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Your Challenge

I feel after my extra long holiday, being back in work has now taken all my energy and creativity, so I’m handing the job to the readers of silverbrogues!

When meeting and chatting to others, they often say, ‘I’d love to read about this…’ and ‘Do you know about that?’ and I find myself thinking, what a great idea for a blog post.

So, over to you! What do you want to read about? Is there anything personal fashion related, shopping related or just a question about us ladies and our clothes and beauty in general you would like to read about?

If so, comment below or PM me through my Facebook page if it’s easier and I’ll get on the case as best as possible:)

I’m off to do my homework for the day job, you can do your homework too!


Week 3

So on Day One I set out some of my holiday aims, after all, seven weeks (yes not nine for all those people out there cursing a teacher’s holiday entitlement) goes pretty quickly.

I’ll just update you on what I have been up to.  First up, I have signed up to sell at the next Style Fair – please come along and help me clear out my wardrobe!  During this clear I have also sent a bag or two to the charity shop and have had a little browse – I haven’t spent a lot of time shopping here however, but at the moment it is defeating my clear-out ethos so will come back to this!

I have aimed reasonably successfully to wear something different everyday, although the denim shorts have featured far too much!  I have been researching some styling courses and am going to get busy as a pupil in a few weeks – to help this I have tried to push my own styling (see my next ootd post!).  And finally, I have written a post on both accessories and beauty!

Next up one the list was dealing with photos and technology, so instead I distracted myself with a little relaxation time and researched my favourite magazines – I even managed to read a book (about fashion of course!).
And so to a few fashionable inspirations…

20130716-211317.jpg 20130716-211304.jpg Fashion Magazine

 photos taken from Vogue and Look magazines

Who says holidays are for relaxing?!


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