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It’s been a while since I’ve written an Outfit of the Day Post (never mind any post, apologies!), but I had to get the camera out for the perfect summer work #ootd!

In case you missed it on Instagram this morning, this was my inspiration. Cool enough for this weather, stylish, and work ready (well for my ‘office’ anyway!).


Shirt (similar here) Topshop – Shorts (similar here) Dorothy Perkins – Brogues Henry Holland

Based on the forecast, I knew I couldn’t get the shoes on, it had to be sandals!  I dug to the bottom of my wardrobe in the pile labelled ‘These will be stylish again…’ and found my white shorts – not the perfect shape, a little more palazzo at the bottom, but they worked well enough to wear.


Polka Dot Top, eBay – White Shorts, Next – Sandals Steve Madden

On trend and not a penny spent – that’s my type of #ootd!  What do you think?


Smartening Up My Act

I happened to catch a piece in last week’s Sunday Times Style supplement entitled ‘Smarten up your act, Sir!‘.  It was an article based on the recent criticism from Ofsted of the teacher’s wardrobe.

The National Director for Initial Teacher Training, Sean Harford, said ‘The changes would ensure all trainees were ready to succeed in the classroom’.  At this point, I have to agree.  I said it before in my first Work Wardrobe post – people judge us whether we like it or not, and if we are not dressed appropriately for whatever we are doing, it can undermine all that we are trying to represent.  However, on the other hand, in order to find out what exactly we do represent, we need to experiment with our wardrobe (but it’s maybe best to do this in our own time!).

Anyway, back to the original Sunday Times article.  Maggie Alderson broke down teachers into certain categories – ‘Bury me standing’, ‘Mr Hipster’, ‘Executive Lady Teacher’ and ‘M&S Man’, to name but a few.  And at this point, I will admit, that both through my own schooling and my career, I have met almost all of the aforementioned characters.  But I also want to set the record straight – we are not all like this!

As a Primary teacher, I can relate to elements highlighted within each ‘staffroom style tribe’.  Through my work wardrobe, I need to project an air of inspiration, that comes with the job.  I need to project discipline, I need to be comfortable, I want to remain stylish, I need to be fun, I need a life outside of teaching, I need to be creative, I need to be ambitious, I need to look smart and okay, the final style tribe ‘utility woman’, I can’t relate to, apart from the longing to have some insight into the world of Miuccia Prada!

But bring all these elements together, and here you find the teachers that, in their own subtle ways, inspire because of the personality they project through their (sometimes one of a kind) wardrobe.

And to what I have been wearing as part of my work wardrobe – by the way, these clothes were not wrinkly when I wore them!! Thrown off and up for a quick photo;)






What do you represent through your work wardrobe?


Planning Your Work Wardrobe – The Office with Rules

The work wardrobe is one of the hardest to build.  It should be easy, a few pairs of smart trousers, a couple of jackets in different colours and a dress or skirt thrown into the mix.

But unfortunately, then come the rules.  The colours and textures allowed, the length of the trouser or skirt and the height of the heel.  My biggest issue in fact is the budget required – I want to spend that extra money on a new pair of jeans or trainers rather than the essential work item!

As I write this, it feels a little strange because many of these rules are ignored for my work wardrobe.  My job thrives on colour, print, patterns and goes between being casual (some weeks I feel like I live in my trackies!), to getting the heels out, depending on what we are doing.  But never fear, I will continue the work wardrobe theme of posts with other working environments!

Back to The Office with Rules – a few things to think about first

1. What requirements your employers have on you about your work wardrobe.  Is there a rule book you need to follow?

2. Who are you coming in to contact with in work?  Whether we like it or not, people judge us by how we look – dressing appropriately helps to build credibility and a sense of authority.

3. What do you feel most comfortable wearing in work – consider what your job is and how this effects you feeling confident – wearing ill-fitting clothes or clothes not suitable for your employment will distract and may make others feel uncomfortable.

Now for a few fashion tips

1. The tagline – style that works for you.  What works for one person may not work for you.

2. The fit – I’ve said it before, size doesn’t always matter.  Try your clothes on and look at all angles in the mirror.  This is also a good time to mention good fitting underwear!

3. The jewellery – in work, one statement piece is enough.  It helps to give an idea of who you are and what your personal style is without hindering you job efficiency or distracting others.

4. The colour – if colour is allowed, block colour is usually best.

A few fashionable inspirations…


Remaining fashionable whilst maintaining a smart look.

So what to do?  You’ve no doubt heard it before – have your capsule wardrobe.  Before having a look, please remember, not every style below will work for you – try different combinations out to see which is most flattering to your figure.

The Jacket

The Trousers

The Skirts

The Dresses


Shift Dress Next £35
Crepe Dress Next £35
Light Pink Structured Pencil Dress River Island £45 – currently out of stock
Tweed Shift Dress Simply Be £75
Graphic Print Dress Simply Be £49
Trapeze Dress Next

The Tops

The Footwear


Square Toe Court Shoe Matalan £15
Miss KG Cherry Court Shoe House of Fraser £50
Black Patent Ballerinas House of Fraser – currently out of stock
Navy Leather Brogues Clarks £65

The Work Wardrobe


All above Dorothy Perkins for a grand total of £84
(This is the original price, however when I first researched there was 30% off everything – watch out for the deals!)

Just add these details…


Luxury Green Tone Necklace The Treasure Trove £15
Mint Crew Neck Cardigan Dorothy Perkins £16
Longline Relaxed Boyfriend Blazer Dorothy Perkins £35
Black Leather Pointed Court Shoes New Look £27.99

My final tip (briefly mentioned above), go for the bargains! Shop when there are deals on online or instore, check out voucher code websites or buy during the sales.  Now, go build that work wardrobe!



What better way to brighten a rainy day than a little fashion!

I’ve been adding my work wardrobe pictures recently, but my favourite wardrobe staple is jeans, and I always go back to the skinnies.  So here is how I’ve been wearing them in my recent weekend wardrobe!


My favourite jumper & other stories – wish we had a store in NI!
Top – Warehouse
Scarf – H&M
Boots – TK Maxx


Blouse – Tu, Sainsburys (recent but not online)
Cardigan – Miss Selfridge
Worn with boots as seen here and a few other places!


Jumper – The Sting
Shirt – H&M
Scarf – River Island
Hidden wedge Trainers – Xti Territory

And for those days when you just want to wear a dress!


Dress – River Island
Scarf – Nor Lisa
Shoes – Primark

Get following on Instagram this weekend and I’ll post my outfits, and I’ll aim to get the pictures during the day – clothes with artificial lights just aren’t the same:)


Time is Precious

Last week was a busy week for the day job so my free time had to be put on hold as my day job also became my evening and weekend job!

But of course, as with anything, my attention lapsed slightly and I found myself checking in to social media sites, mainly Facebook and Twitter. On occasion, the Pinterest button was also pressed, but I have a lot more self control on the first two, Pinterest just opens a whole new door of searching! Of course, it’s easy to upload a quick ‘What’s going on in the world of silverbrogues…?’ on either of these sites – but if you are not following, you may have silverbrogues withdrawal?! So follow those links right at the bottom of the page to hear and see it all;)

I did however save one part of my week for my blog…the outfits! A few more options for work…

20131115-221942.jpg silverbrogues ootd

White tee – Warehouse
Skirt – Warehouse
Cardigan – H&M
Wedges – Barratts

20131115-222003.jpg silverbrogues ootd

Dress – Miss Selfridge
Cardigan – Dunnes Stores
Silvebrogues – Vagabond

20131115-222026.jpg silverbrogues ootd

Dress – Primark
Cardigan – Betty Jackson for Debenhams
Wedge boots – Aldo

20131115-222037.jpg silverbrogues ootd

Top – Soaked in Luxury
Trousers – New Look
Pumps – Dorothy Perkins

20131115-235920.jpg silverbrogues ootd

Jumper – Dorothy Perkins
Shirt – Fashion Souk
Brogues – Primark

I’m off to plan my weekend wardrobe, go get clicking those follow boxes…and feel free to share the silverbrogues love;)


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