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Dublin Daytrips – Cos

We don’t have a Cos in Northern Ireland and I long for one.  The thing I love the most about this store, is that they manage to take a basic, and make it look quirky.  The fabric, the shape and the structure of the pieces exude quality. The price tag is higher than your standard high street, but the pieces remain timeless.

CosCosOn my last venture to Dublin, I cleared the rails and brought an armful to the changing room for a try on.  Check out a few of my changing room selfies to see what I mean…

A classic shape but with the addition of a collarless neckline or a simple waistline, the item is transformed.
CosThe simplicity of a delicate colour and sharp lines.

CosCosA new edge on the bomber – longer, classic.

CosMy favourite piece from the collection.  So simple but yet so different.  The fit of this top could suit a range of shapes and sizes and still remain flattering.


Any stores you long to have on your local high street?



A/W15 at Victoria Square – The Trends

I began writing this post last week.  As I sit outside a coffee shop drinking my favourite for any season, a gingerbread latte, and adding the final touches to this trends post, I don’t think my first paragraph really fits, but it does set the scene perfectly, so here goes…

We’re officially in – it is now time to ditch the sandals and resurrect the boots from the back of the wardrobe.  I’ve just sat down on the sofa after pulling on my Uggs – the fire is lit, the coffee is in hand and I’m looking through my photos of my favourite pieces from the Press Launch at Victoria Square last week.

And again, for another season, we have the luxury of raiding our current wardrobe and making it work for the new season.  The trends are coming around again, so my advice – pick a few key ‘on trend’ pieces and build upon your current wardrobe (I’ll have some tips on that in my next post!).

The big trend of the season is the 70’s, encapsulating vivid print, fringing, shearling and polo necks you can go full on or subtle.  Boho Chic would not be a style that I naturally suit or that particularly appeals to me, however a wander through Warehouse and I’m all over it!  Actually the way I will embrace this trend is with the cape and my favourite winter accessory, a hat!

A trend that I am much happier with is the addition of embellishment, sleeve, shoulder and cuff detailing, sequins and metallics (with styles coming through from the 80’s).

Colours for the season include monochrome, grey, navy and of course red.

Fabrics of fur, velvet, tweed and suede…

And as for shape – it’s a case of anything goes!  Jumpers go from the cowl to the polo neck; trousers from cropped to flared; skirts from the mini a-line to the midi; boots from ankle to skin tight and over the knee.  You are bound to find something that suits that brief in the depths of your wardrobe!

And for the men…

What trend most takes your interest and how will you add that key piece to update your wardrobe?


The New Blazer

The saying goes ‘You can never have too much of a good thing’ and I do tend to agree.  I tried opening my little cloakroom door the other day and discovered it no longer opened.  The coat rail behind said door was practically hanging from the wall.  So I gave it a tidy.  The coats range from faux fur to quilted anorak, parka to trench, leather to denim.  And then of course there is the blazer – white, black, navy, striped, grey.  Maybe too much…?!

I used to wear little else about five years ago – a blazer went with everything, hence the colour options.  But they have been buried by the other selections over the last few years.  But this year I see they are making a reappearance with an update I am loving.  So of course oversized has been on trend the last few seasons, and sports luxe with the pushed up sleeve, casual look has helped to reinvent the look, but this season I am loving the new length.  Keeping with the tailored shoulder, the fitted waist and the variety of colours – the desired blazer length is just below the bottom.

First up, a selection of ways to wear the longline blazer from Pinterest…



With a skirt

Or in colour

Now of course I will not be clearing the previous collection just to ‘stay on trend’, but if I were to invest in a new blazer, here are a few of the options…




With a Twist


Dress it up, dress it down, add a scarf, roll the cuff, belt it. Wear with a dress, wear with jeans, wear with a mini or wear with shorts. To the office, to the shops, to the restaurant, to the bar. A blazer is that versatile – the perfect wardrobe staple.


A/W Trends – Belfast Fashion Week

Following on from fashion weeks across the world, Belfast stores opened their doors, local designers sewed their last stitch, models perfected their walks and make-up artists and hairstylists planned their styles – West Coast Cooler Belfast Fashion Week set to the catwalk in the new location of Life Church, Belfast.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, stylists prepared their rails, made notes on their models outfits and basically ran around doing any other job instructed to help make the show run smoothly.

I love working backstage. Not only is it a complete change from my normal day-to-day life, but you are in the midst of a fashion frenzy!  But the part I love the most is taking a glimpse at the collections going from rail, to model, to photograph. Seeing the trends evolve from magazine to store is the best part of Belfast Fashion Week – you can buy it all now.

So what is on trend for A/W 14 and how was it worn on the catwalk?





The catwalk covered styles from George at Asda, to high street stores at Castlecourt, from Diamond Dolls and a new and exciting addition to Fashion Week, Excel Clothing, and finally to local design – it’s always hard to pick a favourite but I am loving Julia Sokele and Katie Wilson this season.  Follow the links above to check out the full range of styles available to keep you fashion forward this Autumn/Winter!

Thanks to Sarah-Jayne at CMPR for the photos:)


Style Me If You Can

I’m getting the excuses in first!! I am hoping you will empathise as you are probably feeling the same – how busy is life at the moment?!  Nevermind the exhaustion of work (counting down to the holidays!!), but also the list writing, shopping, present wrapping, and of course the Christmas festivities and resulting lack of sleep!

Hence the posts have lost their regular slot.  In fact I haven’t even been functioning like a fashion blogger and have taken no selfies and am still to report back on my final Christmas outfit!  Apologies:)

But for now, I’m giving you a quick styling post.

On Saturday I was wandering the shops, browsing for final pieces to add to presents.  I approached the till where I faced a few dilemmas.  Firstly, the store had a great promotion – choose a card at random and receive either 15% or 25% discount.  Of course I choose the 15%.  I nearly set the items on the desk and left – why take 15% when you can have 25%?? But I persevered, and went to pay with my 15% off.  Secondly, I spotted a girl at the till beside.  She was buying a little casual dress at only £22.  I was intrigued as the shop assistant told her ‘I’m really glad you bought that dress, it really suits you’.  I had to get a closer look, something had drawn me in.  I found the dress on the rail, took it to the changing room and then to the till to buy.  I knew already how I would style this little number!  The next morning I tried the dress on, with the planned additions, and it looked distinctly average.  So I bagged it up again ready for return.

And to the moral of this story – a few style tips!

  • Discounts are great – but how much value does the item really hold for you?
  • No matter how much you like an item, if it doesn’t work, don’t buy it!
  • Just because it suits someone else, doesn’t mean it will suit you.
  • Return if you are not happy!!
  • And finally, I bought the dress in a bigger size than I normally wear because of the style – this is okay!  Do not be put of by numbers, every shop and every style is different.  But feel free to cut the label off when you get home;)

Now, back to shopping for others, meanwhile, I will get working on my outfit post as promised.  Oh, and I have a great ‘One Thing’ for you too!  I promise these will be up before (the end of) the weekend!


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