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Afternoon Tea with Benefits


When the girls get together, there is often little time for silence.  It’s my favourite thing about friends – the constant chat, generally with food in hand, catching up on all life’s trials and new opportunities.  I don’t know about you but unless I set aside time, life gets busy and my friendships end up a text chat.

So of course I have the perfect t remedy for that;). In fact, it’s the perfect place for you to have that much needed catch up (over some delicious snacks) and get a little bonus make up session thrown in too!

Admittedly, I don’t love Afternoon Tea.  I love the idea of it, and of course, as mentioned, the get together, but the actual food doesn’t really appeal to me.  I am a lover of savoury food so the sweet layer is wasted on me, I’m not even interested in the take home box!  So for me to recommend an Afternoon Tea is a big ask…and I’m recommending this one!  From the milkshake to begin, to the perfect chocolate brownie at the end (and a bonus glass of champagne in the middle!), this Afternoon Tea provided balance – you came away feeling full but not too full, and even though I only had the one sweet thing…well, that’s what friends are for;)

We made our booking for 1.30pm, just enough time to enjoy each part of the Afternoon Tea with lots of coffee refills, a quick refresh at the ladies in between, and then off to claim a seat at the make up masterclass.

The first class required two volunteers – one day and one night.  The girls took us through step by step, introducing us to new products each time.  The second class had one volunteer and while one make up artist chatted his way through the products, bringing them around to demonstrate, the other applied to the model.  Personal preference – I liked the first method as I feel I learned more strategies for application and could ask the MUA’s questions in between. My mum, who was with me the second time, liked how she got to chat about the products as they came around and explore them a little more independently.  The make up artists are all from the beauty department In House of Fraser, so you can and speak to them individually at any time too.











Of course there is no obligation to buy any products (not that you can do this at the session anyway), but both times, we went to the counters in House of Fraser for a browse and finally, a shop!  Within the package offered this time, you receive a £10 voucher to spend with Benefit.

Looking to get together with the girls, or a much needed catch up with your mum? This Saturday (22 July) from 1pm-5pm, Malmaison is having another afternoon tea – forget the texts and the social media and get together for a catch up with friends – I would definitely recommend!





Debenhams Beauty Hall at Foyleside

I know I won’t get any sympathy but I’m going to say it – my two month holiday is over:(  So to finish the holidays in style, I spent my last day off enjoying some fashion and beauty.

First up, Fashion Week Launch (more about that later…), then off to the relaunch of the Beauty Hall at Debenhams in Foyleside.

I am a bit of a stickler for the same products – I spent so long buying brands on offer when doing my weekly shop, but since sorting out my beauty regime and actually spending money on products, I now find it hard to divert from what I like!  I love getting pushed into trying something new – it’s laziness I stick, and a lack of knowledge.

The first thing I noticed on entering the new beauty hall was the space – not only was the floor so open, but the counters are laid out in a way to make it easy to wander and find something new.  The lighting was also perfect for a beauty department – I hate coming away after testing products and feeling caked!

But also, and very importantly for me, the staff were more than happy to help with the most basic of questions – and my questions are generally pretty basic!  They were full of knowledge about not only the history behind the brand but the development of the products and therefore what best suited me – at this point I am sucked in and ready to buy!

We got to spend a bit of time with the girls at the Benefit Counter…

We were shown how to create the perfect Benefit Brow – I currently use Brow Zings along with a powder but now plan to purchase Gimme Brow for a perfect finish!  We were also shown Air Patrol, a new product offering sticking power for eye shadow along with hydration for your lid and protection against the sun and pollutants.  This was part of our fantastic goodie bag so I’ll let you know how I get on!  We also got a tour of the new treatment room which offers a waxing service – shop and beautify all in one go!

The Urban Decay Counter…

On our approach to the counter a slash of colour from the Naked Flushed palette decorated our arms and to that the girls sprayed the All Nighter Make-up Setting Spray which stuck the make-up in place! Perfect for a night out, I’d like to test it after a bit of dancing;)  We were then given a demonstration of what is offered to customers whether you are going for a night out or you need some help with application.  Some of the services offered are complimentary and some come at a price.

And the Clinique Counter…

The Clinique girls were showing off the Sonic Cleansing Brush which transformed the feel of your skin, my hand just drank the moisturiser added!  But  most of all I loved Clinique Take the Day Off Balm, a lightweight cleansing balm and make-up remover that changes from a solid balm to a silky oil when applied.  This I plan to buy with the very generous voucher given by the Debenhams team!

And then a little treat from Clarins and for Debenhams…

The only problem now, is that this space is a little further away and cannot be visited by me on a regular basis.  But on a plus point, I have already planned a visit to Derry/Londonderry for a whole day of shopping – I may add in some waxing to the shopping and hopefully get my make-up applied for dinner before our journey home!  If you live a little closer – take advantage!  This is an amazing space and with the help and advice given, anyone (even me!!) could become a make-up pro!

Thanks to the team at Debenhams and Sasha and Vicki at ASG for organising such a fantastic and very generous evening:)


How to Write a Fashion Blog

Step One – Love fashion and/or wearing clothes

Step Two – Write a blog post

So I’ll just stop there – Step One is easy, Step Two has limited my use of the phrase ‘I am a Fashion Blogger’!  But after an extended holiday Step Two will now begin.

And what better way to begin, than to update you on some treats for the new season. On planning my return to blogging, I needed to immerse myself in all things fashion, so after attending a few local events, I intend to bombard you with posts showing what I’ve seen, before moving back towards ‘style that works for you‘.

Step One (A) – Do your research

First up, I was invited to an event at House of Fraser where, over some canapés and cocktails, I feasted my eyes on the new collections on offer for A/W 14.  Admittedly I’m not a huge fan of this season, but the one fabric that keeps me sane until the sun shines again, is fur (all fake of course!).  And for this reason, I could have cleared Biba out!

Biba Fur.JPG


With my fur purchased (watch out for the #ootd on Instagram to see which one), I had my pen out to create a wishlist detailing every item I would like to own from the Michael Kors collection.  I am a huge fan of metallics (the silverbrogues may have given this bit away), and every box was ticked!

MichaelKors.JPGHere are a few other pieces that caught my eye…

Houseof Fraser.JPG And to complete the look, from Benefit and Dryberg Kern

accessories.JPGThanks to Mark for the invite, the fabulous fashion on show and the treats to encourage some more shopping!


My Beauty Fix

It’s 6pm and I’m in my PJs already (I’ll not post a pic of this!). It’s been one of those weeks, things have been a bit busy, in fact, writing a blog when I was on holiday was bliss, writing after a day of hard work (and homework isn’t just for pupils!) and life as a mummy, is a little bit trickier.

So today I thought I’d share with you some goodies that help me feel like a normal human being at the end of the day.

First it’s the hair. My hair is longer now than its ever been. This is definitely because GHDs didn’t exist when I was growing up. I have very fine hair and its also a bit frizzy – not a good look. I love my straighteners and my Charles Worthington ‘Frizz Free’ to keep that smooth look throughout the day.

As for the face, I’ve a few essentials which are always in the make-up bag. I love thick, dark eyebrows. I use a matt eyeshadow in dark brown with my Benefit ‘Brow zings’ to create the look. My other essentials include a mascara that creates long, thick lashes (this changes regularly as I’ve never found ‘The One’), another Benefit product ‘High Beam’ for my cheeks to give a little glow, and my most favourite, a long living product, my Pout blusher (this company no longer exists so I’ve been using this sparingly and want it to last forever!) in ‘Pearly Queen’.

I’m a bit lazy when it comes to the beauty side – fashion is definitely more my thing! I generally buy haircare, cleansers and moisturisers etc. either in the supermarket or on a wander through Boots to check out the offers.

But when I have a little spare cash, or when a present opportunity arises, my favourite beauty spend has to be false eyelashes. It used to be getting my nails done, but after seeing an offer on a local voucher website, I tried out lashes and fell in love. The place I would definitely recommend is ‘The Lash Lounge‘ on the Lisburn Road, Belfast. For £40 you can have beautiful individual lashes which last around three weeks, £15 to get them fixed for another three!

20130425-205429.jpg Beauty Blogger

This is my beauty style that works for me. What’s yours?