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On Trend Bargains

Styling Tip for today…don’t spend too much on on-trend pieces, as often they can be worn this season but do not carry well into another.  Thankfully over recent seasons we have seen many trends stick around, moving smoothly into the next season with an added touch, but ultimately meaning we can re-wear and still keep up with the trends.

Our wardrobe is generally filled with a mixture of basics, workwear, dressy and casual styles, and a selection of pieces that were bought on a whim, fitting in with a seasonal trend, but that we no longer really wear.

My worst shopping habit is that I never plan to buy.  I am that person who buys things on a whim – but as soon as I buy, I integrate the piece into my wardrobe (labels straight off and worn the next day!!).  I am proud to say I have worn everything in my wardrobe at least three times (many pieces have been worn hundreds of times *see my 15 year old shirt on Instagram;) ).  I also do not spend a lot of money on any one piece, I often seem to get lucky with my purchases.

And so to a few on trend pieces introduced to my wardrobe over the last month or so.

First up…my new trainers, bought in the Next Outlet minutes before our movie was about to begin in the Omniplex;)  I eyed up the Stan Smith version when they first came out but I didn’t have a place for them in my wardrobe then, so paying over £70 just wasn’t worth it.  I recently saw them on a pre-loved site I follow for £50 but still couldn’t do it.  They are a velcro close, something I knew I may fall out of love with.  So at £10 (from the Next Outlet), I happily made a brand compromise!

Next, my new trousers.  Wide legged trousers have always been a favourite of mine, even though I spend most of my time now in skinnies.  So whenever they are revived on the catwalks, I happily pick them up.  But these are sports luxe so have to be carefully styled.  These are also from Next and purchased on the sale for £12!

Worn dressy with my Gucci style loafers (bought in Topshop for £7 in the New Year sale).

Or casual with one of my favourite printed t-shirts made by local designer, Gordon Donaldson.

And finally for now, on a wander around Forestside I dandered into Warehouse to have a look at their final sale items (always look out for this sign!).  I noticed this cold shoulder top, the perfect transitional piece as the weather brightens up.  Marked down to £8, an extra 20% off.  A bargain!  You may notice in the photo that the straps are a little long for me (I am quite short between neck and bust) but this didn’t stop the purchase – a quick stitch will easily fix this!

Any bargains you have got lucky with recently?


All The Shoes from Next

Horrah for spring! It’s my favourite time of the year, the colours, a little more heat, every one just has an extra lift in their step!  And what better way to enjoy the change than in a new pair of shoes from Next.

I wrote a post recently about how Next were keeping well and truly on top of the trends and this smoothly follows through to their footwear collection.  From bold colours to different proportions, finer details to stand out style, they have got it all!

My idea was to choose a pair of shoes that filled a gap in my wardrobe.  So I was looking for one thing – a block heel, and I had plenty of choice!  But after lots of trying on (a lot of my try on time was with flats but I resisted!), I kept coming back to these…

Next Footwear

Admittedly, I was put off by the black.  I don’t often wear dark colours on my feet (light coloured shoes are essential for flattering leg proportions!), and it was spring I was shopping for – black is not the first colour you think of in spring!  But the suede and leather contrast, the simple bow to the side, the peep toe ticked the other boxes, making it hard for me to resist.  And I actually already had the perfect outfit in my head anyway – they fitted the brief.

I was due a night out for dinner and drinks.  I don’t usually get too dressed up for these occasions but the heels generally come out.  If you follow on Instagram, you will see these trousers feature a lot for both dressy and casual occasions and I planned to team them with a pre-loved t-shirt from Deja Vu (originally Cos) and my new boots.  A perfect nod to the ongoing monochrome trend!  And here is the final look…

Next Footwear Next Footwear      

Unfortunately I cannot find the link for these lovely peep toe boots online but I spotted them instore today…

And this will be the look for another outing…once I get the fake tan back on my legs again;)

Thanks to Next for the shopping inspiration and for my lovely new boots:)


Back to Basics or Top of the Trends?

So just down the road, and open most nights until 10pm, are my closest clothes stores, all kitted out with everything I should need to update my wardrobe.  But I rarely shop in these stores, because up until the last few seasons, they have stocked very little that has caught my eye beside the basics.

Both Next and Marks and Spencer have a purpose for me.  Next is where I buy much of my little boys wardrobe (well, that was before he began to live in sports wear!), Marks and Spencer was my go to for hosiery and underwear.  Until last season.  Last season I began to look past the basics, and to the core collections.  Marks and Spencer began with the Alexa Collection, Next began with their advertising shots in the fashion magazines I had been browsing.

So what is on offer for this season?  Let’s take a look at a few of my favourite pieces.

First up, Next.

And beginning with the sleeve detail – a trend you see everywhere at the minute.  I love white shirts; they are versatile, usually hit a reasonable price range and can easily fit in to your dressy or casual wardrobe.

I need a dress with a dropped waist – I  don’t own any yet, I haven’t found the right one to suit me, but I fully intend try the versions below;)  Especially loving the yellow, a key colour for this season.  The print dress in the centre has the simple frill detail which hits the trend filling every store, but not so much that you look like you are trying to keep up with the trends – the perfect balance!

And again, the frill shows up again.  This key trend will carry you through until at least A/W17.

And then to Marks and Spencer.

How the finer details can change your whole look.  Sorry for the repetitive viewing of the shirt – definitely my wardrobe staple at the moment!

For any non-shirt lovers (including January’s most Instagrammed jumper – also in grey!), the flute sleeve.

I love a good dependable basic and I love this knitwear design.  So it had to come along too;)

What’s not to love about this sunny beauty – the colour, the shape (M&S also have a similar swing dress for half the price too!).

And just in case you are a fan of the print, this is just the prettiest little blouse!  Top tip for buying a print and not allowing it to date – don’t buy obvious prints, definite prints, that once you buy you see everywhere.  Subtle prints can easily blend into the crowd, and can therefore be worn time and time again:)

Any new pieces you have fallen for in either of these stores?


How Much Do You Spend?

I was recently asked how much I spend a month on clothes.  I’m turning the question around – ‘How much do you spend a month on clothes?’.  Can you answer that, because I found it really hard!

I used to spend a lot of time in a variety of clothes stores, practically arranging my weekend around my shopping.  Now time doesn’t really allow for it, pushing me towards online browsing a little more.  Which is great, because I generally just browse, I rarely cave!

Also since beginning this blog, I have nearly felt obliged to follow my own advice (yes it always looks good when I write it down but I actually need to follow through now!), so I have been styling what I already have in my wardrobe.  As you have seen, this has encouraged a few clearouts, and it has also reduced my need for shopping.  One thing I do find really useful is The List, although admittedly this takes the pleasure out of that spontaneous shop!

I also love a good bargain and am especially excited when buying something with a money off voucher!  As for getting a gift voucher – the most fun way to spend money altogether (not a hint at all for my friends and family this Christmas!)!

I’ll start with a small budget, I think I need these…

If you follow on Facebook or Twitter you will have already seen this but this needs to be shown again!

I think I may have blown my original budget, it’s well I’m only browsing!


Another favourite…

The last few days have seen me wearing denim shorts, denim shorts, oh and actually another day of denim shorts! This sun has been bliss, and so unusual for the Northern Irish school holidays, that I am literally stuck to my back garden just enjoying being outside in some heat!

And here are the denim shorts I have been wearing…


Topshop – bought second hand from the Fashion Souk £3!

Love this alternative from Internationale (similar to ones tried on during my budget challenge).

But what to wear with my shorts…

For one with a little chest, this is the perfect shape! I always love a Biba print.


Athena Botanical Halter Triangle Top £17.50 (was £25) from House of Fraser

To throw over the bikini top…


Embroidered Strappy Suntop £22 Topshop


Metallic Shell Top £14 Next

I love the sequin embellishment on the neckline of this kaftan.


Zebra Print Kaftan £10 Matalan

Or add a floaty, open shirt – the sleeves and hemline are so relaxed in this shirt it can be worn casual or dressy.


Essential Rhinestoned Chiffon Shirt £16.75 Forever 21

Or to nip out to the shops…


Hollyanna Sleeveless T-shirt Dress in Vertical Square £35 Motel

And for the cooler evenings…


Annie Oversized Vintage Jumper (also available in blue, coral, grey and jade) £15 Boohoo

And now to the footwear…

I know I ‘loved’ a lot in my last post, but I LOVE these!


Sam Edelman Ginger Gladiator Sandals (prices and styles vary)


Steve Madden Xtreme T-Bar Wedge Sandals £80 House of Fraser

Happy sun days!


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