  My original plan was to allow everyone to choose one item, sit down and enjoy some snacks, then choose a second.  Because there were fewer people, we were able to look together and pick what we liked.

8. Have a mirror and good lighting available.  A swap is the perfect opportunity to try something new, something you wouldn’t normally wear, take a risk.  But you still want everyone to be happy with their swaps – making sure we choose a colour suitable for our skin tone is one rule I do stick to!  As people try on, they can return items to the rail or add to their take home pile!

9. Allow people the opportunity to take back their own items that haven’t been chosen.

10. Take any leftover items to charity.  Free clothes and doing a bit of good.

After holding my first swap, I definitely plan to do it again – it was a great opportunity to get the girls in, and to get something new for my wardrobe.  These are my favourite items I’ve already worn…

fashion swap

fashion swap

Both on trend, both easy to wear and both free!  A fun night with fashion loving friends – why not try it out?


A Print, A Slogan – Upgrading the T-Shirt

Can you define your personal style?  Quick tip – what do you feel most comfortable wearing?  That most likely defines it – easy (except if you’ve answered PJ’s;) )!

If I were to define my personal style I would put the printed t-shirt at the top of the list.  Easily worn with jeans and trainers, or happily mixed with a tutu and heels.

My favourite way to wear this style at the minute is with ankle grazing trousers, a slight tuck at the front, and a formal style jacket layered over…with trainers on my feet of course;)

When buying, one major rule I have is make your choice carefully.  You want the design to stand out from the crowd, but not so much that you suddenly see it everywhere. Do you mind? If it’s a slogan, consider it’s wording – when you wear it once, will you happily wear it again?  Is it worth the money?

So let me introduce you to the long list…!  I managed to sneak in some jumpers as well, as it’s still winter;) *Click on the pictures for links ⇒

slogan tshirt Slogan tee slogan jumperprinted tshirtSLogan Tee Slogan Tee Printed tshirt Slogan Jumper printed tshirtPrint tshirtprinted tshirt  Slogan jumper Printed Tshirt Printed Tshirt Slogan Tshirt Slogan tshirt Printed tshirt Slogan tshirt Slogan tshirt

Any favourites?  How do you wear yours?


Menswear – Who Cares?

Best tip of the day…size is a number, brands are a label, departments are just there for sorting purposes.

Picture the scene…you have been on the lookout for the perfect jumper.  You search the stores you are used to buying from, you try a few different stores just in case.  You search online, heading straight to Shop Style, because they have the answer for everything.  But the perfect jumper does not exist, until, from the corner of your eye, you spot The Jumper hanging in the menswear department.  Pick it up in an extra small, bingo!

Many items in my wardrobe should belong to a man, a child, someone who is a completely different size.  But they are in my wardrobe and I wear them.  So when Scotts Menswear contacted me to check out their new trainers, the fact that the label said menswear, meant nothing!

My current footwear go to is the trainer, my favourite being Adidas.  I’ve ordered a few other brands but always settle back to what I know best (although if anyone offers me these, I may cave!).  So that was where my first click landed!  And this is what I found…

And I settled on these…

These are one of the most comfortable pairs of trainers I own, they are literally like cushions on your feet!

This is one of the ways I have styled them so far…

Take a look at their Adidas collection and see what style you are ready to add to your wardrobe…or if the Christmas shopping lists are still being completed, I’m sure you can find many items for any member of your family from Scotts Menswear that tick the right box!


Wearing The Pussy Bow

Following on from my post on Frills and Ruffles, I’ve had a few requests from people who felt they didn’t have the confidence to carry off the pussy bow.  This is definitely the easiest way to add this trend to your everyday wardrobe, and continue to wear it year to year.

So first up, I’ll show you my favourites from my wardrobe…

RecentIy I was at Alana Interiors for the launch of their new A/W collections.  There were many things I could easily have chosen, however once I spotted this pretty little blouse, I knew it had to go into the shopping basket!  What I love about stores like The Little Boutique in Alana Interiors is how both myself and my mum (who came along with me) can shop in the same store and find a variety of brands and huge selection of clothes to allow either one of us to fill many gaps in the wardrobe;)  I also purchased the cosiest and most versatile of scarves when I visited too – thanks Amy!

And a trick for you if you budget doesn’t stretch to a new top – a simple roll of ribbon.  I have a selection of widths and colours which I can add to any shirt to change the look.  Just match the shade with your outfit and hey presto, a cheap upgrade!

And if you are still unsure of exactly how to wear the pussy bow, check out my page on Pinterest for some more inspiration…


Bubbacue, Backpacks and A Bit of Blue

Recently I was at the re-launch of Bubbacue, a delicious Barbeque themed restaurant in Belfast.  Actually that synopsis doesn’t do it justice at all!  Bubbacue actually tell us on their website that they ‘Embrace the art of the relaxed American tradition which uses smoke to tenderize meat’, a method that produces delicious results!  And you have to try their sides (the macaroni cheese!!) and actually my favourite, their lemonade!

Although the calendar said August, the weather said November but that was not going to deter me.  Like many of us, I like to make the best of the time still called ‘summer’ and wear the wardrobe that works with the name!  I took a quick trip to Dublin a few weeks ago, and having spent much of the holidays day tripping with my little boy, I had managed to miss all the sales up to this point.  Zara is my favourite store to shop the sales in, I always find something that will carry me through to the next season at a bargain price.  But my focus this time was different. I wanted to find a few extra pieces for a few days in the sunshine.  So I took the opportunity to scour the final sale rails, loading my arms with lots of changing room options.

I found a beautiful blue dress with pretty stitched detail along the bust.  I tried it on and knew it would be perfect for the heat of the Croatian sun as it was floaty to where it fell, just around knee length.  It was only as I strolled along the beach front that I realised there were pockets in the strangest of places.  Yes, it was actually a skirt!  But in the name of wearing cutting edge fashion, well actually, because I loved the look of it as a dress, I continued to wear it this way.

So now being home and still having a little tan on my skin, I ignored the autumnal weather and headed out for dinner.  I added some straps to the dress (being small chested, I don’t really suit strapless tops), threw on my denim jacket and wore it with my trusty trainers.  And as I was now taking any spare opportunity to get back to the routine of blogging, I wore my new Mi-Pac, gifted from Menarys, filled with magazines, books and my laptop to complete the look.  Not only do I love the soft touch and the polka dot design of this backpack, but with it’s interior including plenty of pockets and separations, it is perfect for carrying anywhere!

Thanks to Jane Williams at JPR, all the lovely staff at Bubbacue and Menarys for sending me my backpack!


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