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The Trends to Carry You Through – Summer to Autumn and Beyond

After a busy month in work, I’m getting back to the world of fashion as I enjoy my two months of rest, not to rub it in or anything;)  I may not have been writing the last month, but I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my little space here and where it will end up, so watch out for some changes – the time frame is completely weather dependent (i.e. if it rains, changes will come much faster otherwise I’ll be out enjoying some Northern Irish sunshine with my little boy!).

So for now, lets look at a few trends I think are wearable from this season to the next so you should definitely keep your eye out for in the sales!

When do metallics, lace, monochrome and print ever go out of fashion?  Some treats from Victoria Square, Dunnes Stores and Peel.

I’ll leave you with this oh so summery look – let’s dream of days without rain in the hope that they appear!


Dublin Daytrips – Cos

We don’t have a Cos in Northern Ireland and I long for one.  The thing I love the most about this store, is that they manage to take a basic, and make it look quirky.  The fabric, the shape and the structure of the pieces exude quality. The price tag is higher than your standard high street, but the pieces remain timeless.

CosCosOn my last venture to Dublin, I cleared the rails and brought an armful to the changing room for a try on.  Check out a few of my changing room selfies to see what I mean…

A classic shape but with the addition of a collarless neckline or a simple waistline, the item is transformed.
CosThe simplicity of a delicate colour and sharp lines.

CosCosA new edge on the bomber – longer, classic.

CosMy favourite piece from the collection.  So simple but yet so different.  The fit of this top could suit a range of shapes and sizes and still remain flattering.


Any stores you long to have on your local high street?



My Style – Well What Is It Then?

Last week I took a little journey to Dublin – a city just an hour away now on the motorway, but seems like it should be much more due to the hours we used to have to spend travelling through the little towns and villages from ‘up North’ to get to the big city!

After a busy Easter weekend, I made an escape, hopped on the bus and enjoyed the hassle free journey (but more importantly, avoided the scary parking bill that comes with a drive to Dublin!).  I had a few things on the to-do list, a few places I wanted to visit, but mainly, when I go to any city, I love to wander, to find those places you don’t find on the main street, to capture a glimpse of what the city is actually about.

From the high end, to the high street, to the boutique and the arcade shops.  If I look through my wardrobe, I own a little something from each of these departments and happily mix and match depending on how I feel that day. Being off on holiday, and moving towards spring/summer (my favourite season for my wardrobe), I have been thinking a little more about what I wear and how I wear it.  Today for example, I am wearing leather trousers, a vintage hoodie and trainers.  You may call it ‘sporty street style’.  But just yesterday I was in a dress and brogues – more ‘pretty in pink’.  But both of these styles, and the numerous other styles I dip in and out of, naturally change depending on how I am feeling that day and what I’m spending my day doing.

how to wear leather trousers

One shop I planned to visit when I had some time on my hands was a boutique called Carousel.  It is a little shop I have spent a fair amount of Dublin hours in the changing room!  Carousel is a store with personality.  It sits on the corner of Exchequer Street and Drury Lane, just off Grafton Street (there is also another store in St Stephen’s Green).  The window display presents an array of colours and print, you automatically think vintage and girly.  And this is exactly what this store offers.  On the top floor you will find vintage inspired clothing, designed by local Irish designers, that touch both old and modern styling.  With a mix of dresses, skirts, tops and cardigans, you could easily create a daily outfit or an outfit for an occasion from their collections.  As with many Dublin independent stores, when you make your way downstairs, you feel like you are heading into someone’s welcoming home.  This area holds the vintage stock, rails and rails of it, all with it’s own little bit of history.

Vintage clothing is generally one area I avoid in my personal style.  As mentioned, I have a vintage adidas hoodie, I used to buy lots of vintage flares in my university days, but besides that, it’s never really been a style that works for me.  So my challenge today was to see how (or if!) vintage would work for me – I keep saying try something new so I have to commit to this for myself!

I entered the changing room with 20 pieces so I think I managed to find something!  When scrolling through the rails I discovered part of the reason some vintage doesn’t work for me is because of the colour – browns, creams, dusky pinks; the prints – small, detailed, colourful; and inside the changing room I recognised the sizing became a bit of an issue – broad shoulders and long arms meant some items didn’t zip and full length sleeves got pushed to the elbow!

And so to the try on…

You see the white background, the larger print – that’s how to make colour and print work for me.  Love the buttons and the waist detail.

My favourite print…but I can’t show you the back and the zip that wouldn’t go up;)

A few more suitable prints I came across, there was definitely more here for me than I was expecting!

On finding so many dresses more my colour, I added a few details to bring them into my style – check out the middle and end pictures, I adore these little belts (and now am the proud owner of one!)  They complete any look:)

This dress is from the upstairs Circus collection – definitely a style for me for the summer!

And then to this dress.  You would think for all the denim I love to wear, this would have worked, um, not this time.  It would have been much better for me without the puff sleeves, too heavy for my shape.  I decided to add the prettiest shirt to break it up – the colour change worked, the shoes did not!

Perfect for the current ruffles trend, I love this:)

Plain black, another perfect one for me – I love the detail here, actually looking at this, I’m wishing I’d brought it home!

Well, what do you think?  Is this a style that works for you?  Do you dip in and out of different styles or stick to one?  Any tips on where I should visit on my next trip to Dublin?

Check out Carousel online or on Facebook to have a look for yourself!


The Perfect Sunday Outfit

Often the weekend for me includes building dens, becoming a Lego man in a battle with Ninjago or playing football for as many hours as my little boy can push in the local football pitch. So as payback, he has to be my photographer when we head out for some essential coffee breaks;)

As spring approaches (it may be officially here, but today’s weather does not show spring at all!), we headed to Hillmount Garden Centre to pick up some new additions for the garden (and sneak in that coffee!).  This lovely little dress from H&M is the perfect wardrobe staple for this time of year.  The fabric is still heavy, but the sleeves are just above the elbow.  The perfect balance for spring weather (and I still have two vests underneath!) – with of course the addition of tights rather than bare legs!

Mixing up my outfit with my trusty leather jacket.  And (for anyone who follows on Instagram, you may have seen these once or twice before?!) wearing my well worn, very comfortable and sparkling silver Adidas originals.  Matching up the metallics with accessories from local designers Gráinne Maher and Lines and Current.


Feeling rejuvenated, and spring garden ready, we layered up headed to Topshop to try on some new trainers..

I love the versatility of this dress.  Bought for a mere £20 I have worn it casually as above, added brogues for work, added a shirt underneath to brighten, worn with heels at dinner, worn with a print cardigan for an afternoon with friends, and can see it being worn on many more occasions.  Currently thinking of how to make it summer ready with a pair of sandals, maybe add a brooch or two…

What is your go to comfort outfit and how many ways can you wear it?


Menarys – Your Local Department Store

Menarys comes with the tagline ‘since 1923’.  If a store has been going that long, it’s clear they are doing something right!  Beginning in Dungannon, to opening Menarys and Tempest stores across Ireland and with information online, you can get all you need on your doorstep!

My local Menarys is the Lisburn branch, the first or final store in Bow Street Mall, depending on which entrance you come in!  The great thing about a department store is that you really do get everything in one place.  Offering beauty brands such as Benefit and Lanôme, accessories from own brand Kamia and well known brands such as Guess and Radley, and clothing from Vera Moda, Name it and Jack Jones to name a few and concessions on top of that!

So, the challenge was to find a Christmas outfit for the whole family – could it be done in one store and with one hour of availability?!  Well, of course!

On Christmas day we spend the day at home enjoying all the treats Santa delivers.  On Boxing Day however, the whole family gets together – this is the day the outfits were planned for.

For Him…

Menarys holds a good range of stock from Jack Jones for all ages – your traditional ‘Jack Jones’ tees, a variety of jean styles and outerwear as well.

For Her…

I have worn this poncho nearly every day since getting it! At only £18.99 it is the perfect layer to throw on, and it is so cosy too:)

I  wanted a dress of some sort, a dress I could wear with flats or heels, and also one that I could use as a skirt with a knitted jumper.  I had previously spotted a dress from Vila which I hoped would fit the brief, however the style didn’t suit my shape.  I found a great alternative from Only – a touch of lace, some sparkle and very flattering – watch Instagram to see how I wear it!

And for the little one…

When my little boy was a baby, most of his clothes came from Name it , so when it arrived in Menarys I was beyond happy.  Great quality, lovely styles, and a little unique too.  Even the six year old feels very cool in this outfit!

And a bonus to you, the sale has already started – head in to see what you will be wearing on your Christmas day!  Thanks Menarys for my treats, and just in case you need a post Christmas treat, watch out on Facebook for a competition in January with Menarys!  Have a lovely Christmas 🎄


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