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The Style Fair – My first go at selling

My wardrobes and drawers bulge. I have far too many clothes, but part of my problem is that I stash away the pieces that I once loved, just in case. I also have a basket of clothes that I love, but they don’t fit – whether too small or too big, they are there for the day when my weight changes!

So the first thing is the clearout! For me, this takes a good day to do. I start with skirts and trousers as these are the hardest things to change in and out of, so I want to get this bit out of the way. Firstly, I eliminate anything I haven’t liked or anything I’ve questioned for a while. Then I try things on – generally you know straight away if you like the item or not, however you may have to try it as an outfit to really know what a single piece is like. Sometimes, you may still be in doubt – so don’t throw it out! I have a rule that if I’m not sure, I keep for a year (or until I get to my next clearout) so I can properly decide. If it’s something I really loved when I first bought it, it generally stays in the wardrobe for a while longer…

Recently I followed my own advice, and filled a spare room with clothes. The aim is to sell or swap these items, with the first step being a rail at The Style Fair in Holywood. As this fair encourages high end items or designer wear, I had to sort again. Thankfully my friend, who wanted to sell some of her designer wear came along. I filled the high end/high street category!

Again, I sorted – from my huge pile – what was coming to the Style Fair, what could be sold elsewhere and what went to the charity shop. Suitcases packed, and off to the fair we went!

This was a great experience, I have talked about selling clothes before but you never think your own clothes are good enough! It was hard to know how to price, and I expected people to barter. Unfortunately the footfall on the day wasn’t great, but we both still made enough to cover our costs and a little more too!

My tips…
– Know your rough prices – what’s an item worth to you as well as how much others would pay. I priced my favourite items a little higher because I didn’t mind if they didn’t sell – one of these items was the first to go!
– Be willing to barter!
– Present your items in a way that makes it easy for the buyer to see and you as seller to keep organised.
– Greet your customers, let them know you are available, but don’t overcrowd or ignore them!
– And finally, be brave – one person’s wardrobe reject, is another person’s wardrobe update (thanks for the quote Ruth, tired brain after a long day at school!)!


The clear out!!


The bags are packed and we’re ready to go!


The stall is set – Jude is ready to sell!


Clothes hung and priced…


A quick tidy!


Avril from School Gate Style found some goodies to buy!

So I’m home a little lighter and a little wiser – see you at the next fair!


I definitely want these…

When I was thinking of outfits to wear last week, not only did I discover that I have far too many clothes that I rarely wear, but also that I have so many similar things in my wardrobe. Of course, this is perfectly normal – you get used to knowing what works for your shape and how a particular shape will make you feel, however it doesn’t help my ‘variety’ challenge!

You may notice that in my previous post (Work Wardrobe and beyond!), I was wearing a pair of boyfriend jeans. I have wanted a pair of these jeans for ages, I have tried on at least 15 pairs and I have literally been searching for them for months, and then I was very excited to finally buy them on sale (River Island £25)! I love these in real life but every time I look at this photo I am not happy! I used to wear jeans like this all the time but I am so used to wearing skinny jeans now that I feel short and wide in these!!

So I did a bit of research to find out how best to wear them and I was surprised to see how many have been styled with heels. To me, they are ultimate relaxed and slouching jeans, but maybe wearing heels is the way to prevent me from feeling short and wide!!

First up, a few of my fellow bloggers and their boyfriend jeans…

First up, Joanna from Poppy’s Style


Next up, Trea from Treasures and Pleasures


Check out my Pinterest page for a few more ideas…

20130520-210000.jpg Pinterest Boyfriend Jeans

Any item of clothing you ‘definitely want’ and when you got it discovered you just didn’t quite know how to wear it? As always, we’re looking for tips – feel free to comment!


Spring Has Arrived! Sort Of…

Reality began for me again on Monday as I started back to work after two weeks holiday. I always find it hard getting back – not only do the early nights and mornings take their toll, but I get the feeling again that ‘I have nothing to wear!!’

For the last two weeks, I have been enjoying raiding my wardrobe and finding the forgotten pieces that I love wearing. And I’m a little addicted to my wet look leggings – definitely not appropriate for work!

Day one, I wore a new blouse I bought from the sale from Warehouse, my black trousers and black knee high boots (these may be on ebay next winter, my most expensive boots but I’m just not convinced). Day two was easy, trackies were on for a day of sports. By day three I was stumped!

I am so ready for no socks and only one layer, but that is not practical at the moment so I had a little hunt..and what did I find..but a floral dress (for anyone who hasn’t read this blog before I have referred to my attempt to buy florals on two previous posts so this find is perfect!)! Getting dressed that morning I added two vests, a pair of navy tights, and a navy woollen cardigan. Surprisingly this worked perfectly!

These are all wardrobe finds, some of which aren’t even last season but from a few years back.  Shops range from Matalan to Miss Selfridge, Primark to River Island.  I attempted to have my photo taken to show off this look but I haven’t quite achieved the ability to do this so I hope this will do for now…silverbrogues.jpg


Today I braved it – no socks, but still two vests! I wore my black skinny trousers, a chiffon blouse with lace collar, a coral cardigan and silver pumps. By 2 o’clock I appreciated the alternative coral item hidden in my handbag – a woollen jumper!

I’ve directed you to your own wardrobes a few times before – the challenge this time, find your favourite spring/summer item and style it for this cold weather. And remember the layers!!


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