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The Jewel of Belfast

A way back when silverbrogues was just beginning, I had the opportunity to take part behind the scenes at a photo shoot for Argento’s new catalogue.  At that time I was lured in by many of the collections they offered, ranging from Dirty Ruby and Nomination to Thomas Sabo and Alex and Ani – whatever type of jewellery you love, you are sure to find the perfect piece from this local company.

IMG_6313.JPGA few weeks ago, I had another opportunity to view the collections from Argento in the modern, inspiring new store in Belfast.  A favourite of mine was the ceiling design – a Belfast based company taking it’s own inspiration from a Belfast landmark.


The new Argento store, Royal Avenue, Belfast

And I came home with a little treat



Thanks to the team at Argento for their hospitality and treats and the team at CMPR for the invite:)


Seasonal Accessories

As the spring begins to show itself, the colours don’t just appear in your garden but also in your wardrobe. Suddenly all the fresh and colourful jewellery that has been hiding itself away, reappears again!

From the Spring/Summer accessories in store…


Argento‘s Spring/Summer launch at Belfast Fashion Week


Trea from The Treasure Trove selling her jewellery

To the outfit of the day…


Blacks for Backstage, Brights for the Catwalk
Neon necklace from The Treasure Trove
Necklace from Milk & Honey Boutique (worn as a bracelet on the night)


Karma Bracelet – a little gift ‘Made in Belfast’ from Argento – similar here
Emily Loves Vintage – similar here

What accessories have you been wearing to brighten up a spring day?


My Style Dilemma

I was recently very lucky, very unusual for me I have to say, but I won a dress!  I had been having a bit of a dilemma about what to wear for my Christmas night out (actually, we spoil ourselves after a busy term and have a spa night away!) – I was thinking an embellished pencil skirt after I wasn’t able to get the jumpsuit I had my eye on, but no decisions had been made.

So what luck – this little beauty arrived in the post! Of course I am not showing you the whole item now, I can’t possibly ruin that surprise…but how to wear it??


Soaked in Luxury

The options – accessorise with black, or gold?  Of course, as the dress is covered in sequins, I have to be reasonably subtle, but it is Christmas, that calls for an extra touch of sparkle!

These little beauties are similar to the current gold heels which I have worn so many times that the price per wear is in the minus numbers!  My originals were £30 so I’m finding it hard to pay this amount…bring on the sales!

The date is set – you’ll have to wait for the big night before you see which colour worked best;)


The Catalogue

You may remember during the summer I had an amazing opportunity to go behind the scenes of the Argento photoshoot as they were putting together their collections for A/W 2013.

I was beyond excited to see the catalogue come through the door to see how the reality of the day had transferred to this little book of treats!  And I wasn’t disappointed.  For me, it was seeing the pictures after reliving all the parts of the shoot – make-up, hair, studio, photographer, behind the scenes team, table of jewellery and atmosphere.

As I sit on the sofa writing this, I am wearing my dirty Ruby Grandad watch, my origami swallow necklace, my Karma Love Affirmation bangle and my Cruciani butterfly bracelet.  And I’m ready for some new pieces, so to the part you want to see before you rush out and pick up the catalogue from your nearest store – my favourite photos (thanks to Khara Pringle and of course the whole team who put it all together!) and my catalogue wishlist.


I LOVE this photo – love the styling, love the jewellery – would buy all of these pieces and wear like this!!


The August Woods leather cuffs are going to be in my Accessories Wardrobe!!


My perfect mix – pretty punk!


My photos of the catalogue really do not do these pictures justice!
This stunning Silver Linked Necklace has been designed by Argento’s in-house designer Sarah Dowey – you need to see this in real life to get the full effect, beautiful and striking!

Of course you can’t include everything in the catalogue – there were some pieces I saw on the day of the shoot that I have been waiting to browse again, so off to Argento online to check out the rest of the jewellery I had my eye on!20130924-204317.jpg


The Statement Accessories

I realised as I was getting dressed each morning I was just accessorising with the same little pile of jewellery I had sitting on my dressing table, I didn’t even think about looking past this pile!

And of course I have my statement pieces from this pile, you’ve seen them before…



My much loved and well worn treats from Argento

But a little exploration into what else is hidden away in all those drawer/baskets/bowls/whatever else I find to store my jewellery in and I tried this…


I shortened the necklace to suit the length required. Another Argento treat, styled here for the first time.

It is too easy to settle with what you know works – I am the biggest culprit (often wearing the same outfit or accessories two days running!) mainly because it’s comfortable, easy. And of course that is fine, but why when those treasures are all waiting for you, don’t you just do a little bit of digging and let them sparkle, and you can enjoy sparkling too!


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