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My Top Five

Different post style today, we’re working with a list. A list of my top five styling tips.

Before I begin (getting waylaid off the list already!) a few essential pointers I have mentioned before, actually I’ll make these a list too…

1. Try something you haven’t worn before, you might just surprise yourself!

2. Trends don’t always work – I know I’ve talked about what’s ‘in’ for the season, but just because it suits the model on the catwalk does not mean it suits us all.

3. Shop in charity shops – this is a cheap way to try out new styles, but also, when you haven’t paid much for an item you won’t mind altering it to see what works (I’m not talking sewing bee skills here but it’s the perfect way to experiment).

4. Buy a colourful handbag – it will change any outfit!

5. Most importantly, be confident in what you wear – some of my least favourite outfits have had the most likes on social media.

Now to your styling…

1. Colours – know what suits you and what doesn’t.  Don’t wear colours that don’t work close to your face, but remember you don’t have to avoid them altogether (I don’t suit yellow but I have numerous yellow handbags!).

2. Figure out a few key pieces that work for your shape and stick with them.  Okay, so I realise I have contradicted myself – I say ‘try something new’ all the time but don’t fill your wardrobe with random items just to try! Focus on what shape of top suits, the style of skirts, dresses or trousers, the length of your clothes (and if you are not sure, e-mail me your pictures!).

3. Don’t focus on size.  Of course I am not advising you to buy something too big or small, but the size label does not mean everything!

4. Accessorise – you can change an outfit with one small addition.

5. Look at other people’s style and focus on people the same shape as you.

Of course, it’s all about style that works for you…


Yves Saint-Laurent


My Favourite Winter Word

Layers of course!  Normally they come in the form of a vest, or a long sleeved tee, a cardigan or a scarf.  But more recently layers have been seen on fashionistas around in world in many different ways.

Have a wee look here to get some tips…

And a quick catch-up on the Outfit of the Day – my take on layers/summer (yes I’m there in mind!)/mustard colour trend (although it sometimes looks green?!).


Fur – Topshop
Denim Shirt – H&M
Statement Necklace – Zara
Cords – Next
Boots – xTi

And one final thing – tip of the day (and I’ve said it before!)!  It was only when I put the gilet on this morning I realised that not only is it Topshop Petite, but it is also UK Size 4.  I am neither Petite, nor a Size 4 but it is the perfect fit for me – maybe not how the designer originally intended it to be worn but worn as I wish.  Keep your options open!


How Do You Shop?

Well, how do you?  Do you have a strategy?  Do you enjoy shopping?  Do you do a haul or buy a piece every now and again?

Normally when shopping, I scan shop. I have a rough idea of colours, styles, shapes that I am looking for which makes it easy to quickly eliminate items that aren’t of interest to me and focus straight on possible additions to my wardrobe.

When I shop in the sales, I shop very differently. As each piece on a rail is generally different from another, I go through the rail one item at a time, not always looking for what I need (maybe not the best word to use as I don’t actually need anything) but rather, what is a bargain.

Over the weekend, I visited the new store of local designer Larissa Watson, owner of ‘Goddess & Swift‘.  I have eyed up Larissa’s collection many times – I adore her prints and fabrics and have longed for a Goddess & Swift tee for a while now.  Although really keenly priced for one off designer pieces, my budget has not yet allowed me to own one of my own, until now!  A quick browse through the ‘Sample Sale’ (top tip, keep an eye out for these!) and I now have my very own piece.  And what I love (as always), is that I can style this as dressy or casual.


This picture doesn’t do it justice but I will get styling;)

During the summer I set myself some challenges, one of which was to shop in charity shops.  I always find something different when I am shopping in second hand clothes sales, in fact some of my favourite things in my wardrobe are second hand.  But as of yet, I have never mastered the art of charity shop shopping.

When I first found out I would be taking part in BFW Charity Challenge, I rushed straight to the designated shop, Cancer Research.  I began looking at each rail and item after item jumped out at me as a suitable piece – I had great tops, great trousers and skirts and a perfect pair of shoes in this season’s colour.  I filled my bag, brought it all home and had the try-on.  Mixing and matching with my own wardrobe I had, for under £20, at least five new outfits!  It just shows what you can find when you really look with a purpose (please don’t try this trick in any other shop as the ‘under £20’ deal may not work for all your new finds!!).

Now I’m off to dig out the items from my wardrobe I haven’t worn in a while and will attempt to integrate them into my wardrobe over the next few weeks.  Watch out for the outfit posts, fingers crossed I can stick to this and I won’t need any of the above tips?!


Style Me If You Can

I’m getting the excuses in first!! I am hoping you will empathise as you are probably feeling the same – how busy is life at the moment?!  Nevermind the exhaustion of work (counting down to the holidays!!), but also the list writing, shopping, present wrapping, and of course the Christmas festivities and resulting lack of sleep!

Hence the posts have lost their regular slot.  In fact I haven’t even been functioning like a fashion blogger and have taken no selfies and am still to report back on my final Christmas outfit!  Apologies:)

But for now, I’m giving you a quick styling post.

On Saturday I was wandering the shops, browsing for final pieces to add to presents.  I approached the till where I faced a few dilemmas.  Firstly, the store had a great promotion – choose a card at random and receive either 15% or 25% discount.  Of course I choose the 15%.  I nearly set the items on the desk and left – why take 15% when you can have 25%?? But I persevered, and went to pay with my 15% off.  Secondly, I spotted a girl at the till beside.  She was buying a little casual dress at only £22.  I was intrigued as the shop assistant told her ‘I’m really glad you bought that dress, it really suits you’.  I had to get a closer look, something had drawn me in.  I found the dress on the rail, took it to the changing room and then to the till to buy.  I knew already how I would style this little number!  The next morning I tried the dress on, with the planned additions, and it looked distinctly average.  So I bagged it up again ready for return.

And to the moral of this story – a few style tips!

  • Discounts are great – but how much value does the item really hold for you?
  • No matter how much you like an item, if it doesn’t work, don’t buy it!
  • Just because it suits someone else, doesn’t mean it will suit you.
  • Return if you are not happy!!
  • And finally, I bought the dress in a bigger size than I normally wear because of the style – this is okay!  Do not be put of by numbers, every shop and every style is different.  But feel free to cut the label off when you get home;)

Now, back to shopping for others, meanwhile, I will get working on my outfit post as promised.  Oh, and I have a great ‘One Thing’ for you too!  I promise these will be up before (the end of) the weekend!


Life backstage…

Last week life became a little busier than normal – I was beginning my new 3 day job backstage at Belfast FASHIONWEEK.  Normally during fashion week, I am happily sitting in the audience, checking out all the ready to wear style, having a peek in my goodie bag, checking out the local personal style.

This time however, I had the opportunity to work as a stylist behind the scenes.  Well actually, I had the opportunity to do a lot of new things.  So from the audience seat, where it all looks so easy, the hours before the show told a different tale!

On arrival I was assigned to a model.  As this was my first time, I was working beside another volunteer stylist.  Together we checked the lists of clothes, sorted the outfits into running order, which accessories go with which piece, fitting the models, and general preparation for the beginning of the show.

The next job was to prepare the main room where it would all happen – from carpet laying, to seating arrangements, setting out goodie bags – and then squeezing in a quick gingerbread latte before it all began!

I had two jobs – front of house and styling.  As the guests began to arrive I was armed with a clipboard and with the help of the CMPR team, we showed the guests to their seats.  As the lights dimmed, I rushed to the dressing room, ready to see the models in their first outfit.  As the music began, the first steps were taken onto the catwalk!

The buzz behind the scenes was unreal – the changes were fast paced and of course the clothes looked even better on the models than they looked on a rail!  Following each change, the previous outfit was rehung and labelled to ensure all pieces were returned to the correct designer or store exactly as they were found.

At the end of the show, the models, wearing their casual clothes and catwalk styled hair and make-up quickly left the building as we returned the venue for the shows back to a museum!  The chairs were re-stacked, the rails sorted into stores and the floors cleared of rubbish – not all glamorous I’m afraid!!  But for me, it was an amazing experience:)

Working backstage I didn’t have to think too hard about what I was wearing – black and comfortable was the rule.  So here are my backstage outfits…

20131016-172602.jpg ootd silverbrogues backstage

Killah High tops, River Island vest, ASOS leather mini, Cardigan
Soaked in Luxury long shirt, Oasis wetlook leggings, Aldo boots, Aztec necklace

20131016-172609.jpg ootd silverbrogues backstage

Vintage shawl, Dorothy Perkins stripy tee (as seen here), Oasis leather look trousers, Vagabond silver brogues, Warehouse bag Pluck & Devour Ampersand

So this is post one about my fashion week adventure – next up fashion and tips as blogging routine resumes (apologies for the sporadic posts!).


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