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The Style Retreat

Local blogger Danielle recently opened her new boutique The Style Retreat in Lisburn Square.  Being my local town, Lisburn used to be a place I’d visit regularly but as stores moved out of town, it became a place to just call into if I needed something and didn’t have time to go anywhere else!  But with the addition of a new boutique, I have managed to get lured in again and can enjoy a wander and a browse.

I love the bright store, the spacious layout, the colours in the collections chosen by Danielle.  This is a happy place to shop (and there is handy parking nearby, always a good start to your browsing time!)!

And being off on my summer holidays, sure what else did I have I to do?!  I have been to a few fashion shows recently where The Style Retreat had pieces on the catwalk.  I knew exactly some of the clothes I wanted to try, and I was keen to see what else was on offer.  So here goes, any presentable photos from the try on!

And these are the lovely items Danielle gifted to me – thanks Danielle:)

First up, a bargain sale item (and the sale is still on – get in before it’s all gone!).

The Style Retreat

I love this two piece – originally modelled by Danielle on Instagram as a casual look – I plan to wear it with the tights and flats too!

And a new season piece, perfectly transitional as it covers more skin but it’s still light enough to deal with the changeable temperatures.

The Style Retreat

I love the geo print on this top, and I’m always lured in by monochrome!

I also love that Danielle has been making fashion available to everyone by creating an option for #StyleStops where basically The Style Retreat comes to your home.  Danielle is also currently preparing to launch her new website, keep an eye out for this, but for now check out her current collections on offer in Lisburn Square or on Facebook.


Just Buy It!

I have a really strange way of shopping, even I can’t really figure it out.  I hate sale shopping, but most things I buy are on the sale.  I don’t really ever find things in charity shops, but lots of my clothes are second hand.  But what I’m writing about today – Many things I buy in shops I think I’ll never wear and then they become my staple pieces!

So how does that work?! I’ll give you an example.  My Topshop skirt.  Tried it on (from the sale rail I might add – £55 to £15), took the customary Instagram shot, left it back on the rail, left the shop.  Moved to next shop, saw a top that would work perfectly with Topshop skirt, back to buy the skirt.  Top did not work perfectly, but many other items from my wardrobe did.

Initial mirror selfie…

Why did I leave it back in the first place?  Primarily because of the fabric.  It’s made from the polyester that looks and feels like neopreen, which I love, but which is not the most flattering of fabrics.  As mentioned before, my biggest area is my hips, so drawing any attention here is not a good thing.  But I also felt the length would work best with heels, so I wouldn’t get much wear out of the skirt.  Silly thoughts that were quickly removed upon seeing the beautiful top!

Skirt purchased, home to try on, and then attempts to never take off again as it just worked!

Thanks to Ruth from Willow Lane for this photo…

Nor Lisa Topshop

Keeping with the blue tones and worn with grey top with feature pocket by local designer Nor Lisa

My friend who I love to go to Galgorm Spa for the day with for this one…

Masato Jones Topshop

Worn with a printed tee from Masato Jones

And my six year old who I am training up to be my photographer for this one!

ASOS Topshop

Scenic tarmac shot;) Worn with cropped Tee and neon

Converse Topshop

And the trusty Converse added when the rain came again!

Moral of this story – you really can make any item the style that works for you.  As you browse the new A/W collections, if you love something, buy it, take it home, try it on (broken record here!) and get mixing up your style a bit – you might surprise yourself!

And keep an eye on Instagram for a shot with the heels!


Summer Outfits

Before heading off on holiday, I managed to divert from mummy duties for the day and spend some time browsing the sales.  I, like most of us I’m sure, have a love/hate relationship with sales – hate browsing through the mayhem, but love finding the perfect bargain!

I bought a few things for holiday, and a few things that were completely necessary;)

Off to the clearance aisle at TK Maxx for swimwear.  Firstly I am very small on top and comparatively much bigger on the bottom half so separates are key.  Secondly, I love mis-matched swimwear and thirdly, I do not like spending a lot of money on my swimwear as once chlorine and suncream hits it, it never looks as good.  So for under a tenner…

Bikinis bought, and here’s how I covered up by the pool.  I bought this beautiful scarf from Stella & Dot and was taught a few tricks of how to wear it over my bikini.  I used the ‘waistcoat’ style most days.

stella and dot

A quick fold and knot and your scarf is transformed;)

Please also note the sandals in this photo – I saw these in brown on a few people on Instagram, went instore to Topshop and found them in my favourite shoe colour (besides silver), white.  Any sunshine, and these are on my feet!

Next up, an outfit perfect for travelling and hanging around the airport.  Zara is my ultimate sale shop.  I rarely shop here for full price items but you can find the best items in the sale.  I found this little top for £12.99.  Sandals are Miss KG – not on sale but at only £25, still a bargain!

zara silver brogues

It’s hard to see the lace detail along the top – watch out on Instagram and I’ll add a detail shot:)

And to this look I added a jumper, necessary for getting off the plane at the other end of the holiday!

I am a huge fan of Tee and Cake sold in Topshop and on sale – bonus!

And while we’re talking about Topshop, I love this little overlay dress with crochet detailing and an opening at the back.  This will definitely be part of my winter wardrobe too (with extra layers of course!).

You can also buy it in white:)

This dress has appeared on Instagram a few times – first up when I tried it on at full price in Urban Outfitters, and then worn with tights – in July, yes you heard that right!  But this was the original plan for my dress – bought at the sale price of £20.  I love raiding the top floor of Urban Outfitters in Belfast – if you haven’t been there before, go visit – you are guaranteed to find a bargain!

Worn with my Butterfly from local designer, Gráinne Maher.

And the next smooth link is another little bargain from Urban Outfitters – a printed t-shirt, found in the men’s section for £9.

oasis silver brogues

Coral jumper only £12 from Oasis.

Now the reality of our summer.  Denim sleeveless shirt from Zara – this one is a new season piece but I figured I’d saved so much already (can’t find it online at the moment).  I’m still loving my blanket scarves, perfect for this time of year with changeable weather.  This one is from New Look and is just like a blanket in look and feel!

And now to my final sale piece, bought in the last clearouts.  I tried it on, left the shop and returned about 5 minutes later to purchase, I just couldn’t let it pass!  It is made from neopreen style fabric and is huge but it is so dramatic!  It will most likely be styled with flats but I know it will look amazing with simple heels.

Topshop silver brogues

Skirt £15 Topshop ( Not online but go hunt the rail – I got mine in Rushmere for any locals!)

I thought it necessary to leave you with an idea of what happens when I make a new purchase and then try on a million things to see how it will fit with the rest of my wardrobe. ‘Which shoe, which shoe?!’.


Dr Martens – style that works for you?

A while back I was invited to Dr Martens store opening in Belfast.  Now to be perfectly honest, I was excited about the opening because I knew the store design would be really quirky, but as a girl who grew up with an older sister who loved her DM’s and bomber jacket while I loved my dresses and pretty shoes, I wasn’t really thinking too much about their stock.


I tried it on…it’s not a style that works for me!

drmartensbelfast.JPGBut that’s what surprised me.  First up, I tried on a few pairs of boots, and as with anything, there are certain styles that just didn’t work for me.  However, there were many styles that did!  But more importantly, Dr Martens isn’t just about shoes, they sell clothes too, and that’s what I wanted to find out more about!

I had an opportunity to go into the store and style some of their clothes as I would wear them.  Thanks to Laura who let me take free reign of the Belfast store, in fact to the whole team who managed to inspire me with their style before I even began!







drmartens.JPGNow I’ve said it before, and this is the time to reinforce it – don’t disregard something until you have tried it on. I didn’t really process the fact that Dr Martens was about clothes before the launch, and I never imagined I would own a pair of DM boots – but just look at me now! The dress?? The coat?? The brogues?? The boot became my one thing!

drmartens.JPGIf you are not local, check out Dr Martens online here…happy shopping, and remember, you sometimes need to try something new to find the style that works for you!

Thanks to Lauren at OPR and the team at Dr Martens, Belfast for all your help!


Fashion Inspirations (Part One)

First of all, let me apologise for my absence – but I’m back now with a fresh outlook!  So here are the fashion inspirations that have been keeping me stylish as I have been relaxing with my feet up…

Fashion InspirationsYou may have caught a different version on Instagram

20140527-143624-52584719.jpg Valentino InspirationsKeeping with the trends…

Fashion InspirationsPhotos taken from my favourite fashion magazines Elle, Vogue,  Instyle, Look and Grazia – the perfect mix of fashion, trends, tips and designer and high street inspirations, helping me to find that style that works for me!

The fantasy world of a fashion magazine inspiration complete…Next up, the real life inspirations!


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