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Sharing My Story With & Other Stories

My silverbrogues story started around 5 years ago.  At that time I had recently become a mummy and after many changes, the one change I found most difficult was the new stay at home issue.  The chance of nipping out to the shops, heading to see friends, a spontaneous dinner out…that time had passed, for the time being.  So I had to find something new to keep me busy while the evenings were spent at home.

And so silverbrogues was born.  An interest in fashion, a passion for personal styling and the love of a challenge.  Many thoughts, and many posts written and deleted…until finally I decided one day to press ‘Public’ and so it became.  Since that time, there have been times when silverbrogues has kept me very busy, and times where I have set blogging to the side to put the everyday life as my priority.  It has been a pleasure, an escape, and most of all an opportunity to delve into a world that always captured my attention but I didn’t have the confidence to explore.

And I love to look back and see where my story all began…until one day I discovered the dreaded!  Within my old posts, many of the photos had disappeared.  And it was only when I began this post and research what I had written before, that I noticed it.

Before heading to London to complete a course on Fashion Styling, I (of course) had to research shops to visit in my spare time.  And the shop I had my eye on was & Other Stories.  Diverse fashion, attention to detail, and affordable prices with collections built around inspiring fashion stories.

I certainly wanted my fashion story to begin!  And now, & Other Stories are opening their first store in Ireland.  It may be Dublin rather than Belfast, but sure it’s just a quick jaunt down the road!

In the heart of the city, right on Grafton Street, covering 3 floors – you will definitely begin your story here too;)  The store is due to open Autumn 16, just in time to brighten up your wardrobe for the new season.

In the meantime, hold off, please don’t search.  Those posts that were the beginning of the silverbrogues journey will be restored and the full life story will be in place again.  Head off instead to & Other Stories and find your Autumn/Winter story.


& Other Stories’ ateliers in Paris and Stockholm have designed
two collections for the AW/16 season that reflect their different
aesthetics and ideas.

Thanks to Rebecca at Baluba for the images:)


Beauty Bootcamp

Anyone who reads silverbrogues regularly will know that I will happily spend my hard earned cash on new clothes or shoes, but it takes an arm twist to invest in beauty products.  I have my beauty routine, I style my hair pretty much the same way every day – some may call it habit, but if it works, why change it?!

Well, that is where Beauty Bootcamp steps in. Started by TV3’s beauty editor Liz Dwyer after spending time behind the scenes and watching  transformations happen, she decided she could provide an opportunity for all women to have a taster of the techniques needed for the everyday transformation.  With a team of international make-up artists and hair stylists, help is on hand to give you the opportunity to learn the techniques you know you want to learn and a few more besides!

So how does it work? A full day includes tips on hair and beauty.  We began the morning with coffee in hand and a browse of the make up and styling products on offer.  I had actually signed up to go alone, but ended up going with a friend.  However, there were many mixed groups of people – some alone, some part of a family, some friends, all ages, all females looking for a little guidance whether they had lost their way or never really got started.

We were given the choice of which area we would like to begin with. We chose hair with many of the group interested in curls. The last time my hairdresser cut my hair, she left it a little longer so I could style it with curls but of course my hair remains straight everyday.  I ultimately wanted to know the quickest way to curl my hair so it was an everyday option and what to do if it went wrong!

Beauty BootcampBeauty BootcampBest tips learned when curling hair?  If a strand goes wrong, let it cool before you try again.  After you have curled, don’t be afraid to put your hands through it – you can always go back and make a few changes.

Next up, make-up.  We were going to learn both how to chose products and how to apply them for an everyday look into an evening look.  Having a hands on approach definitely meets my learning style – if I don’t practically try it out, I will always find it hard to apply it.  The make-up products needed were available for us to use including brushes.  Naomh took us step by step through the layers, with a final focus on the eyes and lips.  I love heavy evening make-up but was unsure of how to soften this for the day.

Beauty BootcampBeauty Bootcamp

Best beauty tips – first up, buy yourself a beauty blender sponge.  Great for blending your foundation and concealer, but also useful for fixing mistakes! Using when it is damp is best; recently someone mentioned applying your primer with it first so it doesn’t soak up your foundation.  Secondly, you know when you are applying liner to your top lashes and then you get to the gap between your lashes and your nose. On that part, apply the liner along the inner eye line to make it look more natural. And finally, when putting on lipstick, apply, blot and apply again. That way, your first application should encourage a longer lasting hold.

Ultimately I think however, practising the techniques is the essential component to finding out how to make it work for you.  Time consuming, but true.  And again, that is what a day at Beauty Bootcamp offers.  Time to explore, try out and also to get expert advice.  The girls were great – they showed different techniques on you and then gave you the chance to do the same.  The professionals were  there to help with any questions or to guide you when fixing any mistakes.  You also came away with a handbook which gave a round up of all you had learned.

My conclusion.  Beauty Bootcamp offers a great day out with the girls where you come away relaxed, having learned an array of new skills.  At a price of £65 it seems a bit steep for anyone who just wants to ‘try something new’, but a £20 discount comes with a friend.  And it is a whole day where you can literally revamp your beauty regime.  My tip – go with a few things you really want to learn, write down any questions, and photograph or video what you learn on the day.

Thanks to Liz and CMPR for the chance to attend Beauty Bootcamp and Naomh for organising the day.


Dublin Daytrips – Cos

We don’t have a Cos in Northern Ireland and I long for one.  The thing I love the most about this store, is that they manage to take a basic, and make it look quirky.  The fabric, the shape and the structure of the pieces exude quality. The price tag is higher than your standard high street, but the pieces remain timeless.

CosCosOn my last venture to Dublin, I cleared the rails and brought an armful to the changing room for a try on.  Check out a few of my changing room selfies to see what I mean…

A classic shape but with the addition of a collarless neckline or a simple waistline, the item is transformed.
CosThe simplicity of a delicate colour and sharp lines.

CosCosA new edge on the bomber – longer, classic.

CosMy favourite piece from the collection.  So simple but yet so different.  The fit of this top could suit a range of shapes and sizes and still remain flattering.


Any stores you long to have on your local high street?



Dublin Daytrips – The Streets Beyond Grafton Street

On my last daytrip to Dublin I decided to trawl the streets behind Grafton Street and find the little treasures we sometimes miss. I will happily go to a new city on my own, and of course want to make the best out of the time I have there, so I have to do a little bit of research before I travel.  In my research I could easily find new places to eat and the best coffee stops, but as for a spot of shopping, the regular high street and well known stores all appeared! So hopefully, if you are heading to Dublin, this post will guide you towards a few new fashion spots, and you can pass on any new places you have found!

Brown Thomas BT2

Heading away from the treats of Grafton Street – but of course you will always find something perfect for your wardrobe in Brown Thomas, BT2 or Dune.

The perfect place to begin, head out of Powerscourt and you arrive on William Street.  There are lots of little underground spots along here, my favourite? De La Punc.  Lots of quirky pieces of jewellery, collections by Irish designers and actually a whole host of bits and pieces!

Next up, head down Castle Market and have a browse in the vintage store and boutiques before arriving at George’s St Arcade.  There are a few vintage and jewellery stores in the arcade which I love a quick browse in.  But my ultimate favourite arcade shop is right at the George Street side – a little picture store with images from across Ireland and beyond.

Back out on Drury Street (head up one side of the arcade and back down to come out here!) you will find a charming store, om diva.  As you enter, the collections on the ground floor are from small designers, both local and further afield.  A selection of unique, beautiful pieces.  Head downstairs to explore the vintage collection – back to the welcoming living room feel I talked about before.  I could have happily spent the afternoon in here, in fact I may go back just to do that!  Upstairs continues the local design theme with the most beautiful jewellery from aliquo.


If you don’t find quite the right thing for you in om diva, have a look in their other store, 2nd Space, just opened on Stephen Street Upper with the intention of adding a ‘Fash Caf’ – fashion and coffee?  Okay then!

Also on Drury Street you will find Second Avenue, a place to find pre-loved fashion.  With the perk of being in the basement below an alterations shop, you can easily pick the piece you love and get it altered to fit!  With a tagline, ‘preloved, reloved’, there is no excuse not to buy;)

Back to the High Street, just down from Carousel on Exchequer Street, you will find the Buffalo store.  I don’t think I’ve seen so many metallic shoes in one place.  Heaven!

Any tips for my next trip to Dublin?  Or what hidden treasures do you love in your city?