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Local Events and a Competition!

Last week I had the opportunity to go to two shopping ‘markets’, filled with local creatives and entrepreneurs.

First up, the launch of Studio Souk.  For any regular readers, you will know that I have spent many a Saturday afternoon browsing the second hand and local designer stalls and bought a lot of bargains and one off pieces.  This concept recently developed to a Studio in Spires Mall where designers came together to work and sell their creations, and then to a store in the centre of Belfast where most of my Christmas shopping was done!  Now, the new Studio Souk comprises both – shopping and design, and not just fashion but the perfect space for anyone interested in interiors, art and jewellery.  A creative and inspiring space!  And to top it off, you can grab yourself a snack as you shop at Cafe Souk.

Studio Souk, Castle Lane, Belfast

Next up, Kloth and Ko put together an event at Sixty6 bringing together local fashion designers, retailers and shoppers.  The day event allowed time to shop the collections, while the evening, curated by stylists Orla Eastwood and Lewis Cameron, gave fashion lovers the opportunity to interact with models at a live fashion installation.

Kloth & Co

Fashion Installation by stylists Orla Eastwood and Lewis Cameron

And finally, this one is for you! A COMPETITION!! *competition now closed*

A local company got in touch to offer readers of silverbrogues the chance to win a handbag to celebrate Mother’s Day, well actually, anyone can enter to celebrate the need for a treat!  Northern Totes is an online handbag store offering unique, stylish, affordable handbags for every occasion.  If you live in the Belfast area, they offer same day delivery or Click and Collect – great for any last minute handbag dilemmas!  Here are a few of my favourites…

Trouble in Paradise / Daytime Glam / Patterned Tote / Black Beauty / Joseph’s Coat. Main image – Classy Bird


A Little Bit of Karma

I love trying my hand at something new so when I was invited to make some jewellery with a local jewellery company, I jumped at the chance!  Karma Jewellery is a local based company, who believe in positivity and uniqueness.  In fact, with their tagline of ‘Jewellery with Meaning’, and ‘Making jewellery, changing lives’, for every bangle they sell, a percentage is donated to charity, making a good deed out of every sale.


We are passionate about helping others, so for every bangle we sell, we will help someone in need.  A positive chain reaction begins with you…

A group of local bloggers met together with the Karma team who, after enjoying some nibbles and browsing the beautiful handmade collections, got to try our hand at making our own bracelets, and this is the result…


karmajewellery.JPGThanks to the girls at Karma for the opportunity to try our hand at a new skill!  And after you check out their website, have a little look at who their #KARMAgirl is…


eléni – The Deeper Secret to Skin Beauty?

I am becoming a little obsessed with my skin.  I mentioned before that I have recently noticed a change in my skin – there are a number of attributing factors – illness, age, lack of exercise, change of season – but whatever the reasons, my skin needs some TLC!

I was sent a travel pack of eléni skincare to try out – just the treatment I needed!  Originally created In South Africa by Piet Meyer, this skincare collection is designed to target a variety of issues including anti-ageing, hydration and problem skin.  Using liposomal technology and including natural ingredients, the products can be used individually or in combination with one another.

So what are the products and what did I think?

eléniskincare.JPGI used the products at night, starting with the Facial Deep Cleanse.   It has a light, foam like texture but as soon as you begin to rub it in, the texture changes, leaving you fresh faced!

Following your cleanse, apply eléni Reconstructive Serum.  With an aim to stimulate collagen and other essential proteins, this product, which is suitable for all skin types, is light to the touch and leaves skin looking immediately smoother.

And then my favourite, a product I have been searching for, trialling many and feeling happy with none.  The eléni Eye Contour Smoothing Crème.  I have been trying to watch for a transformation (apparently this will be obvious after 2 weeks of application), and this is the point I wish I had taken the before and after pictures!  But what I will say, is how hydrated my eyes look and feel.  I will definitely be ordering more of this!

The aim of BlemishLess Cream is to quickly target the problem, reduce inflammation and prompt healthy skin growth.  After rarely having a spot in my teenage years, the last few years, my skin has broken out, mainly on my back.  I had the feeling of a spot, perfectly placed on my bra line.  I applied the cream and literally could not feel the usual throb within about 10 minutes.  I love the clove smell of this product – it smells like its working wonders!

And finally, Mild Stabilising Moisturiser (there is also the option of Rich Stabilising Moisturiser for particularly dry skin).  Again, offering hydration and nourishment, the gentle formula ensures I awake each morning with a soft, smooth complexion, what more could a girl ask for!

A quick round-up…I love the travel pack idea – I am definitely a girl who needs to be presented with a full routine to follow though with it each day.  But if you are ready to try out a new product, I would definitely recommend the Eye Contour Smoothing Crème and BlemishLess Crème.  Head on over to eléni on Facebook to check out their stockists and buy your skin an early Christmas pressie!




Local Design for Spring/Summer

A stay at home holiday really makes you appreciate your own surroundings – actually the sun being out also helps your appreciation! It allows the chance to get out and capture the little gems we often miss so close to home.  While I will be spending my holidays enjoying the local environment, I’ll give you a taster of our local design talent.

First up, Goddess & Swift. You may have seen my previous post where Larissa Watson, the talent behind Goddess & Swift, gave me the opportunity to style her window for Valentines and Fashion Week.

While in her newly launched atelier I had the best opportunity, not only to browse her past and present collections, but observe and begin to appreciate the work that goes in to any design. I loved seeing the fabrics Larissa was using to inspire and create her pieces. I could only imagine the hours spent pondering over these as the roll was spread across the design table and we studied and touched! The studio area where she works manages to exude inspiration with colours and tools everywhere!

20140423-142508.jpg Goddess & SwiftFrom studio to catwalk…

20140421-004339.jpg Goddess & SwiftBut my very favourite opportunity in the studio came when, thinking of her final catwalk piece, Larissa and her team began to drape fabric around the mannequin.  A few tucks, pins and a little alteration produced a beautiful full length skirt.  Again, knowing what she had in mind, Larissa hunted for the perfect piece of fabric to drape around the bust line and fall over one shoulder, adding those touches that make the look complete.  And then I (with the fabulous TJ from Ginger Snap Vintage) had the privilege of dressing the model, Mairead, for the designer shows at Fashion Week – how amazing does this look!

20140421-004346.jpg Goddess & SwiftNext on the list, Una Rodden.  With her new collection ‘Usine’ which means factory or industrial space in French, Una has used luxurious natural fabrics including silk chiffon, wool, suede and leather with detailing of lace and crotchet and colours of cream, pink and delicate green alongside black and gold.  I love Una’s signature drapery, however this time the look gets edgy going along with S/S 14 trends.  Una has used exposed zips, fringing and bold lines, but in stark contrast, she has also collaborated with local fashion illustrator Sara O’Neill who has incorporated her ‘Love me to death’ collection to create beautiful and unique fashion art pieces.

20140421-004353.jpg Una Rodden

20140421-004401.jpg Una RoddenAny thoughts on our local designs?


Thanks to Brendan Gallagher and Lisa Bell at CMPR for Goddess & Swift photos and Neil Kerr and Katrina Doran for Una Rodden photos.


Supported by Local Designers

For any regular readers, you will already know that I love local talent.  In fact, even from starting wriitng at silverbrogues, local bloggers have been a huge support to me.  So when I had the opportunity to take part in Belfast FASHIONWEEK’s Charity Challenge I wanted to use this opportunity to support local designers.

Four designers donated pieces from their current collection to my charity collection. The pieces were then sold off and the money was donated to Cancer Research.  Have a look at each designer…

First up, Zoe Boomer.  Drawn in initially by her prints and delicate fabrics, one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe is a dress by Zoe – it is my staple piece during the summer with heels or flats.  Already supporting The Freedom Campaign, Zoe donated the Freedom vest.  I paired it with this season’s pleats and returning cobalt blue.  Unfortunately the added Nike New Balance trainers didn’t work on the night but the aim was to create an edgy look, sticking with the season’s trends.

20140421-010012.jpg Charity BFW Stormont silver brogues fashion blogThis is another of my favourite’s from Zoe’s collection.

Next up, Sam Mercer.  Selling her unique accessories in St George’s Market every weekend, she kindly designed and donated a quirky piece to accentuate the plaid pleat dress.

20140421-010026.jpg Accessories silver brogues fashion blogAnd to what I want to buy to update my accessories…

Roseanna McReynolds has a collection which epitomises my love of pleats, with each piece managing to look subtle and striking at the same time.

20140421-010037.jpg BFW Charity Challenge Stormont silver brogues fashion blogThe trend continues at Roseanna’s online store, I love this dress.

20140421-004441.jpg Dress Roseanna McReynolds

3D Designer Pleated HourGlass Textile, Winged Sleeved Fitted Dress £225

Milk & Honey Boutique is a unique find in Fivemiletown.  Focusing mainly on bridal accessories, Helen created this piece especially for the catwalk – the polka dot feathers gave the striking look needed against the black t-shirt dress.

20140421-010020.jpg BFW Charity Challenge Stormont silver brogues fashion blogAnd to my perfect piece – I would happily design my whole outfit around this!

20140421-004501.jpg Milk & Honey Boutique

Thanks to the local designers for their donations – I’ve added the links to each designer’s website so make sure you head on over to give them a bit of your support!

20140421-010048.jpg Business card silver brogues fashion blog


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