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Adventures in Beauty

You know how when life is busy, you go about your daily business and don’t really think past the routine of what you do everyday? And then you get to the holidays and you rush from one thing to the next? Well, after to be honest a busy few years, this holiday we decided, rather than trying to fill it with too many trips, too many meet ups and rushing from one place to the next, to slow down the pace and see where the days and weeks take us around our own home and our little country.

But even though we are taking it easy, we are still busy, and trying out some new adventures – it’s the simple experiences that sometimes get forgotten. The 7 year old built a sandcastle in the sunshine for the first time! And the other day ruined his favourite shorts by climbing about 100 trees!

And sometimes, that is what these new experiences help to do – they make you look at things differently, be a little braver the next time and push you to try something new. The trees are getting higher for the 7 year old and meanwhile, the lipsticks are getting brighter for me…

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Katrina Doran from The Make up Dept in Belfast. Her day job involves transforming a human into a zombie or monster, so she was looking for opportunities to create a normal beauty look and I happily signed up to the challenge! I styled some fashion looks, she worked her beauty magic! And here are the results…

So I’ve now signed up to a Dior make up masterclass on Wednesday to try out some new lipsticks and find the colour that best works for me but more importantly, that I will actually wear. It may not be the bravest thing I’ve ever done, but sometimes we have to remember to push those boundaries – it’s always good to see where a new challenge will take you!


The Midi Skirt

A great transitional piece in your wardrobe is the midi skirt.  The high waist, the longer length, just the right amount of body covered for the weather.

But midi skirts can be hard to wear.  And so to today’s top styling tip – it’s all about balance.  As always, in order to decide if something works on your body shape you must first try it on.  It’s the styling tip that gets the most sighs when I mention it, but you can follow every rule and still get the balance wrong so a try on has to be done!

So how do you balance it to make it work?

  • The length of the skirt dictates the footwear (shoe/sandal/boot)
  • The height of the waist dictates the top (tucked/crop/wide/tight)
  • The shape of the skirt dictates the outerwear (structured/length)

In the past I put a midi skirt on and felt it straight away on my hips.  For a long time I avoided this shape until I understood how to balance it properly on my frame.  Normally with a cropped t-shirt or top tucked in, a short jacket or jumper (something reasonably figure hugging) over the top and the shoes depend on the length (but generally the length that suits me either suits sandals or trainers).

I’m currently writing school reports with my break time involving midi skirts and styling tips!  On the next break I’m off to refuel with coffee and snacks, meanwhile you can browse an amazing selection of midi skirts from my go-to browsing website Shop Style


How To Wear…

I’m liking this idea for a regular feature on my blog.  So if you have any items of clothing that you love, but you don’t know how to wear, feel free to comment and I’ll see if I can help you out!

The tricky thing about styling is that what suits me, may not suit you.  Styling not only depends on what you like to wear and feel comfortable in, but also your height, the length of your back, the size of your bust (in fact, the length and size of most body parts), your colouring and your left big toe – okay, well of course now I am exaggerating but so much plays a part in clothes that suit and flatter.

Just a few examples – because of the length of my legs, I can’t wear dark coloured flats.  You will see in most of my outfit posts, my shoes are a bright colour.  The length of a dress or skirt will determine how high I need my heel – one centimetre in length makes a huge difference.  When wearing my brogues, I have to consider the length of my top, and the length of my jeans – proportions are everything for height and size perceptions.

But thankfully, some items work for everyone, and thankfully, once you get an idea of what works for you, the rest is pretty easy.  And of course you know I will also say, try something new, out of your comfort zone, just to see how it works;)

I couldn’t find the right picture to emphasise my point, so I got carried away on Google Images instead…



Back to school!

Of course I cannot complain, but this is the time of year I know every teacher dreads – the holidays are coming to an end and the reality of actually going out to work every day is drawing near. But this summer was a little different for me – I actually paid to go to school!

For one week only this summer I went back to college. Apart from pressing ‘Publish’ on my first ever blog post, this was my biggest challenge to date. My tagline style that works for you was the inspiration for this one. I love styling others, I love to see how looks are created for photo shoots – to see the results in a magazine, on television or stage, but actually my favourite type of styling is personal styling. I love to work out someone else’s personal style, to find that confidence in what you are wearing, to challenge what you wear and mix it up a little!

After a lot of research I kept coming back to Fashion Styling for Beginners at University of the Arts, Central St Martins in London. The synopsis of the course outlined a variety of learning opportunities involving all aspects of styling, with assignments including revamping a tired wardrobe, producing a fashion shoot and creating a trend for A/W 2013.

Bags packed, flight boarded, London here I come!! On discovering the University, I was already inspired. Not far from Kings Cross station lay a modern, minimalist building. Across the front was a silver streak, to the side was a roller skate park, and just ahead by Regents Canal lay artificial grass steps. Deck chairs surrounded the jumping water fountains, while a mix of people relaxed or dandered by to the local restaurants situated outside the building. Excitement was definitely building!

20130824-111310.jpg Saint Martins College, Fashion StylingStudents flocked in from Italy, Spain, India and Brazil to name but a few! Following a quick rundown of what lay ahead, day one of the course included a trip to the Tate Modern. Armed with my Oyster Card, Citymapper App on my phone, my camera and a few other students, off we went to look for inspiration. Before this trip I found the word ‘inspiration’ a real challenge, however I soon realised, it’s just pinning down the things you love and giving them a title. My main inspiration was of no surprise to me – lines, texture and colour pop. Simple but striking.

Our second individual project involved creating a trend. It was interesting to me to consider where a trend comes from and how designers seem to have similar thoughts to one another each season. Considering music to politics, world events to changing seasons, trends come from the most unlikely but most obvious of sources. My ‘new’ trend was contrast – named ‘Pretty Punk’ wherein the pretty pinks and florals met the edgy fabrics and colours of leather and studs.

Our final project was a group assignment. For this we had to style a wardrobe around a theme of our choice. We had to book a model, consider the location for the shoot and co-ordinate clothes to suit the theme. Our chosen theme was going from vulnerability to freedom, expressed through the model, the location and of course the styling of hair, make-up and clothes. The challenge lay in not only working with a group and then a team, but also working within time constraints and the anticipation that our ideas would come together to demonstrate the theme!

This week gave me a number of learning opportunities and things to consider. I learned as much from the course as I did from the other students and the city of London. I have already been looking into more courses to continue on this path of learning and into creating my own portfolio of work. This challenge is only just in its beginning stages, I’m glad I took the first step!


The Liebster Award – silverbrogues


It’s all about challenges again with this post – a challenge for new bloggers to spread the word about their blog! I have been nominated for this award by Trea from Treasures n Pleasures and Emma from The Jolly Fashionista.

The rules state that you have to answer 11 questions given to you by the blogger who nominates you, and then nominate 11 other bloggers (with under 200 Bloglovin followers) to answer your questions! It’s a great way for readers to find out more about the person behind the writing and also to find new blogs to read.

So first to the questions. Now my dilemma arose as two bloggers put my name forward, so I’ve chosen five questions from each blogger, and then answered one question they had both asked (great ploy as this also means I can avoid the trickier questions!).

So first to Emma’s questions –

1. If you could raid any celebrity's wardrobe, who's would it be?
I love Sienna Miller’s boho chic style but also Olivia Palermo’s knack for always getting it right.
2. Which high street shop is your favourite?
I love to shop everywhere – I couldn’t choose one, in fact I could hardly choose my top five! I love mixing and matching from different stores – and some season’s I prefer one shop more than others.
3. Where do you see yourself in five years time?
Of course, still blogging, and I’m learning new things everyday. I definitely need to manage my time better so I can still read the blogs and magazines I love, search the online stores for new fashion – time to research properly and maintain the enjoyment of writing. I never want this to be a pressure. I would also love to get in to Personal Styling.
4. When did you first start blogging and what do you feel you have achieved since then?
I started in March this year, but I was thinking and planning for a while before that. I’m overwhelmed by the followers coming to check out my blog and the support from other bloggers. For one person to read my blog each day is unreal, never mind more than that!
5. High street or designer?
I’m saying high street, but if I could afford designer…

And now to Trea’s –

 1. What do you think your best feature is?

I would never have said this before, but since blogging, I’m going with my legs.

 2. If you could have any talent in the world, what would it be?
I’d love to be able to sew.
3. Where is your favourite place in the world?
Extremes and nowhere specific – I love the silence of a deserted beach, and the buzz of a busy city!
4. What is your favourite pair of shoes you own?
My silver brogues of course;)
5. If you only had one outfit to wear the rest of your life, what would it be?

I love layers, and I love options, so I’m going to cheat and wear my skinny jeans, with my comfiest pj bottoms over the top, a vest, a printed tee, a cardi and a hoodie. I need to accessorise with a hat, and I’ll stack my bracelets so I’ve got a colour for each mood. I’d better wear my flat boots, but I’m packing sandals in my handbag. Now, what to wear first?!

And the final question –

What is your favourite colour?

Yellow, oh and silver. And I like pink too…

.And now to my nominations –

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And my questions…

  1. What do you love most about writing your blog?
  2. Where do you find inspiration for writing your blog?
  3. What advice would you give a new blogger?
  4. What is your favourite magazine?
  5. What is your favourite online shop?
  6. What is your guilty pleasure?
  7. What most inspires you?
  8. What is your ideal day off?
  9. Three words to describe yourself.
  10. What is your favourite quote?
  11. You have a super power – what is it, and what is your name?

So there you have it – now off to read more on these blogs mentioned, or if you’re one of the above bloggers, get writing your post!  Thanks Emma and Trea for the nomination:)



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