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Adventures in Beauty

You know how when life is busy, you go about your daily business and don’t really think past the routine of what you do everyday? And then you get to the holidays and you rush from one thing to the next? Well, after to be honest a busy few years, this holiday we decided, rather than trying to fill it with too many trips, too many meet ups and rushing from one place to the next, to slow down the pace and see where the days and weeks take us around our own home and our little country.

But even though we are taking it easy, we are still busy, and trying out some new adventures – it’s the simple experiences that sometimes get forgotten. The 7 year old built a sandcastle in the sunshine for the first time! And the other day ruined his favourite shorts by climbing about 100 trees!

And sometimes, that is what these new experiences help to do – they make you look at things differently, be a little braver the next time and push you to try something new. The trees are getting higher for the 7 year old and meanwhile, the lipsticks are getting brighter for me…

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Katrina Doran from The Make up Dept in Belfast. Her day job involves transforming a human into a zombie or monster, so she was looking for opportunities to create a normal beauty look and I happily signed up to the challenge! I styled some fashion looks, she worked her beauty magic! And here are the results…

So I’ve now signed up to a Dior make up masterclass on Wednesday to try out some new lipsticks and find the colour that best works for me but more importantly, that I will actually wear. It may not be the bravest thing I’ve ever done, but sometimes we have to remember to push those boundaries – it’s always good to see where a new challenge will take you!


Dr Martens – style that works for you?

A while back I was invited to Dr Martens store opening in Belfast.  Now to be perfectly honest, I was excited about the opening because I knew the store design would be really quirky, but as a girl who grew up with an older sister who loved her DM’s and bomber jacket while I loved my dresses and pretty shoes, I wasn’t really thinking too much about their stock.


I tried it on…it’s not a style that works for me!

drmartensbelfast.JPGBut that’s what surprised me.  First up, I tried on a few pairs of boots, and as with anything, there are certain styles that just didn’t work for me.  However, there were many styles that did!  But more importantly, Dr Martens isn’t just about shoes, they sell clothes too, and that’s what I wanted to find out more about!

I had an opportunity to go into the store and style some of their clothes as I would wear them.  Thanks to Laura who let me take free reign of the Belfast store, in fact to the whole team who managed to inspire me with their style before I even began!







drmartens.JPGNow I’ve said it before, and this is the time to reinforce it – don’t disregard something until you have tried it on. I didn’t really process the fact that Dr Martens was about clothes before the launch, and I never imagined I would own a pair of DM boots – but just look at me now! The dress?? The coat?? The brogues?? The boot became my one thing!

drmartens.JPGIf you are not local, check out Dr Martens online here…happy shopping, and remember, you sometimes need to try something new to find the style that works for you!

Thanks to Lauren at OPR and the team at Dr Martens, Belfast for all your help!


My Favourite Things – The Brogue

You may be able to tell from the name, I am a little addicted to brogues.  I mainly love that they are so versatile – I wear them to work, to go shopping, or to go out for dinner.  I wear them with knee length dresses, midi length skirts, or ankle length jeans.  I own them in a multitude of shades and textures and have bought them for a range of prices.  To me, they are the perfect shoe.

A quick styling tip.  Because these are a heavier shoe, it is harder to get the most flattering look.  Try your brogue on with different lengths and widths of clothes (top and bottom) – you will find the style that works best for your body shape.  Also, you know I love a light coloured shoe – again, most flattering for leg length and shape.  Oh, and one final thing, always look at the back of your outfit in the mirror too!!

So of course, I have a wishlist.  Because out of all the brogues I own, I don’t have the cut-outs, or the two tone or the buckle ones.  Here are a few to choose from…

Two bargains, and two a little more pricey;)  I own the Debenhams pink brogues and they are really comfy – a brilliant choice for the price.

The asos ones are a good price to try out the trend, although I don’t feel the cut-outs are as versatile, I’m not sure I’d still be wearing these next season?

My favourites – sometimes it’s good to stick with what you know best!!


Clarks Hamble Oak £54.99 – Boden The Lace Up £71.40

Any other suggestions of your favourite brogue?


Fashion Week Backstage

I love the buzz of backstage! On the night of my styled Charity Collection, I could hardly sit, I wanted to be backstage! From seeing the clothes tried on during the fitting, to the hair and make-up, to the final piece as all the above came together, to the perfection required to get the model on the catwalk, I love it!

And here is my experience in a collage of pictures…

20140401-160217.jpgThis is my favourite bit – the clothes have been organised, the make-up and hair finalised and now we dress for the first run on the catwalk.  On designer night, the local designers come to add their finishing touches.


20140401-160324.jpgAnd of course the fun had, and the friends made…

20140401-160340.jpgAdmittedly, when styling backstage for a fashion show, there is a bit of waiting around, and you are often doing jobs that have nothing to do with fashion, but that is all part of what makes the experience – throw yourself into it all and have a go at each aspect of Fashion Week!


My New Life as a Stylist!

My first post ever written for silverbrogues Fashion Blog was called ‘When I grow up…‘.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my day job, but I also love where talking all things fashion through silverbrogues has led me.

When Belfast Fashion Week was launched in January, an announcement was made that stylists and bloggers would be taking part in a Charity Challenge.  I was teamed up with Cancer Research and worked alongside staff and volunteers from the Lisburn Road, Holywood and two Lisburn stores.  Cancer Research funds scientists, doctors and nurses to help beat cancer sooner as well as providing cancer information to the public.  I must say a massive thanks to Alyanne and all the teams who allowed me to raid their stores and fill my shopping bags!


During the summer I tried to set myself a challenge to shop in charity shops.  I walked in and out of a few stores with no purchases in hand.  My first day for the charity challenge, I came out with about twenty pieces.  Going in with a focus definitely helped me, but I also took my time actually looking at each piece.  What I am most sold on, is that for a minimal price, you can completely go out of your comfort zone and try something new, or do your own bit of DIY on a piece without losing too much!

The Preparation…


20140327-205734.jpg silverbrogues fashion blogWith a blog tagline of ‘style that works for you‘, my theme for this challenge was to mix S/S trends with an opportunity for the shopper to challenge themselves to try something different and mix up their personal style.  So with that in mind, this is what I came up with…

20140327-205151.jpg silverbrogues fashion blog

The original model;)

20140327-205158.jpg silverbrogues fashion blog

Vest donated by Zoe Boomer – more to follow on all donations

I might just have had to buy these New Balance Nike trainers but unfortunately, the trainers didn’t fit the model!  So here’s how the look was intended…

20140327-205204.jpg silverbrogues fashion blog

Ignore the white legs!

20140327-205545.jpg silverbrogues fashion blog

20140327-205556.jpg silverbrogues fashion blog

20140327-205607.jpg silverbrogues fashion blog

20140327-205618.jpg silverbrogues fashion blogA 1980’s pleated plaid skirt becomes a dress…

20140327-205626.jpg silverbrogues fashion blog

Hair piece donated by By Sam Mercer

20140327-205638.jpg silverbrogues fashion blog

Hair piece donated by Milk & Honey Boutique

20140327-205649.jpg silverbrogues fashion blog

20140327-205700.jpg silverbrogues fashion blog

Bag donated by Roseanna McReynolds
Photo by @ulstertatlermag

The Show…

20140327-205710.jpg silverbrogues fashion blogMost items above have not been bought in model sizes.  Clothes have been mixed and matched, worn from the waist instead of the hips, selected from the men’s department, rolled up, and any other trick I could think of to style them.  Don’t just go into the charity store, look for your section and your size – mix it up!

Now to see the full silverbrogues show, follow this link

Massive thanks must go to Cathy Martin at CMPR for the opportunity to style my collection for the catwalk.  Thanks also to Brendan Gallagher, Norm Keilty and Ulster Tatler Magazine for the photos and to the local designers who donated a piece for the collection – a blog post will follow on this:)


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