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My Top Five

Different post style today, we’re working with a list. A list of my top five styling tips.

Before I begin (getting waylaid off the list already!) a few essential pointers I have mentioned before, actually I’ll make these a list too…

1. Try something you haven’t worn before, you might just surprise yourself!

2. Trends don’t always work – I know I’ve talked about what’s ‘in’ for the season, but just because it suits the model on the catwalk does not mean it suits us all.

3. Shop in charity shops – this is a cheap way to try out new styles, but also, when you haven’t paid much for an item you won’t mind altering it to see what works (I’m not talking sewing bee skills here but it’s the perfect way to experiment).

4. Buy a colourful handbag – it will change any outfit!

5. Most importantly, be confident in what you wear – some of my least favourite outfits have had the most likes on social media.

Now to your styling…

1. Colours – know what suits you and what doesn’t.  Don’t wear colours that don’t work close to your face, but remember you don’t have to avoid them altogether (I don’t suit yellow but I have numerous yellow handbags!).

2. Figure out a few key pieces that work for your shape and stick with them.  Okay, so I realise I have contradicted myself – I say ‘try something new’ all the time but don’t fill your wardrobe with random items just to try! Focus on what shape of top suits, the style of skirts, dresses or trousers, the length of your clothes (and if you are not sure, e-mail me your pictures!).

3. Don’t focus on size.  Of course I am not advising you to buy something too big or small, but the size label does not mean everything!

4. Accessorise – you can change an outfit with one small addition.

5. Look at other people’s style and focus on people the same shape as you.

Of course, it’s all about style that works for you…


Yves Saint-Laurent


How To Wear…

I’m liking this idea for a regular feature on my blog.  So if you have any items of clothing that you love, but you don’t know how to wear, feel free to comment and I’ll see if I can help you out!

The tricky thing about styling is that what suits me, may not suit you.  Styling not only depends on what you like to wear and feel comfortable in, but also your height, the length of your back, the size of your bust (in fact, the length and size of most body parts), your colouring and your left big toe – okay, well of course now I am exaggerating but so much plays a part in clothes that suit and flatter.

Just a few examples – because of the length of my legs, I can’t wear dark coloured flats.  You will see in most of my outfit posts, my shoes are a bright colour.  The length of a dress or skirt will determine how high I need my heel – one centimetre in length makes a huge difference.  When wearing my brogues, I have to consider the length of my top, and the length of my jeans – proportions are everything for height and size perceptions.

But thankfully, some items work for everyone, and thankfully, once you get an idea of what works for you, the rest is pretty easy.  And of course you know I will also say, try something new, out of your comfort zone, just to see how it works;)

I couldn’t find the right picture to emphasise my point, so I got carried away on Google Images instead…



The Charity Challenge

If you are a frequent reader here at silverbrogues, you will know I love a few things in the world of fashion.  I love quirky – things that are wearable, but a little different.  I love local – it is so important to support local talent.  I love styling – I could spend hours looking at pictures in magazines and online, and mixing and matching; trying new out outfit combinations.  I love a good bargain.  And I say ‘love’ a lot!!

I was recently set a challenge by Cathy Martin at CMPR, the very busy lady in charge of the hardworking team behind Belfast FASHIONWEEK.  After spending many years in the audience, last year I worked behind the scenes at FASHIONWEEK (you can read a little about it here).  This year, I intend to go back behind the scenes (more details will follow on this year’s shows), but I will also be part of the catwalk collections too.  I’m beyond excited!

I have teamed up with Cancer Research (thanks to Avril at School Gate Style for the referral!) to style ten outfits selected from their charity stores, ready for your Spring/Summer wardrobe.  After the show, the outfits shown on the catwalk will be available to buy in the charity’s pop-up store.

This is way out of my comfort zone – I love personal styling but when I completed my styling course, this was the part I found most challenging.  I know what clothes suit different people, I can work with your wardrobe to help you feel good about your clothes and yourself, I’ll encourage you to take a chance and try something new, but when it comes to focusing on trends to create a look, I run away a little scared – but then I come back with my take on it;)

So what is my take?? Well, for that you will have to wait and see, but it is not just about mix and matching clothes to make an outfit, it’s about making your wardrobe wearable, making it style that works for you!

But for now, I’m off to empty the bags of goodies I have gathered, wait and see what happens…!


Photograph: Alamy in The Guardian

If you would like to buy tickets for this event, head on over to West Coast Cooler FASHIONWEEK (keep Friday 21 March free!!).


Let me see, Let me see!

After a busy week this is a quick post to update you on any new outfits worn and any items bought – the (sort-of) spending ban was worth it! Next course, photography!!


Out for dinner with friends – poured!


First Day – my fashion inspirations
Neon: Trousers – H&M (£7 on sale, bargain!)
Silver Brogues (of course!)


10 photos later, we’re sticking with this one. Night out at Dirty Dancing, lots of people passing!
Leather Jacket – Miss Selfridge


Loving my feather earrings – found during my clearout!


Dress – Only (£16 on sale!)


Loving my Argento origami swallow necklace. Paired with my ‘R’.


Travelling outfit – and the sunglasses;)


These were the other option – did I make the right choice?!

And to the purchases. Anyone who has been following on Facebook or Twitter will know my week in London was pretty busy so shopping time was limited but I still managed to squeeze a little in!

20130810-212107.jpgMy main aim was to buy ankle boots for autumn/winter. I happened to stumble across a shop called The Sting – although these weren’t the exact style of boots I was looking for, I found these on the sale marked down from £70 to £10. Bargain! My hunt however is still on! I also bought the star jumper (reduced to £10) and the Aztec woollen tee. Will definitely check this store out again, loved it!

Of course I visited the huge Topshop on Oxford Street – I love that they actually have food served instore, a reason to spend all day there;) I bought these silver brogues by Vagabond and the grey and neon tee by yuki, and got student discount! Love the print on this tee and on the little neckscarf (I haven’t yet worked out how to wear these??) from American Apparel.

When in & other stories, I hunted for items on my wishlist, but managed to pick up this woollen jumper instead. Love the casual look and feel – it will be well worn! I also saw a pair of sandals in Coolway reduced to £15 – already organised for summer next year!

And finally, at the airport I managed to do a last minute shop – Mac Make-Up and Prada sunnies – I was deliberating over four pairs, three were practically identical, so I went for the quirky ones – what do you think?

20130810-221948.jpgSo now I’m off to rest! I’m going to take a bit of a blogging break this week before I get back to the day job but will check in via social media throughout the week.  Keep reading and sharing, and I’ll update you on my Styling course next weekend!

…feet up, and chill!


Guess the Trend??

I love reading other fashion blogs to find out current styles and get a few tips on looks to put together (I find is a great website to follow all your favourite blogs so they can be easily read without a lot of page searching).

I have come across a few blogs where the authors are attempting not to buy any new clothes, but rather, to only wear the clothes in their wardrobe. I have total admiration for these girls. I only have to catch a glimpse of a piece of clothing – on a person, in a magazine, or hanging in a shop window to have my hunt begin!

I love to shop. I love to browse, feel the clothes, check out what styles would work for me and which ones I love anyway. I just happened to be browsing some clothes last week and picked up a few purchases. I have enough in my wardrobe, I shouldn’t have bought anything, but here are my finds…


Dress – New Look £16.99 Blouse – Primark £12

So I’m clearly taken by the monochrome trend! I tried both items on and in fact, decided to keep neither. I love the dress, however, I always wear this shape (it works so well with tights/leggings and flats). If I’m going to buy something new, I must try something different. The blouse is the perfect pattern – I love the polka dots! But for me, the fit isn’t great – I would like it to be a little longer.

And as much as I love buying, I am very good at returning unwanted items. So these items will go back to the stores for some other fashionista to enjoy. Meanwhile, I will go back to my wardrobe, I will look out anything that will complement the monochrome trend and I will shop my own wardrobe!


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