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My One Thing…

Since buying my New Balance (with the very good excuse of fashion show styling!), I have been loving the casual look again.  One look I have always loved is the palazzo trouser.  Now that it has gained status on the catwalk again, with the silhouette being ‘wide and free’, I am on the hunt for the perfect pair.

I have a few suggestions for styling this sort of trouser.

1. They must touch the floor, no ankle skimming allowed!

2. They must be the perfect waist fit (whether high waisted or on the hips) as this balances out the wide bottom.

3. Personally I think these trousers are best with flats – I love the trainer or the sandal, however, whether a high or low heel, the shoe shape is very important – try out a few different shoes to see how flattering they are (I do think body shape dictates your shoe choice in this instance).

4. Slouchy trousers are all about balance.  For me, I think your top half needs to have a ‘tidy’ fit – not too tight, not too loose.

5. Colour block in this style is most flattering.

And for once, it is only one thing! I love these palazzo trousers from Zara.  Priced at only £29.99, this is definitely a trend you could try out for the summer.

What is your current ‘One thing…’?


My One Thing…

I haven’t written one of these posts in a while for two reasons.  Number One – I am trying to appreciate all the things I already have in my wardrobe, and Number Two – as the season has changed, frankly there are too many things I want!

One essential item for my wardrobe at this time of the year is a pair of trainers. I have a few favourite ways to style the trainer – skinny jeans with a turn-up, boyfriend jeans with a slouchy top or a pencil skirt.  My Lee Cooper version of Converse are well and truly worn out, they were never off my feet last summer and I have continued to slip them on any day I was prepared to get the ankles out!

I haven’t really been lured in by the 90’s trend – I lived through it and hated my wardrobe as a teenager so why go back?!  That was until I nearly bought another pair of brogues – enough is enough (for now!), so the trainer search began!

Being a size 6/7 I can often look to the men’s section, where I found a really cute pair of Puma’s (I’m imagining the men who bought the trainer didn’t describe them quite like this!) – they were in the sale in ASOS and they were my first step into the 90’s trainer.  They sold out pretty fast, so my search continued.  And this is what I came up with…

As you can see most of my choices are light coloured, always my top tip for extending leg length (a must for me!).

Or maybe a little extravagance?!


If I’m buying the Chanel trainers, I may as well have the bag…

Are you sold on the trainer trend?


The Season is Just Beginning…

I know the A/W 14 fashion shows have been in full swing, and already I am looking in my wardrobe for the additions required…but STOP!! I have waited for spring/summer to come for so long now, I want to focus on now!  So I have dressed today thinking of S/S – a pretty summer floral skirt…and a fur coat!  Bit keen yet!

20140223-212938.jpgI began looking at the trends about a month ago, but how will your wardrobe cope with the details?  And so to the wardrobe raid – what is already in there that will carry you over to this new season (that is, spring/summer!).

We know that leather is back again – not always ideal for a hot summer’s day of course, but this time round think of feeling empowered.  Make a bold statement, whether it be with the jewellery, the cropped tee or the asymmetrical skirt.

If that is not your thing, think pretty – with my favourite take on this, sheer.  Pleats, full skirts, florals are another way to achieve the look.  And you can guarantee you will find something to suit this in your wardrobe.

20140223-212944.jpgSports Luxe is here to stay, and is so easy in this season (I say in attempt to help me master it!).  Include the graffiti tee, the 90’s trainers, the casual print trousers.

20140223-212949.jpgThe practical flat is the way to go with footwear – I’m sticking with my brogues of course, but quirky, with cutouts were huge on the catwalks.

The colours – metallic, powder pink, yellow, blues, orange and surprisingly black!  And with art work and tribal influences, all brights will be on trend.

20140223-212956.jpgOr mix and match of course – I love a statement dress, mixing the print with the full skirt, the pleat with the block colour.  A bit of risk taking is also the way forward for the season.

20140223-213002.jpgI’ve mixed and matched all my S/S 14 trends searches to help with the inspiration.  So, go raid your wardrobe and see what you can put together for the new season!


Accessorise Your Way Into The New Season…

A simple way to update your wardrobe for the new season is to add a few accessories.



Bag – Betty Brice
Ring – Lily Kamper
Earrings – Rodgers and Rodgers
Bracelet – Lily Kamper



Cap – Henry Holland
Top – Goddess & Swift
Dress and Bangles – Chanel
Nail Art



Necklace – Lily Kamper
Earrings – Rodgers and Rodgers
Necklace – Lily Kamper
Bag – Betty Brice



Clutch (top to bottom) – Calvin Klein, Celine, Gucci
Shoes – Lanvin
Neck Scarf – Etro

How will you accessorise your way into the new season?


My Favourite Winter Word

Layers of course!  Normally they come in the form of a vest, or a long sleeved tee, a cardigan or a scarf.  But more recently layers have been seen on fashionistas around in world in many different ways.

Have a wee look here to get some tips…

And a quick catch-up on the Outfit of the Day – my take on layers/summer (yes I’m there in mind!)/mustard colour trend (although it sometimes looks green?!).


Fur – Topshop
Denim Shirt – H&M
Statement Necklace – Zara
Cords – Next
Boots – xTi

And one final thing – tip of the day (and I’ve said it before!)!  It was only when I put the gilet on this morning I realised that not only is it Topshop Petite, but it is also UK Size 4.  I am neither Petite, nor a Size 4 but it is the perfect fit for me – maybe not how the designer originally intended it to be worn but worn as I wish.  Keep your options open!


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