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My Bucket List

I was recently directed to this challenge by another local blogger over at Forever Scarlet – a challenge to complete a bucket list!

Now I’m a pretty positive person so thinking of the things I want to do before I die seems a little bit sombre, but oh no,  this is when it gets exciting!!  So, if I could do anything, if I was brave enough to do anything, what would it be??  Money Supermarket, who are running this competition (did I mention the chance of winning £1000?!) have rightly said to ‘accept no boundaries’.

Firstly, the budget list

1 Learn a language

I find it embarrassing – firstly, that people across the world can speak English and therefore generally understand me, and secondly, a Northern Irish accent and a lack of confidence uttering anything in another language.  This should be easy to sign up to, why have I not done it yet??

2 Learn how to swim

Children all around me show off their badges and medals for the lengths they have managed to swim.  I cannot swim, in fact, even breathing near water freaks me out a little.  Again, easy, conquer that fear!

3 Take part in a photoshoot

Not behind the scenes this time – right there, in front of the camera.  Before starting my blog, and braving my ootd posts, you could rarely find a photo of me.  I need to man up and learn to pose!! *I should now also include that photography course I need to attend!

4 Ride a bike down a mountain bike trail

So I’m beginning to feel old age creeping in as my little boy flies past me on his bike.  He loves bumping over tree roots and skidding down hills, and I just can’t keep up!  I know in a few years this adventure will get more extravagant – I need to be prepared!

5 Be a Personal Stylist

This ties in with my blog tagline ‘style that works for you’.  I love working out which pieces go together and how different styles suit different people.  What a fun weekend job!

And now, the extravagant list

1 Fly a helicopter

What an amazing experience, not only to take control and have that sense of freedom, but just to look around from above.  Our world is pretty amazing!  Apparently there is a local helicopter simulator experience, maybe it’s not that far out of my reach…

2 Own a Chloe Paddington handbag

Just follow this link.  No further explanation required…

3 Travel into space

Imagine the feeling of no gravity, seeing what few humans have seen in real life before.  Space is so surreal you could only be in awe.  If this isn’t possible, I’ll maybe take a trip in a hot air balloon and just keep floating!

4 Visit New York City

Well, I am a Fashion Blogger after all – being in the middle of the fashion hub is my dream.  Seeing the street style, window shopping the designer stores, feeling the fashion buzz.  I might just fly home via Paris;)

5 Watch an Opera in Vienna

Imagine the sounds, the style, the atmosphere.  Of course to make this perfect I would need to stay in a five star hotel and enjoy the five star treatment throughout – just a small request!

Admittedly, I found it much easier thinking of my extravagant list – now that I’ve written my bucket list down, I feel obliged to complete them, I mean, what is stopping me??

I’m nominating Helen from The Flaky Fashionista, Laurina from One Year of Fashion Fasting and Bec from Right Up My Street!  I would love to hear your ideas:)


Week 3

So on Day One I set out some of my holiday aims, after all, seven weeks (yes not nine for all those people out there cursing a teacher’s holiday entitlement) goes pretty quickly.

I’ll just update you on what I have been up to.  First up, I have signed up to sell at the next Style Fair – please come along and help me clear out my wardrobe!  During this clear I have also sent a bag or two to the charity shop and have had a little browse – I haven’t spent a lot of time shopping here however, but at the moment it is defeating my clear-out ethos so will come back to this!

I have aimed reasonably successfully to wear something different everyday, although the denim shorts have featured far too much!  I have been researching some styling courses and am going to get busy as a pupil in a few weeks – to help this I have tried to push my own styling (see my next ootd post!).  And finally, I have written a post on both accessories and beauty!

Next up one the list was dealing with photos and technology, so instead I distracted myself with a little relaxation time and researched my favourite magazines – I even managed to read a book (about fashion of course!).
And so to a few fashionable inspirations…

20130716-211317.jpg 20130716-211304.jpg Fashion Magazine

 photos taken from Vogue and Look magazines

Who says holidays are for relaxing?!


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