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Now that normal service has resumed at silverbrogues, this is the perfect time to recap on some past posts on the blog.

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Silver Brogues

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Belfast Fashion Week – The Round-Up

Firstly apologies for my lack of posts – the plan was to write during Fashion Week, however as the week got busier, this became impossible!

But I’m back to round it all up now – this may take a few posts!

So first up, what was on the catwalk?  The great thing about Belfast Fashion Week is that everything you see, you can buy now.  When I went to be part of the audience, I came equipped with my pen ready to highlight the options for my new season wardrobe.  Now backstage, the temptation to try is all on is quite overwhelming!

And here are my favourites from the High Street.  The brights…


Next – Cigarette Trousers £28, Quilted Top £28, Necklace £16
Next – Lemon Shift Dress £25
Mexx – Coral Skirt £49, Acid Yellow Sleeveless Blouse £32, Beachbag 40

The print…


George at Asda – White Lion Swimsuit £12, Coin Necklace £8, Gold Bangles £5
Castlecourt – Lace Crop Top £14.99, Floral Shorts £14.99
Mexx – Pale Denim Jeans £49,Silk T-Shirt Dress£49
Miss Selfridge – Grey Printed Dress £45, Blazer £45

The shorts…


Next – Striped Tee £16, High Waisted Shorts £35
M&S – Limited Edition Blouse £35, Denim Shorts £29.50
George at Asda – Sheer Panel Tee £12, Jaquard Shorts £12, Sunglasses £3.50

The statement piece…


M&S – Limited White Shirt £29.50, Limited Cigarette Trousers £39
Argento – Necklace £18
Miss Selfridge – Top £35, Shorts £35, Necklace £12.50
Make-up by Paddy McGurgan

My ultimate high street favourites…


Benetton – Brown Linen Tee £29.50, Navy & White Stripe Jacket £75, Green Trousers £33
George at Asda – Powder Blue Dress £16, Round Sunglasses £3.50, White Jewelled Necklace £12

Now to the designers…


Julia Sokele
Goddess & Swift

The statement piece…


The Outlet

Summer blacks…


Nor Lisa
Gordon Donaldson
Nor Lisa

A touch of beauty…


Goddess & Swift
Diamond Dolls

And my favourite…


Diamond Dolls

Have you been inspired  for Spring/Summer?

Thanks to Lisa at CMPR and Brendan Gallagher for all the photos.


How to Wear…silver brogues…

Of course the first official post on my new website needs to be about the brogue, the silver brogue.

I love my flats, and as I mentioned in my Style Tips post, I mostly wear a light coloured shoe.  So for me, the silver brogue is the perfect fit.  What I love about brogues is that you can wear them with literally anything.  Now I will add in that length of skirt/dress/trouser will impact how flattering they are, but try them out and decide what shape and length suits you best.

My favourite way to wear is with the turned up trouser…

20140317-212015.jpgHow to wear brogues

20140317-210028.jpgHow to wear broguesAnd depending on the top worn I will sometimes wear them with a straight leg.

20140317-205902.jpg How to wear brogues


20140317-205940.jpgHow to wear broguesThe boyfriend jean…

20140317-210545.jpg How to wear brogues

How to wear brogues20140317-210524.jpg

But I also love that they can be worn with something a little more feminine…

20140317-204805.jpgHow to wear brogues

20140317-210305.jpgHow to wear brogues20140317-205642.jpg How to wear broguesOr just continue the theme of the sparkle…

20140317-210212.jpg How to wear brogues

Just in case you been inspired, and need a new pair of shoes in your wardrobe, here’s a little link for some ideas;)


My Top Five

Different post style today, we’re working with a list. A list of my top five styling tips.

Before I begin (getting waylaid off the list already!) a few essential pointers I have mentioned before, actually I’ll make these a list too…

1. Try something you haven’t worn before, you might just surprise yourself!

2. Trends don’t always work – I know I’ve talked about what’s ‘in’ for the season, but just because it suits the model on the catwalk does not mean it suits us all.

3. Shop in charity shops – this is a cheap way to try out new styles, but also, when you haven’t paid much for an item you won’t mind altering it to see what works (I’m not talking sewing bee skills here but it’s the perfect way to experiment).

4. Buy a colourful handbag – it will change any outfit!

5. Most importantly, be confident in what you wear – some of my least favourite outfits have had the most likes on social media.

Now to your styling…

1. Colours – know what suits you and what doesn’t.  Don’t wear colours that don’t work close to your face, but remember you don’t have to avoid them altogether (I don’t suit yellow but I have numerous yellow handbags!).

2. Figure out a few key pieces that work for your shape and stick with them.  Okay, so I realise I have contradicted myself – I say ‘try something new’ all the time but don’t fill your wardrobe with random items just to try! Focus on what shape of top suits, the style of skirts, dresses or trousers, the length of your clothes (and if you are not sure, e-mail me your pictures!).

3. Don’t focus on size.  Of course I am not advising you to buy something too big or small, but the size label does not mean everything!

4. Accessorise – you can change an outfit with one small addition.

5. Look at other people’s style and focus on people the same shape as you.

Of course, it’s all about style that works for you…


Yves Saint-Laurent


My Very Own Sewing Bee

The skill I wish I was born with, but it unfortunately passed me completely by, is the skill of sewing. I’m sure this is something with a bit of time I could learn, however I have a hard time drawing a straight line, so actually sewing straight wouldn’t be the easiest task!

Admittedly, I have a skill of fooling – a strip of wunda web here, a dodgy stitch there, I have even used glue for that last minute job, and not forgetting the essential safety pin of course;)

But never fear, I have my very own Sewing Bee – my fabulous mum! When growing up she used to make her own dresses and (according to my dad) very short skirts. Now she mainly alters, with plenty of opportunities as she often gets a little bag of goodies from me to try her hand at!

I got this beautiful dress on the sale in Zara – a subtle tartan print, a gorgeous shape, perfection. Except for the length. The length in fact was lovely, different from how I would normally wear a dress, but really pretty with heels.  Regular followers however will know that heels do not feature widely in my outfits, so this dress needed a change.

So here is the dress, as it was intended by Zara to be worn…


Zara Tartan Dress pre-alteration!

And here is the dress now, after my Sewing Bee did a quick alteration…


Zara Tartan Dress post-alteration!

Admittedly not the best shoes for the dress – the brogues were too heavy, the slippers too delicate.  A try on session is required before it’s next outing!

Have you followed yet on Instagram (silverbrogues)?  I’ll head off to the roofspace and dig out a few of those handstitched dresses to photograph – I think they will be shown on a hanger however, rather than on me!


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