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Dr Martens – style that works for you?

A while back I was invited to Dr Martens store opening in Belfast.  Now to be perfectly honest, I was excited about the opening because I knew the store design would be really quirky, but as a girl who grew up with an older sister who loved her DM’s and bomber jacket while I loved my dresses and pretty shoes, I wasn’t really thinking too much about their stock.


I tried it on…it’s not a style that works for me!

drmartensbelfast.JPGBut that’s what surprised me.  First up, I tried on a few pairs of boots, and as with anything, there are certain styles that just didn’t work for me.  However, there were many styles that did!  But more importantly, Dr Martens isn’t just about shoes, they sell clothes too, and that’s what I wanted to find out more about!

I had an opportunity to go into the store and style some of their clothes as I would wear them.  Thanks to Laura who let me take free reign of the Belfast store, in fact to the whole team who managed to inspire me with their style before I even began!







drmartens.JPGNow I’ve said it before, and this is the time to reinforce it – don’t disregard something until you have tried it on. I didn’t really process the fact that Dr Martens was about clothes before the launch, and I never imagined I would own a pair of DM boots – but just look at me now! The dress?? The coat?? The brogues?? The boot became my one thing!

drmartens.JPGIf you are not local, check out Dr Martens online here…happy shopping, and remember, you sometimes need to try something new to find the style that works for you!

Thanks to Lauren at OPR and the team at Dr Martens, Belfast for all your help!


Spring/Summer Trend Review

After giving a talk on how to wear this season’s trends, along with some style tips, I have been asked by a few people to share my synopsis on the blog. You can read about my season updates before the season began here and here. Now, here is your review as we step into the season…

First up, what are the trends, and how is it best to style them for the incoming season?

The great thing about Spring/Summer 2014 is that you will see many of the past seasons revisited, however, the final details and the style of how to wear each trend is slightly different.  Take note of the detailed prints and embellishments, the pastel colours and metallics, the pleats and loose silhouettes.

This week has been a perfect introduction to the new season – the boots have been packed away, the woolly jumpers have been moved to the back of the wardrobe – but what to wear now?

The colour –
Pastels are the way to go to stay on trend this season. Unfortunately for me, pastel colours are not always a good look!  I would love to wear them more, so instead of eliminating them from my wardrobe entirely, I mix pastels up through my accessories, maybe even in a print.  If you are wearing pastels, add some chunky black jewellery to keep with the edgy Spring/Summer look.  Monochrome is back again – I’ll be wearing the white shirt with black jewellery to update my look for 2014.

Florals are always perfect for this time of year, but keeping on trend for this season, the floral prints are large and embellished and more likely to be set on a black background.  Other prints include safari, graphic, slogan and art illustrations, but if you really want to stand out from the crowd, wear a few of the prints together – clashing and customising is all part of this trend!  If I’m buying prints, I would pay a little more to ensure I am the only one wearing the look!

The style –
Wide silhouettes are a key look for the season.  Easily worn in tops or trousers and perfect for when the sun shines.  Just be careful with the layering of this look, it’s often hard to get it just right.

Sports Luxe has been around for a while – add the bomber jacket or sports vest, the slouchy trousers or the gym style shorts when the sun appears!

Skirt length for the season is midi – I find this length hard to wear so rather than succumbing to the trend, I would stick to the skirt length I am comfortable with and add the trends to my top or through my accessories.  Maxi length always goes through the summer months too.  Not a look for everyone is the cropped top – but remember to wear in a way that suits your age and your figure!

The fabrics –
Sheer, denim and lace are all hot again this season, but of course try something different, maybe miss-matched hems, or with peek-a-boo detailing.

Unusually, and for me this is definitely a bonus, the catwalks were also full of black, leather and fur – maybe not the best option when the sun is out however!

The footwear –
On your feet, flats are key – not always easily worn, Birkenstocks are the shoe of the season, but if you are not prepared to go to this extreme just think casual with embellishment, heavy rather than dainty.  Otherwise, the pointed toe is back for heels and flats.

The accessory –
Of course perfect for the summer, hats and sunglasses.  But as for the rest, think oversized, statement and colour – just consider how your accessory keeps your outfit looking up to date; either use your accessory as the focal trend piece or add to your outfit with a subtle addition.

And of course the trends don’t just come out in your clothes and accessories – nail art is the perfect way to get the Spring/Summer look without spending too much money!

And now to the tips –
So my tips on updating your wardrobe for the season – first, raid your current wardrobe.  What do you have already that either fits with the trends, or you love to wear?  Where are the empty spaces in your wardrobe?  Make a list of what you need, and prioritise based on how much you have to spend.  And shop!  But don’t just buy because something is ‘on trend’, make sure each piece either compliments what you already have or fills a necessary gap.

And here’s the trend I wore on the night…

20140418-003057.jpg #ootd

Jacquard Tulip Dress Miss Selfridge £45 Shoes New Look £6 Butterfly Pendant Pluck & Devour

What is your favourite trend of the season?


Fashion Week Backstage

I love the buzz of backstage! On the night of my styled Charity Collection, I could hardly sit, I wanted to be backstage! From seeing the clothes tried on during the fitting, to the hair and make-up, to the final piece as all the above came together, to the perfection required to get the model on the catwalk, I love it!

And here is my experience in a collage of pictures…

20140401-160217.jpgThis is my favourite bit – the clothes have been organised, the make-up and hair finalised and now we dress for the first run on the catwalk.  On designer night, the local designers come to add their finishing touches.


20140401-160324.jpgAnd of course the fun had, and the friends made…

20140401-160340.jpgAdmittedly, when styling backstage for a fashion show, there is a bit of waiting around, and you are often doing jobs that have nothing to do with fashion, but that is all part of what makes the experience – throw yourself into it all and have a go at each aspect of Fashion Week!


A Window of Opportunity

The day a shopping venture turned into a styling challenge. I had heard Goddess & Swift had opened, but I hadn’t made it in, until a sale alert couldn’t be ignored!  Local designer, Larissa Watson, designs, makes and sells her collections from a beautiful store, hidden in the very quaint Commercial Court in Cathedral Quarter, Belfast.

After discussing my love of styling, Larissa offered me the opportunity to have a go styling her window for Valentine’s Day.  Of course, I said ‘Yes!’.

First up, a look at the current window, to get an idea of how Larissa likes to display her garments for full impact.  Then to the clothes to be used in the new design.  The month of love called for some red and romance!

20140219-224113.jpgAnd then to plan the scene.  The story was based on Valentines – from getting ready, to packing for a weekend away.  The vintage style of the dresser fitted with the romance of the pieces used.

20140219-224119.jpgBut of course, the main aim of the window of any shop is to show a taster of the treats you will find within…

20140219-224126.jpgAnd here is the final window, what do you think?

20140219-224141.jpgOf course it looks much better in real life so why not drop in to have a proper look at the clothes and accessories on offer:)


My One Thing…

I’ve gone a little off track with this one.  This is a year for me to explore styling – I completed my course last year, now I need to put my hand to styling something or somebody more than just me!

So to prepare myself for this, I must get organised (and here you will see the teacher in me!!).  I have tons of magazines, cutouts, notes, business cards, books, photos…but how do I make these usable inspirations rather than just a pile in the corner of my room?

Storage boxes of course!! And as usual, it’s never just one thing!!


Metal Envelope Mail Box Tidy by Goodwin + Goodwin £54.95

A solution to one thing that drives me mad!


Cord Control £7.40


Metal Storage Trunk by Idyll Home £99

Or maybe I should just redesign a room, a bed surrounded by drawers…

Now to fill them all, if I don’t return all week, you know I’m busy organising!!


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