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The Trends to Carry You Through – Summer to Autumn and Beyond

After a busy month in work, I’m getting back to the world of fashion as I enjoy my two months of rest, not to rub it in or anything;)  I may not have been writing the last month, but I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my little space here and where it will end up, so watch out for some changes – the time frame is completely weather dependent (i.e. if it rains, changes will come much faster otherwise I’ll be out enjoying some Northern Irish sunshine with my little boy!).

So for now, lets look at a few trends I think are wearable from this season to the next so you should definitely keep your eye out for in the sales!

When do metallics, lace, monochrome and print ever go out of fashion?  Some treats from Victoria Square, Dunnes Stores and Peel.

I’ll leave you with this oh so summery look – let’s dream of days without rain in the hope that they appear!


Outfit Post…with a Hawaiian Twist

Today’s post has taken many different routes.  It began as an outfit post.  It moved on to a wearing your summer wardrobe in winter.  It was due to incorporate a lovely dinner at a new restaurant in Belfast and now it has moved to how to be confident even when your dress is wrinkly!

So let’s bring all of those ideas together…

I had a lovely invite to come along to a family dining night at Kua ‘Aina, a new Hawaiian inspired restaurant in Victoria Square, Belfast.  I was already stretching the ‘family’ definition by taking the opportunity to catch up with my friend and fellow blogger, Ruth from Willow Lane fame.  Then, following a sleepover and lots of hours playing football with a friend, my little boy was ready for zoning out…so took control of my phone and it’s games while waiting for his dinner and waiting for us to finish catching up!

Browsing the Coconut Prawns and Tropical Granola on the menu, and debating over the Seared Ahi Tuna with avocado or the Teriyaki Chicken with pineapple, I ended up picking the tuna and was not disappointed (and a tip, the avocado completes the flavour combinations, don’t order without it!).  I saved my pineapple fix for the Eton Mess delights that completed the meal.  There were no complaints from the six year old as he enjoyed his cocktail of orange juice (he felt very fancy!) and managed to clear the sweetcorn from his meal without an argument!  Mind you the Morellis chocolate ice-cream may have been the biggest hit!  And for any parents out there, you will understand the joy when a pack of colouring pencils arrived at the table and they were sharp! Brownie points for this one!

As the weather has been brightening, I was in the mood to get something that was not black or grey on.  Mixing the summer and winter wear, I chose to wear my denim dress (bought last summer during the Zara sale, and worn then with bare legs and trainers) with tights, loafers and my fur coat. I bought my coat in a second hand sale last year and love the 3/4 length sleeves for the transitional season.  I was happy with my choice…until I stood brushing myself down ready for the photos to be taken.

And so to the final point.  I love choosing my outfit, mixing different things together, wearing items that haven’t left my wardrobe for months.  Wearing something different actually gives me a renewed confidence.  But wearing a dress with wrinkles ruins my photo opportunity, as if I don’t generally stand awkwardly enough!  But I decided not to worry, to show you how delicious the food at Kua ‘Aina was and to give a little example of how to make your summer clothes work in winter!  Now I’m off to do a little bit of ironing;)


Boux Avenue, The Launch

Launching their first ever store in Northern Ireland, Boux Avenue, a luxurious but affordable lingerie brand, opened in Victoria Square in October.

Boux AvenueHaving heard about this brand before from it’s presence online, I then caught the collection during the High Street Show at Fashion Week.

Boux AvenueSo I couldn’t resist popping down on their opening day to see what the store had to offer. With sizes ranging from 28-38, A-G cups and all sizes available on the shop floor, there appeared to be everything you needed in one shop!

Boux AvenueBoux Avenue also offer a fitting service where they escort you into the beautiful changing rooms – thick carpets where you can’t resist getting your shoes off, mood lighting in Dawn, Dusk or Night, and a intercom to ring and ask for help. I worked with Steph who, after giving me a quick tour of the store and an opportunity to have a look for myself, showed me to my changing room with instructions on how to prepare for the fitting. As I was wearing a dress and tights, Steph brought me a pair of pyjama bottoms to make the changes more comfortable.

Boux Avenue
Boux AvenueSteph went step by step through the fitting process and followed my favourite styling strategy – you have to try it on to see how well it fits/suits. It turned out I was wearing a back size up and a cup size down for the everyday style I prefer. Steph brought a range of styles to try, bras I was comfortable with, and a few different styles to try out.  She allowed time for me to try the bra on and then she fitted it to suit. In order to check wearability, she also brought in a vest and t-shirt to see how each bra sat under clothes.

Boux AvenueOnce I had selected a suitable bra, Steph then brought me the matching underwear and as I tried that on she completed my fitting card, making note of my size (which varied depending on the particular style – also specified) and the name of another bra I had tried, tips for a future purchase!

Have a wander in store (and make sure you take advantage of a fitting) or shop online to find your perfect style:)

Thank-you Boux Avenue for my lovely new set!


A/W15 at Victoria Square – The Trends

I began writing this post last week.  As I sit outside a coffee shop drinking my favourite for any season, a gingerbread latte, and adding the final touches to this trends post, I don’t think my first paragraph really fits, but it does set the scene perfectly, so here goes…

We’re officially in – it is now time to ditch the sandals and resurrect the boots from the back of the wardrobe.  I’ve just sat down on the sofa after pulling on my Uggs – the fire is lit, the coffee is in hand and I’m looking through my photos of my favourite pieces from the Press Launch at Victoria Square last week.

And again, for another season, we have the luxury of raiding our current wardrobe and making it work for the new season.  The trends are coming around again, so my advice – pick a few key ‘on trend’ pieces and build upon your current wardrobe (I’ll have some tips on that in my next post!).

The big trend of the season is the 70’s, encapsulating vivid print, fringing, shearling and polo necks you can go full on or subtle.  Boho Chic would not be a style that I naturally suit or that particularly appeals to me, however a wander through Warehouse and I’m all over it!  Actually the way I will embrace this trend is with the cape and my favourite winter accessory, a hat!

A trend that I am much happier with is the addition of embellishment, sleeve, shoulder and cuff detailing, sequins and metallics (with styles coming through from the 80’s).

Colours for the season include monochrome, grey, navy and of course red.

Fabrics of fur, velvet, tweed and suede…

And as for shape – it’s a case of anything goes!  Jumpers go from the cowl to the polo neck; trousers from cropped to flared; skirts from the mini a-line to the midi; boots from ankle to skin tight and over the knee.  You are bound to find something that suits that brief in the depths of your wardrobe!

And for the men…

What trend most takes your interest and how will you add that key piece to update your wardrobe?


Style Invasion

These titles just keep coming!  I have officially stolen Victoria Square’s A/W fashion presentation title to describe my own return to blogging, thank-you!

I love a catwalk, to see all the clothes worn as they should be, fully styled and alive.  But nothing beats feeling the detailing and seeing the fabrics up close.  This is how A/W trends have been showcased In Victoria Square, Belfast – a static style event using 50 mannequins to display autumn fashion, what better way to be inspired?!

Check out the mannequins, first as they travelled the country…

VS 11

VS 17

Then as they return to their home…

PE-250914BT30009 PE-250914BT30013 PE-250914BT30018 PE-250914BT30026

Anyone ready to shop for their Christmas outfit?!  There’s plenty more on show, go have a look!


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