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The New Blazer

The saying goes ‘You can never have too much of a good thing’ and I do tend to agree.  I tried opening my little cloakroom door the other day and discovered it no longer opened.  The coat rail behind said door was practically hanging from the wall.  So I gave it a tidy.  The coats range from faux fur to quilted anorak, parka to trench, leather to denim.  And then of course there is the blazer – white, black, navy, striped, grey.  Maybe too much…?!

I used to wear little else about five years ago – a blazer went with everything, hence the colour options.  But they have been buried by the other selections over the last few years.  But this year I see they are making a reappearance with an update I am loving.  So of course oversized has been on trend the last few seasons, and sports luxe with the pushed up sleeve, casual look has helped to reinvent the look, but this season I am loving the new length.  Keeping with the tailored shoulder, the fitted waist and the variety of colours – the desired blazer length is just below the bottom.

First up, a selection of ways to wear the longline blazer from Pinterest…



With a skirt

Or in colour

Now of course I will not be clearing the previous collection just to ‘stay on trend’, but if I were to invest in a new blazer, here are a few of the options…




With a Twist


Dress it up, dress it down, add a scarf, roll the cuff, belt it. Wear with a dress, wear with jeans, wear with a mini or wear with shorts. To the office, to the shops, to the restaurant, to the bar. A blazer is that versatile – the perfect wardrobe staple.



I know I’m prone to shopping for the brogue, but I do normally enter a shoe shop with a different intention.

I was in the new Aldo store in Belfast in Saturday.  I did go with the intention of getting a pair of sandals in preparation for the sunshine…it rained all day however so of course my attention was easily diverted;)

Picking from these for the holidays…

Metallic or colour pop, fringing or embellishment?


Of course the brogues have to feature but I’ll mix it up a little with these gladiator sandals…

And if you want to catch a bargain…

And finally, to accessorise…

There seems to be a trend here – other colours are available of course…;). What’s your #PerfectPair?


Fashion Inspirations for S/S15

The usual little collection from events, shopping and online. This is what is inspiring me as we step into the new season. And how my choices change as the sun finally arrives!

Spring/Summer 2015 from the High Street…

  Outfit inspirations – prints and textures from Belfast Fashion Week…

  Shop for me and my little one at Excel

And for when the sun isn’t shining from McElhinneys…    At the opening of Studio Souk  And to finish, this is my perfect setting.  I could write so much more sitting in this little space…

Magazine inspirations to follow…


Butterfly Twists

Who wants ‘a neat, versatile shoe that is chic as well as swift to slip on’?  Well, sure we all do – and I’ve found the shoe that fits this description!

As Butterfly Twists launch their new collection, I am ready to get in to my pumps – how’s that for perfect timing!  And here are a few of my favourites…

butterfly twists

Windsor Wellies £55 / Gabriella £70 / Diana £35 / Lauren £65

Check out how the wellies fold down – perfect for  a change in weather!

They even do brogues…

butterfly twists

Gabriella £70 / Emily £40 / Kate £25 / Zoey £28 / Lulu £33

As you can see, they also have a range of wellies and sandals in their collection.  And having thought of everything, you can even buy a cushion sock specifically for the shoe!

However, not only are Butterfly Twists pretty, but they are practical.  As foldable shoes go, I haven’t found too many comfortable pairs in the past (actually I invested in foldable shoes once, and until now I said never again!).  My new Butterfly Twists have not yet been folded into my bag, but they have been worn many times as they are so comfortable – tested in fact when starting my little boy at tennis lessons on Saturday, with the slow realisation that I had to take part.  Clearly I was not prepared, however I ended up with no blisters, and the fabric on the toes is still intact, even after some (impressive;) ) shots (i.e more running after the ball than hitting it with the racquet!).

The style I choose are faux leather with a gold snake toe cap and a removable ankle strap.  The comfort is due to the memory foam insole and the flexible rubber outsole, and they even come with a drawstring bag for easy storage in your bag!

butterfly twists

Reese £35

Keep an eye on Instagram to see how I have been wearing them!


Trend Alert? I’m still on about Denim

The problem with current trends coming off the seasonal catwalk is that it is difficult to find something new. I can be inspired by the way the  designers have styled each piece, or the way models have carried the trend on the catwalk, but to transfer trends to street style is often a bit of a challenge as fashionistas try to think of that unique way to wear, for example denim.

Alternatively, you can take this as a positive – ‘I just threw on my denim and have remained on trend’ or alternatively, and devastatingly for many, ‘I already have that in my wardrobe so I have no need to buy something new’.

So I am approaching each trend with what I see as a new light, for me. I definitely used to be more confident in my style. I never questioned what I wore; I wore what I want and how I wanted to wear it. But confidence has a lot to answer for – what hinders me from feeling good about myself? Generally, myself. So I’ve taken things into my own hands. This season I will be wearing flares, I will be wearing dungarees and I will be getting my legs bare in a dress, just because I want to.

It is said that if you wore the trend once, you really shouldn’t wear it again, however wearing it in a different way is my solution to this. The last time I wore flares or dungarees, they needed to be ripped at the back, they were generally worn with trainers and I was a student. Slouchy was my theme. This time around, things are looking a little different. Here’s how I will wear the denim/seventies trend in my own ‘street style’.


Dungarees Now Reduced to £20/ Tee & Cake Party Animals Tee *this design is no longer available, check ebay or Depop/ White Flatform Brogues £24.99


High Waist Flares £29.99 / Vest £6 / Mint Green Courts £19.99

Before putting you to the test and asking ‘How are you wearing yours?’, my tips for the day – If you want low cost, great fitting jeans, try H&M, I can’t fault their denim ranges, or check out Wåven for their inspirational pieces.


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