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The Perfect Sunday Outfit

Often the weekend for me includes building dens, becoming a Lego man in a battle with Ninjago or playing football for as many hours as my little boy can push in the local football pitch. So as payback, he has to be my photographer when we head out for some essential coffee breaks;)

As spring approaches (it may be officially here, but today’s weather does not show spring at all!), we headed to Hillmount Garden Centre to pick up some new additions for the garden (and sneak in that coffee!).  This lovely little dress from H&M is the perfect wardrobe staple for this time of year.  The fabric is still heavy, but the sleeves are just above the elbow.  The perfect balance for spring weather (and I still have two vests underneath!) – with of course the addition of tights rather than bare legs!

Mixing up my outfit with my trusty leather jacket.  And (for anyone who follows on Instagram, you may have seen these once or twice before?!) wearing my well worn, very comfortable and sparkling silver Adidas originals.  Matching up the metallics with accessories from local designers Gráinne Maher and Lines and Current.


Feeling rejuvenated, and spring garden ready, we layered up headed to Topshop to try on some new trainers..

I love the versatility of this dress.  Bought for a mere £20 I have worn it casually as above, added brogues for work, added a shirt underneath to brighten, worn with heels at dinner, worn with a print cardigan for an afternoon with friends, and can see it being worn on many more occasions.  Currently thinking of how to make it summer ready with a pair of sandals, maybe add a brooch or two…

What is your go to comfort outfit and how many ways can you wear it?


A/W Wardrobe – #ootd

My lovely friend and silverbrogues supporter came to visit a few weeks ago so I roped her in to taking some photos for me to help try and perfect the pose.  Thinking back to the previous post on recognising our individual beauty, I tackled my uncomfortable embarrassment and stood in front of other shoppers in Belfast’s largest Shopping Centre.

This is a look I feel may be repeated numerous times over the next few months. I have been wearing so much black and grey since the change in season – I think my new scarf and sleeveless jacket may have prompted this wardrobe selection!

  Sleeveless Jacket – Warehouse
Leather Jacket – Miss Selfridge
Shirt – River Island
Scarf – Urban Outfitters
Jeans – H&M
Bag- Accessorize
Shoes – Debenhams

If you haven’t entered the giveaway yet, head on over to The Selfie – Be Beautiful, and take your chance to win!


Fashion Inspirations (Part One)

First of all, let me apologise for my absence – but I’m back now with a fresh outlook!  So here are the fashion inspirations that have been keeping me stylish as I have been relaxing with my feet up…

Fashion InspirationsYou may have caught a different version on Instagram

20140527-143624-52584719.jpg Valentino InspirationsKeeping with the trends…

Fashion InspirationsPhotos taken from my favourite fashion magazines Elle, Vogue,  Instyle, Look and Grazia – the perfect mix of fashion, trends, tips and designer and high street inspirations, helping me to find that style that works for me!

The fantasy world of a fashion magazine inspiration complete…Next up, the real life inspirations!


Smartening Up My Act

I happened to catch a piece in last week’s Sunday Times Style supplement entitled ‘Smarten up your act, Sir!‘.  It was an article based on the recent criticism from Ofsted of the teacher’s wardrobe.

The National Director for Initial Teacher Training, Sean Harford, said ‘The changes would ensure all trainees were ready to succeed in the classroom’.  At this point, I have to agree.  I said it before in my first Work Wardrobe post – people judge us whether we like it or not, and if we are not dressed appropriately for whatever we are doing, it can undermine all that we are trying to represent.  However, on the other hand, in order to find out what exactly we do represent, we need to experiment with our wardrobe (but it’s maybe best to do this in our own time!).

Anyway, back to the original Sunday Times article.  Maggie Alderson broke down teachers into certain categories – ‘Bury me standing’, ‘Mr Hipster’, ‘Executive Lady Teacher’ and ‘M&S Man’, to name but a few.  And at this point, I will admit, that both through my own schooling and my career, I have met almost all of the aforementioned characters.  But I also want to set the record straight – we are not all like this!

As a Primary teacher, I can relate to elements highlighted within each ‘staffroom style tribe’.  Through my work wardrobe, I need to project an air of inspiration, that comes with the job.  I need to project discipline, I need to be comfortable, I want to remain stylish, I need to be fun, I need a life outside of teaching, I need to be creative, I need to be ambitious, I need to look smart and okay, the final style tribe ‘utility woman’, I can’t relate to, apart from the longing to have some insight into the world of Miuccia Prada!

But bring all these elements together, and here you find the teachers that, in their own subtle ways, inspire because of the personality they project through their (sometimes one of a kind) wardrobe.

And to what I have been wearing as part of my work wardrobe – by the way, these clothes were not wrinkly when I wore them!! Thrown off and up for a quick photo;)






What do you represent through your work wardrobe?


My One Thing…

I’ve gone a little off track with this one.  This is a year for me to explore styling – I completed my course last year, now I need to put my hand to styling something or somebody more than just me!

So to prepare myself for this, I must get organised (and here you will see the teacher in me!!).  I have tons of magazines, cutouts, notes, business cards, books, photos…but how do I make these usable inspirations rather than just a pile in the corner of my room?

Storage boxes of course!! And as usual, it’s never just one thing!!


Metal Envelope Mail Box Tidy by Goodwin + Goodwin £54.95

A solution to one thing that drives me mad!


Cord Control £7.40


Metal Storage Trunk by Idyll Home £99

Or maybe I should just redesign a room, a bed surrounded by drawers…

Now to fill them all, if I don’t return all week, you know I’m busy organising!!


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