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Learning the Value of Alone Time at The Culloden Estate and Spa

Put up your hand if you are reading this in the moments in between all the things you ‘have’ to do?!

Life is busy, it’s hard to find quiet, and if you are anything like me, even when you do, you think of that one thing you meant to google earlier in the day!  It’s full of demands – some of these demands are placed on you by yourself, some placed on you by others.  But regardless of the source of the demand, it still has the ability to cause pressure when sometimes all you need is a break.  I have tried over the past few years to relieve the demands and take a bit of time out.  Time without housework, people, work – time for me to do what I want to do.  After spending many years in the company of others 24/7, I nearly had to re-learn how to be alone.

Hastings Hotels gave me the chance to rectify this – well for one morning anyway!  I had a few days where my little boy went off on adventures with family, so after I had spent the first day on the usual clear out (how is it possible to gather so much paperwork?!), day two was dedicated to relaxation.

During the summer holidays, one day easily rolls into the next so of course, I had thought of the great plan to take my relaxing day, but hadn’t yet booked it.  I phoned The Culloden on Sunday and was pleased to hear there was availability.  Big plus Number One!

I had been gifted the Spa-Tisserie Experience which included one Spa Treatment (55 minute treatment choosing from ESPA Aromatherapy Full Body Massage, ESPA Aromatherapy Facial, ESPA Body Envelopment, Manicure or Pedicure) followed by Afternoon Tea.

On arrival, I was greeted and given a quick tour before changing and entering the Relaxation Room before my massage.  After enough time to sit back, relax and flick through a few pages of Harper’s Bazaar, my therapist Chris brought me into the Treatment Room.  As you would expect, the mood was calm, the music relaxing and the decor conducive to helping the mind and body unwind.  I had opted for a full body massage; squeeze out any lingering stresses before getting ready to welcome a new term.  I was given the option of a relaxing or energising massage (I went with energising) and then given different oil options to suit my mood.  With just the right amount of pressure given, the massage had the desired effect, thank-you Chris!

I had booked my Afternoon Tea for an hour after my massage, giving me the time to head back to the relaxation room to finish my magazine, before heading for a quick dip in the pool.  Perfection.  There was also a sauna available but I can’t do the heat!  At this point, I’ll just add my one request – room signs!  As you enter the spa, there are no signs on the doors.  In my complete state of relaxation I got a little disorientated and nearly disturbed someone else’s massage time! Mind you, I would have happily snuck in to a Treatment Room for a little more pampering;)

When ready, I headed to Zest Juice Bar which was situated just by the pool, to enjoy my Afternoon Tea.  Greeted with a cup of coffee and a fresh iced water, I waited for the my treats to arrive.  I am a savoury girl at heart so happily devoured the delicate sandwiches and scones smothered in cream with a fresh cup of hot coffee (the service was impeccable!).  After a short breather, I dipped in to the sweet treats but they defeated me – thankfully they could be boxed up ready for home!

I still find it very hard to be alone and do nothing however – I managed to write most of this post while dining!

Unfortunately my time had come to an end, I was due to set my ‘me time’ to the side and get back to duties.  A quick shower in the spacious changing room and on the road again, feeling relaxed and revitalised!

I had an amazing experience in the Culloden Spa – it is a place to enjoy time alone or with others but whatever your grouping, a place to feel completely at home and just breathe.  Thank you to the Culloden Estate and Spa, Hastings Hotels and Michael at Duffy Rafferty for this experience.