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Metallic v Gingham

One of the biggest issues I come across when styling people is a confusion about what their personal style actually is.  And one of my favourite ways to teach them, is to show that items we automatically strike off the list, can actually be added to our wardrobe; we just have to integrate the look in a slightly different way, a way that suits us, trial and error is key.  Ultimately personal style is what you want it to be – it’s personal, the clue is in the name;)

Obviously metallics are a favourite style of mine; I also encourage this look for others I style.  Metallics (which remember include gold, rose gold, silver, bronze and sparkly embellishments) are versatile, they add an edge to your outfit and whose day does not get a little brighter with an added sparkle?!

Gingham on the other hand…well, there isn’t one piece of this print in my wardrobe, so that maybe says it all?!  But of course it’s everywhere (that gingham skirt is an Instagram favourite!) so I want to give it a chance, but anytime I see a top, or skirt, or even shoes, I just pass them on by.

But why add it to my wardrobe just because it’s on trend?  Well, I am forever on the search for a print I am comfortable in.  And as a lover of the plain and simple, this checked look should work well.  And should I not try to mix up my style?

So I’ll begin by having a look at the options…not a great start I might add, I think I’m still swaying towards my usual;)

Metallics easily found to wear from head to toe…

And so to my top gingham pieces.  I would definitely try the blue gingham dress from Primark and the top from Mango.  But as I searched I did discover it is just a bit busy for my style, it’s something I would probably buy and maybe wear once or twice; I’d be trying this style just for the sake of it which is not how I like to shop.

So I can comfortably say, gingham is not my chosen style and it is a trend I will allow to pass me by.  For now, I’m happy to stick to metallics as I know they work for me.  And on that note, have you seen my recent Facebook styling post to see how to integrate metallics into your wardrobe?


On Trend – Metallics

As we come into the A/W16 season, glimpses of each new trend appear on the streets, in the shops and in our wardrobes!

The metallic trend is not new to me.  In fact, it has been a favourite trend of mine for many years and as each season passes and metallics are shown on Fashion Week catwalks again and again, I have been enjoying the opportunity to wear this trend as a daily piece rather than just for the yearly Christmas Night Out!

Metallics have been creeping onto the catwalks the past few seasons, a little at a time.  Starting with the subtle added touches, growing into key pieces that can define your wardrobe.  And if you buy smart, metallics have also been seen on the catwalks of S/S17 so they can be worn for the seasons to come.  Looking at the high street, we are already seeing the variety of metallic shades – no longer just a touch of silver, gold or some sequins, but we now see bronze, metallic tones of pinks and blues, the silver with the added sparkle thread, even head to toe colour.  However be warned, don’t get too carried away – I listened to a mum in Zara at the weekend question her daughter’s taste by asking ‘Are you planning to visit the moon in that?”!! It’s always about balance;)

This trend will  easily suit those just dipping their toe, to those who will happily embrace the whole look.  Of course, the trend began on my feet, so that is where I will begin.

Metallic brogues

Metallic tops

Metallic skirts

Topshop / Next / River Island / Oliver Bonas *Topshop and River Island skirts proving popular – keep an eye out online!

Metallic bombers

Statement pieces

Metallic Accessories

So whether you go full on metallic, or a little star blast here and there, this trend is an easy look to pull off for the season…without feeling like you are taking a trip to the moon!


Accessorise Your Way Into The New Season…

A simple way to update your wardrobe for the new season is to add a few accessories.



Bag – Betty Brice
Ring – Lily Kamper
Earrings – Rodgers and Rodgers
Bracelet – Lily Kamper



Cap – Henry Holland
Top – Goddess & Swift
Dress and Bangles – Chanel
Nail Art



Necklace – Lily Kamper
Earrings – Rodgers and Rodgers
Necklace – Lily Kamper
Bag – Betty Brice



Clutch (top to bottom) – Calvin Klein, Celine, Gucci
Shoes – Lanvin
Neck Scarf – Etro

How will you accessorise your way into the new season?