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The Skirt – On Trend or Get it Off?!

Zara finally reopened it’s doors in Belfast this month.  It has a fresh new look and plenty of temptations.

Zara Belfast

My picks from Zara Belfast

So I bought this skirt.


Zara £29.99 (not online, sorry!)

Whiter than white, huge pockets and below the knee midi with a waistline that you can only breathe in for so long…

I have two plans for this skirt – a christening, and a summer’s evening barbeque.

As usual in the changing room, I loved the skirt – in my head I could see it worn in numerous ways, but, and this often happens, I brought it home, tried it on, and now I’m not sure it is the right look for me.

We have all heard about the infamous M&S suede skirt.  The one that was going to be a sell out, but actually in reality when the real woman tried it on, the look didn’t go quite according to plan!  This skirt is feeling a little like that at the moment!

I have taken a few tips from Pinterest, and here are the options of how I may wear it…but will it have the desired look…or will I recreate the typical teacher image we all have in our minds…?!

So will it become part of my wardrobe – only time will tell…


My One Thing…

Since buying my New Balance (with the very good excuse of fashion show styling!), I have been loving the casual look again.  One look I have always loved is the palazzo trouser.  Now that it has gained status on the catwalk again, with the silhouette being ‘wide and free’, I am on the hunt for the perfect pair.

I have a few suggestions for styling this sort of trouser.

1. They must touch the floor, no ankle skimming allowed!

2. They must be the perfect waist fit (whether high waisted or on the hips) as this balances out the wide bottom.

3. Personally I think these trousers are best with flats – I love the trainer or the sandal, however, whether a high or low heel, the shoe shape is very important – try out a few different shoes to see how flattering they are (I do think body shape dictates your shoe choice in this instance).

4. Slouchy trousers are all about balance.  For me, I think your top half needs to have a ‘tidy’ fit – not too tight, not too loose.

5. Colour block in this style is most flattering.

And for once, it is only one thing! I love these palazzo trousers from Zara.  Priced at only £29.99, this is definitely a trend you could try out for the summer.

What is your current ‘One thing…’?


Girl’s Night Out!

A quick #ootd tonight! I love getting out with the girls! Nails and lashes done, face on, and here’s what I wore…


Love my individual lashes from The Lash Lounge
Stella & Dot scarf, stolen on the night (thanks Jude!)

I finally got my own photographer – but I think I still prefer the selfie, no pose required!!


Sequin Jacket – Lipsy
Tee – Masato
Necklace – Zara
Leather Trousers – Oasis
Shoes – M&S

The old favourites were all worn, and as it was Friday night out, a slight dressing down with the t-shirt completed the look.  I also love when you go out, regardless of the weather, you forget about the layers and socks!  What are your old favourites??


My Very Own Sewing Bee

The skill I wish I was born with, but it unfortunately passed me completely by, is the skill of sewing. I’m sure this is something with a bit of time I could learn, however I have a hard time drawing a straight line, so actually sewing straight wouldn’t be the easiest task!

Admittedly, I have a skill of fooling – a strip of wunda web here, a dodgy stitch there, I have even used glue for that last minute job, and not forgetting the essential safety pin of course;)

But never fear, I have my very own Sewing Bee – my fabulous mum! When growing up she used to make her own dresses and (according to my dad) very short skirts. Now she mainly alters, with plenty of opportunities as she often gets a little bag of goodies from me to try her hand at!

I got this beautiful dress on the sale in Zara – a subtle tartan print, a gorgeous shape, perfection. Except for the length. The length in fact was lovely, different from how I would normally wear a dress, but really pretty with heels.  Regular followers however will know that heels do not feature widely in my outfits, so this dress needed a change.

So here is the dress, as it was intended by Zara to be worn…


Zara Tartan Dress pre-alteration!

And here is the dress now, after my Sewing Bee did a quick alteration…


Zara Tartan Dress post-alteration!

Admittedly not the best shoes for the dress – the brogues were too heavy, the slippers too delicate.  A try on session is required before it’s next outing!

Have you followed yet on Instagram (silverbrogues)?  I’ll head off to the roofspace and dig out a few of those handstitched dresses to photograph – I think they will be shown on a hanger however, rather than on me!


A Whole Bag of Goodies…

If you look at the tags on silverbrogues, you won’t find too many linked to Zara.  I love Zara, I spend a lot of hours browsing the collections and admiring other peoples purchases, however I rarely find something I am willing to spend my hard earned cash on!

So when I got a little bit of money for Christmas, I was determined to spend it in here.  Of course the first thing on my list…


Patent Blucher

When I was in the store I made sure that I browsed every rail – I lifted items out, felt fabrics, took in every detail.  I collected about 15 items.  I was quite impressed.

My main aim, skirts.  And versatile clothes – suitable for work and to wear with jeans.  And this is what I bought…

Knee length, pencil skirt.  Zips from bottom to top.  Did I mention I love zip details?! (and maybe buttons too!)

Easy to wear jumpers, add an extra layer underneath and a scarf for A/W, wear on it’s own for S/S.


Zips t-shirt SOLD OUT
As seen here and here

With tights for the winter, bare legs for S/S.


Printed Dress £29.99

I tried these shorts/skort on the last time I was in Dublin.  I loved them then but I just wasn’t sure, however when they was on sale, I couldn’t resist!

So I’m not sure if I’m keeping it all, and I did buy one more dress which will be revealed in a later post with a wee touch of the DIY fashion (no quick fixes this time though thankfully!), but I’m quite impressed with my purchases:)


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