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I know I’m prone to shopping for the brogue, but I do normally enter a shoe shop with a different intention.

I was in the new Aldo store in Belfast in Saturday.  I did go with the intention of getting a pair of sandals in preparation for the sunshine…it rained all day however so of course my attention was easily diverted;)

Picking from these for the holidays…

Metallic or colour pop, fringing or embellishment?


Of course the brogues have to feature but I’ll mix it up a little with these gladiator sandals…

And if you want to catch a bargain…

And finally, to accessorise…

There seems to be a trend here – other colours are available of course…;). What’s your #PerfectPair?


My One Thing

This is not in any way a hint for my friends and family;) I have been eyeing up these little boots since visiting Aldo way back in October. They didn’t have my size in the colour I wanted (size 6, just in case!!) so I bought an alternative. But now I can’t stop thinking of them! And that’s always a sign, isn’t it!

But annoyingly, the thing putting me off buying them at the moment is that the other colours are on offer – I can’t buy a pair of boots at £100 when the same boot, in a different colour costs much less! But will I live to regret it?!

So here they are – buy or not?!


Aldo Rusova Ankle Boots in Taupe £100

And now, one becomes two.

I was at an event this week with Translink. We went on a Mystery Style Bus Tour! Along with some other fashionistas, we headed up the Lisburn Road where stylist Katrina Doran pointed out local shopping gems while the models showed off some temptations you could buy. Modelling on a bus – very impressive balancing might I add! We stopped off for a bit of shopping at Harrison, before heading back towards town, when Olivia Muldoon took over to give some beauty tips! An original adventure, lots of fun with the added bonus of fashion thrown in!

You may know my love for printed t-shirts – as soon as I stepped into Harrison, Maison Scotch greeted me. And this is My Second Thing…

I have a bonus discount for the store, so it is definitely the ideal time to buy! But I was put off by the long sleeve. I spotted a few different tees with contrasting sleeves so the plain sleeve just seemed a little, plain!  What do you think?

Christmas isn’t far away, can I resist buying treats for myself?  Admittedly, I’m not holding out much hope!


Outfit update!

After leaving the house on a few occasions and not taking my own advice about the weather, I was back to the bare legs and sandals! So here’s a few options of what I’ve been wearing…


Coral Lace Tee – Oasis
Boyfriend Jeans – River Island
Sandals – Aldo
Pearls and Stone jewellery – all gifts
Crown earrings – Stray Jewellery


Stripy Tee – Primark
Grey Sparkle Shorts – River Island
Belt and Sandals – bought so long ago I can’t remember!!


Stripy Cardigan – River Island
Upcycled vest – Tesco
Chinos – Primark
Sandals – Aldo


Apologies, this is a little fuzzy!
Dress – Custo
Wedge Sandals – River Island


Playsuit – Topshop
Brogues – Primark
Feather Earrings – Dorothy Perkins


Ian from the Argento Team and Rogues + Brogues
Necklace – gift
White Cami Top – H&M (can’t find online but lovely seam detail along sides and back and only £4.99!)
Falmer Jeans – Matalan Now reduced to £10
Shoes – River Island £15 (may still be available instore)


Top – H&M
Shorts – Topshop
Flip Flops – Gap
Bracelet – Miss Selfridge


This is what I wore to meet Trea (another local blogger) from Treasures n Pleasures
Fedora Hat and Dress – Matalan
Sandals – Aldo

I also managed to meet some of my challenge and wear items I haven’t worn in ages (except the boyfriend jeans of course!). I actually forgot I had an item from each picture – the coral tee, the Sparkly shorts, the chinos (still not sure about these??), the Custo dress and the playsuit. The outfit worn however for the Argento shoot may just have been new…?!

If you like my style, check out my post on The Matalan Style Project and please vote! Thanks;)


Jewels for Sale!

At a time when I have been trying my best not to spend any pennies (or unfortunately as it always turns out, pounds!), the sales come upon us.

I love catching a bargain,but I am not a keen sale shopper. I tend to go into a store, have a quick browse over the rails and if no colour or fabric stands out, I move on to the full price items – not a savvy shopper I’m afraid. I have found in the past (as I’m sure many of you will also admit to), I pick up and buy items just because “’s a great deal..” to find the item still in my wardrobe, unworn, many weeks later. But I always have a quick look anyway, just in case!

One area I spend a little more time searching is by the accessories. You can get a great deal in jewellery, handbags and shoes in the sale – and they are often laid out in a fashion where they are easy to browse.

And this is exactly what I did in Rushmere Shopping Centre. I was just going to make a few returns and have a wander, coffee in hand. Needless to say, the coffee was never bought. Accessories on the other hand, were.

Accessorize first. Necklaces, half price. One of my all time favourite necklaces is from Accessorize and was bought for a mere 50p in the sale! These two necklaces were both 50% off – a little quirky, just how I like my jewellery!

Next up, River Island. A statement necklace from £5, silver cross earrings 50p and neon pumps £15. Three items for less than the price I was going to pay for another pair of silver pumps!


Mini Glasses Pendant £2.50
On Your Bike Pendant £3
Statement Necklace £5

Here are a few other pieces I have my eye on.

Through Fair and Market shopping…


Emily Loves Vintage
Earrings – ‘Of Wings and Roses’ Collection
Necklace – ‘In Bloom’ Summer Garden Collage Necklace
Find ”Emily Loves Vintage” on Facebook


Sew ‘n’ Sew Studs £1.50 (were £3.50)
‘Annie get your Gun’ Studs £4
Blue Bird Brooch £6
All photos taken with thanks from Stray Jewellery

 Online shopping…


Pieces Minella Pack of Five Opague Jewelled Bracelets £6 (were £10)
Multipack Hear Necklaces – £7.20 (were £18)
Both asos

Something different…


Beaded Leather Wrap Bracelet with White Magnesite Gemstones – Designed by Natalie Doncaster in London £35 Natalina’s Jewellery
‘Every Cloud has a Silver Lining’ Bangle – Designed by Gemma Atwell in Bath £80 The Silver Shed
Real Flower Botanical Necklace Hand Blown Tear Drop SUNSHINE – Designed by Lana £23 Wishes on the Wind
Burgundy Lace Anticlastic Aluminium Cuff Bracelet – Designed by Gillian Arnold in Durham £35 Gillian Arnold
All photos taken with thanks from Folksy – Modern British Craft

From the High Street…


Sparkle Chain Collar Tips – £10 Dorothy Perkins
Single Woven Leather Bracelet (Brown) £40 Pandora
Jewelled Flower Necklace £29.99 Zara
Collina Ring £5.98 (was £8) Aldo

Nicole Richie once said;

True friends are like diamonds – bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style.

Which pieces of jewellery are your true friends??


Upgrade your Wardrobe

Yesterday I headed to a local event in Castlecourt Shopping Centre, Belfast. It was entitled ‘Recycle your Style’ and aimed to provide shoppers with some tips from the centre’s Personal Shoppers in light of Recycle Week 2013.

With this in mind, as I dressed I was thinking which garments best suited the event. My upcycled bicycle t-shirt hadn’t been on since it’s completion so I worked my outfit around this. Add my neon jacket bought second hand from a stall at The Fashion Souk, an easy outfit updater! I have been wearing the same things on my bottom half for the last few weekends (boyfriend jeans, midi skirt, monochrome stripe trousers) so I wanted something different. Back to my much loved items worn often in the winter – an ASOS quilted leather skirt and wetlook leggings. The decision to wear the leather and wetlook together was not immediate, in fact I’m still not sure how well the mixed textures worked, but bare legs/tights/cotton leggings/wetlook leggings without a top covering my bottom were not included in the options! And of course my best recent buy, my Lee Cooper trainers.

20130623-223420.jpgI did my usual trawl of side streets for a sneaky carpark space, which ended up giving me a little walk to the event. As the rain had dispersed and the appropriate footwear was on, this didn’t bother me at all! A little browse in a few stores to pick up end of term pressies and of course, after my recent  post, ‘A pair of silver shoes‘, a trip into Aldo to try on the shoes I WANT!!

I have been trying so hard not to buy anything new this month and have found this a real challenge. Aldo offering 20% off when you buy two pairs, or 30% off when you buy three did not help this aim. But I resisted. I may regret this.

20130623-223428.jpgBut how could I buy anything new, on a day I was being given tips on recycling my style. So on I continued to the event, with no further diversions! In prime location, at the front of the mall, The Personal Stylists and Urban Decay girls were on hand to give tips on how to transform an outfit from day to night, just by making a few changes.

20130623-223455.jpgI am quite good at making an outfit work for different occasions or the weather, however make-up is another story – I’m an all or nothing girl! My day to day routine is minimal – bronzer, blusher and mascara and I love dramatic eyes at night time (thanks to a friend for many make-up lessons!!). But I did love a product they demonstrated and will definitely be buying this! ‘Naked Flushed’ is a bronzer, highlighter and blush in one compact. You can use each part individually or blended together – perfect to throw in your handbag for a quick refresh during the day or a brighten on a night out!

So again, the challenge seems to be hunting through your wardrobe – what can you do with what you’ve already got? Meanwhile, I’m thinking of all the things I could be wearing with my new silver shoes from Aldo;)


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